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Ashleigh breaks a heart -- My new story!

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17 May 2009, 12:31 PM   #1
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Ashleigh breaks a heart.
a story by Mia.

Ashleigh ran her fingers through her messy curls. It was a beautiful, humid,
sun-drenched summer day and she wanted nothing to do with it. She knew that if she left
the apartment building that Michael would be outside. Why did he have to be so gorgeous?
Why did he have to be so unattainable? It put Ashleigh in the mood to punch a baby. She
finally dragged herself off of her magazine-covered bed and threw on the first thing that
she found: a pair of ripped up denim shorts and a lacy light blue blouse. She feet into
her favorite yellow flip flops, they were kind of like a second skin to her. 

She had no idea where she was going but anything was better than wasting away in her
cramped little room. It was hard not to catch her reflection in various objects. She had
already spent the first half of the summer locked up the tiny apartment she shared with
her mom. She probably looked a mess. When she finally reached the building entrance a
million sequin-covered butterflies were knawing away at what was left of her stomach.

He was there. Lounging on the concrete front steps. His hair fell in his face in the most
gorgeous way. It pissed her off in the weirdest way. "Ash! Ashleigh! I haven't seen you in
so long! Where have you been?" Her eyebrows shot up almost as fast as her newfound
heartbeat. "Uhm, I've been around." It was hard to tell if he was actually concerned about
her well being or was just trying to make conversation. It seemed like just yesterday she
had arrived at the Freshman End-of-School dance with all of her other dateless friends
just as Mike and November were being crowned king and queen. 

What did November have that Ashleigh didn't? Why did Michael choose her? Was it
because she was named after a month? Was it because she had impossibly
straight auburn hair? Was it because she didn't get kicked out of the seventh grade
marching band? Was it because she didn't trip and fall every thirty seconds? Was it
because she hadn't been best friends with him since first grade?

Suddenly Ashleigh realized that it wasn't sadness she was feeling, but anger. Anger felt
good. "Where's November?" It was probably the first time she hadn't choked
the name out. Instead it was like the crack of a Wonder Woman-esq revenge whip. Mike was
caught off guard. How could he not be? "She's with her family on Nantucket." Of course she
was. November's dad hadn't abandoned her. November's mom actually had a
legitimate job. November didn't spend her summers attempting to find a job.
November was too good for manual labor.

"I was wondering if you wanted to ... do something? We could like do Newbury Street or go
to Downtown Crossing or whatever?" Normally Ashleigh would have pounced at the question
but Today was different. "No." "No, I don't want anything to do with you Michael
Giordano." The look of shock on his face made up for the month she had spent wallowing in
despair. "Ash?" His voice sounded hurt. Good.  Maybe he would actually get it now.

"You don't get it do you Mike?", "I've known you for nine fucking years and you and you
never picked up on the fact that I was madly in love with you!". "How goddamn stupid
are you?". 

His mouth was hanging open in shock. The appropriate thing to do would probably be to
apologize; but, Ashleigh was on a roll. "I'm fucking over it." She hated how everyone
assumed that he was such a nice guy. He was most of the time, but still! His eyes
were wide with shock now. "I--I'm sorry. I didn't know how you felt...", "Jesus Christ,
Michael! You should have used those goddamn perception skills and figured it out."

She had said the magic words. The spell was broken. It was like some huge weight had been
lifted off of her shoulders. The blindingly bright sun didn't seem as daunting now. His
floppy hair didn't look cute, just stupid and messy. The summer wasn't half over, it had
just begun. 

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wow i have to admit, you have skills!you should write somemore,really!

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thanks! [:

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no prob,its true!you kno how to write very good storys!luvz it lotzzz!!

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That is such a good story!

Write more!!!!

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