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8 May 2010, 10:16 PM   #1
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"Next up, contestant number 34, Cait Rae Marlison." The announcer calls my name and 'Girls
Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper starts to play. My mom gives me a little push towards
the stage. "Your time to shine, baby!" She says quietly in her faint country accent. In my
head, I go through what I call my '6-second check list'. Head up, shoulders squared, big
smile, be confident, have fun, WIN. This is what my mother has told me ever since I was 1
and a half years old. When I was 4 she stopped telling me, and I kept the list up. It's
helped me win almost every time.

I walk up onto the stage and do my routine, a series of twirls, booty shakes, waving,
spinning, and blowing kisses. My pink, red, and white frilly tutu glitters and sparkles
under the stage lights. The crowd claps as I walk off stage. "Ohhh! Good job, Caity!" My
mom squeals as she rushes over and gives me a hug. "You didn't miss a single step! I'm so
proud of you!" Smiling, we head back to our room and wait untill it's time to announce the

Two hours later, Mom and I are waiting by the seats, my blonde hair still perfumed,
styled, gelled, sparkled, and pulled up into an impossibly delightful style, but I'm
wearing a simple, long light pink dress and white flats. We wait patiently as the
announcer calls the names for the A division, which are the kids ages 6 months to 2 years
old. There's a runner up for each catergory. The catergories are prettiest eyes, prettiest
hair, prettiest smile, and prettiest dress. After the runner ups are the actual winners
for the catergories. Then there's the overall winner for that division. That winner is a 1
year old named Melissa Zanger. She will move on to the next part in the award giving
ceromony along with the other 2 overall winners. Next is the B division, ages 3 years old
to 5 years old. Same thing. Finally, the C divison, the last one in this contest, ages 6
years old to 8 years old. This is the one I'm in.

The announcer starts with the runner ups. My name is not called, though my friend's is,
Abby Gabriel. She's runner up for prettiest smile. The winners are announced, and I win
prettiest hair, dress, and smile. As I stand on the stage, I glance at Abby, who is
heartbroken that I won prettiest smile and she only got runner up. I don't know why she's
so dissapointed. I mean, she's pretty and all, but her brunette head is no match for my
blonde one, her hazel eyes are not even close to my shining blue ones, and it's not my
fault she doesn't have a professional coaching her, doing her hair, nails, and makeup, and
that her tan was done by one of the room moms here instead of an actual company like me. I
hold up my sash and smile, as if to say, 'I was prettier than you anyway. It doesn't
matter.' Abby looks as is she's about to cry and turns away. I shrug to myself. Oh, well,
it's not like you can have any real friends in these competitions.

Then the overall winner is announced. It's me. Mom is on the side of the stage, jumping up
and down and clapping and cheering. A huge crown is placed on my head and a big trophy
placed in my hands. I now have three sashes, a trophy, and a crown to add to my prizes
back home. I walk off the stage and mom and I go back to our room to wait half an hour for
the last part.

When it's finally time, me, Melissa, and Alex, the girl who won overall for the B divison,
stand on the stage in a line and wait for the announcer to call out who won what. Alex is
first; she's won Miss Personality. She gets a tiara, a small trophy, and a white teddy
bear with a pink sash. Then it's Melissa, who wins Miss Prettiest Face. She gets the same
thing. It goes back to Melissa, who wins Miss Best Dress. Then it's me, and I get Miss
Outgoing. There's a few more prizes, and then the final moment arrives.

There's tension in the air. Everyone in the room is silent. The announcer pauses for
dramatic affect. My heart is pounding, even though I know what's going to happen. And
finaly, it does.

"And now, our Overall, Best One, Mini Missy U.S.A Pagent Princess winner is.....contestant
number, 34, Cait Rae Marlison!" The crowd goes wild. I get a huge crown full of sparkle
and bling, a big trophy, a pink sash, and so much more. Mom runs onto the stage and gives
me a big hug, because not only is she proud of me, but I've also won five hundred dollars
and my mom just about lives for money. And winning. And pagents. And, best of all, me.

We go home to family and friends who keep congratulating me. Mom and I just finished the
Sparkle and Bling Pagent. I'm tired, but we have to start getting ready for the Wild Wild
West Pagent that's in two months. None of this is new to me. I'm used to winning every
pagent I'm in. Even if it's not the first place winner, it's always something good. I've
never lost, not even one time. I'm also homeschooled, so that I have enough time to
practice. Once I finish the Wild West one, I'll have had a whole lot of experience with
beauty pagents. I'm only 8 years old, and I have been in more than 215 beauty pagents.

Welcome to my world.

Please comment!!! 

9 May 2010, 11:37 PM   #2
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Its interesting, keep writing.

10 May 2010, 05:05 PM   #3
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Thank you!

4 years later

"Contestant numer 55, Cait Rae Marlison!" the announcer says. I take a deep breath and go
through my 2 second check list. I've long since graduated from my 6 second check list, and
now I only tell myself 2 things: Breathe and smile. I walk up onto the stage as the music
starts, and do my routine. Like usual, I'm doing fabulous. The music ends and I walk off
the stage. 

I go near Abby, whom I used to be friends with but haven't been since we were nine. She
got mad at me because I said I said i was better and prettier than her. That was when we
were 8. After a few months we made up, but then the next year she said she was sick of me
always thinking I was perfect at everything. So she stopped talking to me and became best
friends with Alexis Cathery. I didn't mind much, as Abby was kind of dull.

Anyway, now that we're 13, Abby and I aren't as cold towards each other but we're still
not even close to friends. The only thing we talk about is how the other contestants do.
Today, as Abby, Alexis and I stand near each other, we all watch the girl performing and
flinch. She's not good. You can tell her smile's fake and and she's a few second off

"Oooh, she's definately gonna get runner up," says Abby when the girl trips as she walks
off stage.

"Yeah, doesn't she know that 11 years old is too late to start competeing in these
things?" Alexis says as she giggles. Then Abby starts giggling, too, and I feel a pain my
chest that I don't have any friends.

I start thinking to all the competitions I've been in and I'm not paying attention to Abby
and Alexis talking, but then I notice them laughing and glancing at me. "What?" I say,
slightly annoyed.

"Nothing, you always do that with your feet?" Alexis says. I look down.

"You keep, like, standing at a really weird angle," Abby agrees.

"So what?" I defend myself.

''Well, you always do it. So I was just wondering I you know you do it, or..." Alexis and
Abby burst into a fit of giggles. Hurt, I turn away.

Do I? Do I always stand so weird? Ohmygod, do I do that onstage?! Maybe not during my
routines, but when the winners are announced? Now I'm freaking out.

Later, I have another routine to do. It's the Your Choice Outfit part, where you get to
where whatever you want. I've got on these crazy clothes that make me look like a really
unique fashion desginer. I start out OK, but I have this weird feeling in my chest again
and I feel a little unsteady. I try to pay attention to my feet and make sure I don't
stand at some weird angle. I'm suddenly aware that there are people watching me-I usually
tune out the audience-and my jaw hurts, like I'm fake smiling. I'm doing OK, but I feel a
little off. I happen to glance at Abby and Alexis. They're whispering to each other behind
their hands and looking at me. Then they start laughing.

Are they laughing at me? I wonder. Then I hear the hm hm hm hm hm hmhmhmhm in the music
and realize I was supposed to do the splits there. Wait! No! I missed it! I never mess up!
Ohmygod. Now I'm totally lost. Finally the music ends and I know I've ruiened the whole
ending part. I walk offstage like I'm in a trance. Abby and Alexis are gone. I don't see
Mother anywere either. I rush back to my room and unlock the door. Luckily, Mother's not
in there. Despite all my makeup I have on, I fling myself down on the bed and cry.

After what feels like a million hours, I'm done crying and I just on my bed thinking about
what happened. As i'm going through the scene in my mind for the tenth time, I here
click and then Mother is there.

"Cait! Caity! What's wrong? What are you doing here? You know they're announcing the
winners in half an hour, right? Oh, honey, what is wrong with you; you look like you've
been crying! Here, sit up, I'll get some tissues..." Numbly, I sit up and let Mother
babble on and on. It's obvious she doesn't know about my Great Mistake. I let her wipe off
my makeup. She checks her watch. "Oh, great. It's time to go and we cannNOT be late! Well,
that'll have to do. Come on!" Mother walks briskly out of thr room and down the hallway to
the elavator. I trail slowly behind.

They've already started. They're on the A divison, which is ages 9-11. Next is the B
division, which is what I'm in, ages 12-14. The runner ups are called, then ther'es only
one left, runner up for Prettiest Outfit. I'm starting to hope that I'll do good anyway. I
cross my fingers behind my back.

"And the runner up for Prettiest Outfit is contestant number...55, Cait Rae Marlison!"
Mother gasps and I'm frozen. This is the first time ever that I haven't won Overall
winner. I go on the stage and accept my crown and sash without even a fake smile. Now i
don't have a chance to win Mini Miss Country Pagent Girl. I walk offstage with the other

"Y-you did good, honey. I told you that designer outfit was nice!" She's just trying to be
supportive, but I can tell she's dissapointed. I know she's wondering what happened. But
she says nothing, just puts her arma round me and we start the long drive home.

Once we get home, It's after 10:00 so we head right to bed. I sleep in the next morning
untill untill noon, when Mother wakes me up with brunch. I eat, but not much. Finally
Mother sits down and says, "I'd like to know what happened last night." I don't answer
right away; instead, I try to decipher any anger or disapointment. in her voice. But all
there is is confusion and worry.

I sighed and started. "It was during my second routine-" "Oh!" Mother cuts me off. "I
wasn't there for that part, I was in the bathroom. The food from breakfast wasn't agreeing
with me. I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you I missed it! Anyways, go on." I continue,"And I
guess I was feeling a little nervous so I messed up." Mother was silent; I guess she was
waiting for more. "I felt weird when I started, kind of wobbly, and-and my chest hurt a
little. Then I forgot to do the splits, and I really mesed up the ending."

"But why would you be nervous?"Mother frowned. "You're NEVER nervous, haven't been since
you were 3! And what do you mean, you're chest was hurting? Like you were sick?"

"No... it was just a pain in my chest. I don't know, it wasn't like "OW! This hurts!" pain
it was more like, "This is weird and uncomfortable" pain."

Mother was silent for a moment. "Hmm. Do you- well, do you think it might be your period?"
I haven't gotten mine yet. "No!" Well, I might as well tell her. "I was talking with Abby
and Alexis and they said I stand weird. And during my routine i saw them laughing and
talking and looking at me."

Mother nodded. "Ah, that explains it. I don't think you've ever had anyone critisize you
before, huh?" I said nothing. "Well, look Honey. Just forget about it, OK? Not everybody
can win first place in everything. I'm positive you'll do better next time-" I cute her

"I don't want there to be a next time, Mother. I'm quiting pagents. I'm never doing them

13 May 2010, 04:23 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Hey, it's been like 19 views and 1 comment. Don't not comment just because I'm the new

13 May 2010, 04:59 PM   #5
Guest Poster
I like it. You really need to write more.

1 June 2010, 07:54 PM   #6
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3 months later

"Cait, we need to talk."

Mother had on her "I mean business" look, so I thought I was in trouble.

''I know you don't want to do pagents anymore-which, quite frankly, is stupid-so I've
decided to send you to public school."

I stared at Mother. Did she just say public school?  No. It can't be!

"you've been moping ever since the last pagent," Mother continued. "And i don't like it.
It isn't normal for a girl like you to be so depressed just because she lost a beauty

"But Mo-" I started, but she cut me off.

"No excuses. If you want to continue pagents, then you can keep doing the homeschooling.
But since you insist on stopping them forever, I have no choice but to send you to a real

"You do to have a choice!" I yelled. "if you would realize that, you wouldn't be sending
me to a torture camp!"

"It's not a torture camp, sweetheart, it's school. There is a difference, no matter what
you think. You need to realize that winning is not everything. People will think you are a
very shallow person if you act like that. Public school will help build character! Now, 
I've already signed you up at Carestepe School. You'll be starting in a few weeks, so you
have enough time to prepare and buy some new school things. And I don't want to hear or
see any moping, complaining, whining, begging, or tantrums. Understood?"

"Understood," I mumbled. 

Later, as I sat on my bed holding Milky Way, my stuffed bear, I thought all of this over.
I had never been to a real school, not even pre-school. My mother always believed in
homeschooling, because that's what she and her brother got when she was a child. Now that
I'm not doing pagents anymore, I can't help but feel like school is my punishment for
letting her down. No matter what Mother says, I know she's mad about me losing. 

Then I realize something. Mother is sending me to school becuase she thinks I'm a loser-to
put it plainly, anyway. So if she thinks it will help me "build character", then I'll show
her. I will rule the school, be the most popular and well-liked girl there. People will
look up to me; I'll be a ledgend. I will win at school, just like at beauty pagents-and
everything else.

Three weeks later, I'm standing in front of the school playground. I watch all the kids
running around, playing basketball and tag. I note the girls standing in clusters. I note
the boys running every which way, teasing the girls. I note the little kid on the moneky
bars and slide. I note the noise, the confusion, the huge mass of loud children everywhere
I look. . .

. . .And I walk in.

5 June 2010, 11:02 AM   #7
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5 June 2010, 11:57 AM   #8
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I like it.

Its pretty good.

Um...I really can't think of anything that you need to work on actually.

Keep writing!

5 June 2010, 02:10 PM    #9
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