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Okay. I'm just spit-balling here.(no time for proof-read)

8 November 2008, 01:21 AM   #1
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"Olivia. Harolds. Get up. Now." my mom commanded from the door.
     "Five more minuets," I mummbled. It sounded garbled and hard to understand.
     "You're gonna be late for school!" She shouted. Yea. As if that would make me
go any faster.
     "May as well not go, now," I said, hopeful, sitting up.
     "Not likely. Here," She threw my school uniform at me. 
     "Not likey" I mocked her.
     "I heard that!" My eye brows shot up and I climbed out of my nice, warm bed. I
stumbled blindly to my bathroom. I pulled a brush pain-stakingly through my hair, gasping
through clenched teeth every so often at knots. I pulled the white blouse around my
shoulders and buttoned it. I pulled my hair up in two pony-tails tied with bright yellow
ribbons. I messed with them until they were the perfect amount of poofy. I tied the black
and white striped tie around my neck and pulled my fitted blaizer on. I had to wear
uniform to my school, but I wore them my way. I hoisted the black plaid skirt up
around my hips and hung my belt around it. I care-lessly slung my standard necklaces over
my head-A sterling silver eigth-note on a long chain and a beaded necklace that matched my
hair accesory. I fadded out of my room and into the hall. I laned over the banister and
dropped my boot, my socks, my bag and folder.
     "Ya know, you could just bring that stuff down with you," My mom said from the
     "I could" I agreed. "But, then I wouldn't be able to do this," I slid down the
antique banister to the stairs. She gasped as I landed on my feet at the bottom.
     "Livvy, you're gonna give me a heart-attack. Any progress last night?" I was silent.

     "Nothing at all?" She probbed.
     "Nothing-But I had a dream!" I bounced up and down on my bare feet.
     "What was it about?" I know my mom wasn't being nosey. She had to know for her
studies. I don't remember-Well, The farthest back I remember is yesterday, okay? I know
things, but I don't remember anything. Does that make sence? Apparently my memory
loss makes me 'eccentric'.
     "There I was!" I shouted. "I was in a feild on wheat up to my nose, and it was
blowing and it was beutiful, and then I opened my eyes, and there was this boy. I felt
like I knew him. Then I went to take his hand and someone woke me up." I was on the
floor, pulling my yellow knee-high socks on while I spoke.
     "What did he look like?" She asked.
     "I don't remember-but"
     "Oh, my. You're gonna be late. Ket's go" She rushed me out the door in my socks.
     "Hey! I don't have my boots on!" I hobbled to the car. My mom drove like a maniac, so
I wasn't late for school. Yea, I know what you're thinking. 'Who lets thier kid got o
school after they were just dis-charged from the hospital the day before?'. My mom does. I
told her I wanted to come.
     "Bye, mom!" I shouted, running form the car. I ran to Nina Flours. My friend I could
never forget, even if I wanted to.
     "You got out already? Sorry, I didn't come. Hospital give me the creeps. I would have
come, it being you and all, but I just couldn't get the courage to" Nina talked a lot. A
lot. She was more shy than I was, though.
     "Yea. Guess what?! I had a dream last night!" I hopped up and down. "There was a boy,
and-"as I was speaking, the sun broke through the morning clouds. I stared in awe. I
didn't remember this.
     "Livvy? Livvy! Olivia! Earth to you! Hello?" Nina clapped her hands in my face.
     "It's so pretty." My tone was ominous. It didn't hold my attention long. The bell
rang and we made our way into the building.  Our lockers were next to eachothers, and I
continued to talk as I pulled out my books. "Well, he was extramly tall and he was
white. Not like a flesh white, but the actual color white. Very pale. But he had
really, really dark hair that was messy, but still neat" I slammed my locker door shut. "I
thought I knew him, but I wasn't sure. He was quite beutiful, actually" Nina's dark-brown
eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. Something behind me caught her attention. I didn't really
     "Excuse me, but could you please point me in some direction of room 147?" said
someone behind me. I pointed down the hall, not really paying attention. 
     "Down the hall. Four doors down. Right next the water-fountains to the right" I said,
and watched the extramly tall boy with dark messy-neat hair, and pale-white skin walk away
with such grace, I felt incompetant. I stared in awe.
     "You couldn't tell me?!" I shouted, once he was out of hearing distance.
     "I though you already knew!"
     "Odviously not!" 
     "Let's get to class!"
     "Why are we yelling?!"
     "Because we like to!"
     Nina and I linked arms and marched down the hall...To room 147. We never really cared
what other people thought about us. We were happy, and that all that mattered. We squeezed
into the door-way simultaniously, where we-meaning I-was confronted by Heather.
     "Hey there, amnesia."She greeted me.
     "Hey there" I said. Nina tugged on my arm.
     "I see someones back from the asylum" She cackled. Her laugh was creppy. It didn't
fit her picturesque looks.
     "Actually, Heather. I escaped last night. They just haven't caught me yet. School is
the last place they would check" I smiled cheerfully, and shoved past her to go sit at my
desk. Heather looked truly paniced. Did she really beleive I'd been at an asylum? Pfft.
Pathetic. I dropped my bag on my table and leaned slightly to the left where Nina usually
     "Does she really beleive I was at an asylum?" I asked, watching Heather tell her herd
cacklers what happened. They all laughed the same...
     "I don't know. Where you?" That was definatly not Nina's voice. It was deep, but
soft. I turned to look.
     "Eep!" I gasped, and turned away. 
     It was definatly the boy from my dream.

Okay, I don't have much.
I have to get of the computer.
I'll get more up Ay-sap. 
I still have spit-balls left. (See title)
I didn't have time to proof-read.

8 November 2008, 03:26 PM   #2
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Le Gasp! DEFIANTLY Twilight! A dream is how Stephenie Myers got the Idea! *dies from Le
Gaspin Awesome*

8 November 2008, 04:12 PM   #3
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Oh noes!
I didn't want it to be like Twilight. >.<
I have a twist in mind, that I think will make it un-Twilight like. ^.^

10 November 2008, 08:47 AM   #4
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I love the plot in this story so much... but in my opinion, you should try avoiding to be
like twilight, no offense twilight readers, because it seems that every vampire story is
about a vampire falling in love with a human, but if you can change it a little, it would
seem very suspenseful. Keep writing, though!

10 November 2008, 09:48 AM    #5
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 But...I love the Le Gaspin Awesome of the Twilightness.....             

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