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WRITING: Poetry: Alone

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Loneliness, a cold and bitter feeling
Something that never really goes away unless someone helps it
It’s unforgiving coming at the worst times
Leaving you cold and broken for all to see
It’s a hard thing to hide
But you try any way, with your jesters mask
Hoping someone won’t care to much that they notice it
Smiling when you find unhealthy ways to cope
Like death sweet, sweet death
The only true escape from it all
Smiling when you cut yourself, watching the blood pool
Snickering when you make up the lies they all naively believe
You’re a bitter, heartless person, no love
No love for yourself, but hope for the love of another
But you are to afraid to love
You have seen what it has done to you
Left you hollow, and dark eyed
An evil monster on the inside
Who’s to blame?
Her and yourself, you let it happen, but it wasn’t like it was something new
Your used to being hurt and alone
Lost and confused on how to save those around you from the world
But how can you save them when you can’t even save yourself?

Stupid, stupid girl, no idea what the light is
Don’t look anyone in the eyes, you’ll lose it again
Unstable, can’t see how you can go on living.
Sick of the ach in your chest, and the hole where your heart should be.
Laughing at how insanely demented your thoughts are, how easy you turn on yourself
Easy, no need to love yourself when no one else does…
Darkness is your best friend no one sees the pain, 
Better to be a monster than a nothing…
So I pick up the knife again and slice just to take away the emptiness
It’s better to feel the pain then nothing at all
To live in a shadow that hangs over head and never leaves.
A monster that lives in the day
The lonely one, the only one.
Just have to die alone.

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I am a walrus coo coo ca choo

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