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Dreamer Girl [[Part.1]]

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Phoebe Irene Evans. The quiet and artistic girl. Thirteen. Jade Lyneth Garner. The advice-giver. Thirteen. Destiny Rose Parker. The serious and calm leader. Thirteen. Fiona Kate Danner. The cheerful and hyper energy ball. Thirteen. Raine Grace Brooks. The Dreamer Girl. Thirteen. -------------------- It was my eight birthday. What I wanted was a fairy in my backyard. I got my wish. --------------------- “Raine, I don't mind you wearing all those..Fairy clothes. But, you outgrew them three years ago. Wouldn't you want to change?” “No, mom. Wearing this promises the fairies that I'm on their side.” “Oh, Raine..” --------------------- Raine Grace Brooks is not your typical thirteen year old. Every other person says that she's some sort of person who only does things to get attention for themselves. They tell her to stop being so different, and sometimes even says hurtful things to her. Raine doesn't answer. She's immune. She's too covered up with her imagination. She's unique. Raine says she's friends with a fairy named Mica and rides a unicorn named Abe. Nobody believes her. DUH. Raine says that her fairy clothes and her magical wand can call forth the fairies if she wanted to. They made her try. The fairies didn't come. She got a detention from her teacher for wearing such things. Her parents were disappointed and grounded her from her clothes for a week. She cut off her thin white blanket and made it into a long white gown. --------------------- Enter Phoebe Irene Evans. Phoebe didn't mind Raine's clothes and even draw her onto her drawing pad. She didn't giggle at Raine or point at her. She didn't even call her a freak. But, she wasn't Raine's friend. Phoebe has another group of her friends, in which she belongs. Phoebe was kind and quiet and is very self-conscious unlike Raine. Whenever people gave a chuckle at her way, she would check a nearby mirror if everything is fine with her face. 99.9% of the time, the chuckles were for somebody else. Phoebe's life is drawing. Another was her family. And the third was her friends. She didn't give into peer pressure no matter how self-conscious she was but she wasn't Ms. Tough either. That was the leader of the group, Destiny. --------------------- Enter Destiny Rose Parker. Destiny wasn't as immature as the other students who glance at Raine only to get an excuse to giggle at class. But Destiny disliked Raine. She didn't make sense. She didn't care for anything about the world. When Raine tripped over her long white gown blanket, she stood up and began asking the blanket if it was alright. Destiny could only give a dirty look at her. Phoebe told Destiny that Raine was a very kind person at heart but truth be told, nobody knows what's going on at Raine's mind. It was like she was in two worlds. It felt like she wanted to connect the Earth to this imaginary world that she also lives in. Destiny just ignored Raine as much as she could. Destiny was serious. In everything. She hardly laughed; maybe a chuckle or a giggle here or there and even a rare smile but that was it. She was calm and collected. Nothing gets in her way, ever. That's why Destiny could never be as friendly Jade or Fiona. --------------------- Enter Jade Lyneth Garner. Jade was the friendly girl, average and always there for her friends. The first impression that she had about Raine was that she was strange. Very strange. But Jade held nothing back at Raine though, and despite that Jade refuses to have any connection with Ms. Peculiar. She thought that Raine was too weird for her own good, but didn't hate her. Destiny once said that Raine needed to go to juvenile but Jade responded that Raine just needs time to fit in. The others so-so agreed and disagreed. Phoebe said that Raine just needs to have friends on their side. Jade asked Phoebe if she would try that position. Phoebe didn't defend Raine for two weeks straight. Jade knew that Raine wasn't normal, especially since she wore just yesterday an all-green elf costume with a crown of leaves and could only stare at her when she walks by. Jade was normal. The most normal of her friend's group. She laughed when she had to. She frowned when she had to. Jade was friendly. But not too abnormally friendly to befriend Raine Brooks. The last time she thought of Raine, she wondered if Fiona and Raine would get along. ----------------------- Enter Fiona Kate Danner. Fiona was bubbly, hyper, and energetic. She's the battery of it all. She made things run accordingly. Fiona thought of Raine at first as this cool girl with awesome clothes. That changed when Raine began bringing her fairy wands, dresses that were made for Halloween and all the other strange things she wasn't supposed to bring. When Destiny criticized Raine, Fiona defended Raine at the slightest bit but then looked down to bring back her words when two girls overheard it. When Phoebe defended Raine, Fiona was silent and didn't say anything which was unlike her. Fiona was hyperactive and cheerful. She was the bright sun of the gloomy day. But that wasn't an excuse for her to be friends with the strangest person in the planet; Raine. Fiona wanted to hang out with Raine but only secretly. When no one knew about it. ------------------------ Why these four girls? Because, unlikely as it may be they become Raine's first friends. The ones who first understood her. And accepted her. ------------------------ “Raine, you seem to have friends now. Aren't you happy?” “I always had friends, Mom. Remember Abe my unicorn and my fairy friends too!” “Oh, Raine..” ------------------------- This is her story. Raine's. And also theirs. Phoebe's. Jade's. Destiny's. And Fiona's. Your feelings about the world changes in the blink on an eye when you're not alone. That's the power of friendship. It's their story. And yours.

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