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6 July 2008, 03:40 PM   #1
Cehro Kloak
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Twilight is a series of fantasy/romance/horror novels by Stephenie Meyer. It follows
the adventures of Isabella Swan, a teenager who moves to Forks, Washington and finds her
life turned upside down when she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen.

Alright, I've changed my club to what I call, 
My twilight roleplay club.
You CAN quit.... but I really hope you stay.
You also can make a character. Just go to the character creation.

Here is the plot and characters. (If a character is taken, their picture will say a name
by it)
You CAN try to be an original character if you want to. :3 We need mainly:
Edward,Bella,Jacob and some other cullens or werewolves.
YOU ARE ALSO allowed to make a yaoi couple with Jacob or Edward,(I killed the series :3)
and you may make a boy/girl that likes Bella.

If you want to be an original character, but don't them, please ask me to tell you what
their personality is:

[edit] Twilight
Isabella (Bella) Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to allow her
mother, Renťe, to travel with her new husband, Phil. After moving to Forks, Bella finds
herself drawn to a mysterious boy, Edward Cullen, who turns out to be a 'vegetarian'
vampire, (a vampire who drinks animal blood, as opposed to human blood). They fall in
love, and must fight off a rival clan of vile vampires who want to drink Bella's blood.
Bella escapes to Phoenix, Arizona where she is tricked into confronting James, an enemy
vampire of the Cullens. Bella is severely hurt, but Edward and his family save her. After
Bella recovers, she returns to Forks.

[edit] New Moon
Edward and his family leave Forks, Washington, because of his belief that he is constantly
endangering Bella's life by his presence. Bella falls into a deep depression for several
months after he leaves, until she develops a strong friendship with werewolf Jacob Black.
Jacob and the other werewolves in his village must protect her from Victoria, an evil
vampire who intends to avenge the death of James, her mate, by killing Bella. A
misunderstanding occurs, and Edward is lead to believe that Bella is dead. Edward decides
to commit suicide in Volterra, Italy, but Bella stops him. They meet with the Volturi and
are let go with the condition that Bella will be turned into a vampire. Once the Cullens
return to Forks with Bella beside them, Jacob breaks his friendship with her because of
the hate that vampires and werewolves have towards each other.

[edit] Eclipse
Bella is still being stalked by the vampire Victoria, who has amassed an army of "newborn"
vampires. Meanwhile, Bella is forced to choose between her relationship with Edward and
her friendship with Jacob. Edward's family of vampires and Jacob's pack of werewolves join
forces to fight Victoria's army of vampires. Before the battle, Jacob tells Bella that he
will join the fight with the intention of dying unless she kisses him. Bella accepts and,
while kissing him, realizes that she loves Jacob, but not as much as she loves Edward. The
battle then begins and Victoria and her army of vampires are destroyed. In the end, Bella
chooses Edward's love over Jacob's, and Jacob is devastated to hear of Bella's choice and
her decision to become a vampire.

Two picture due to if your imagining live-action or anime
Anime main: If your char. isn't on here, I will find another picture:
Twilight Characters (Manga)

(Live-action whatever you want)
Isabella Marie Swan Lachia? D:- The protagonist of the series, Bella is perpetually
clumsy and somewhat of a "danger magnet". Her life turns upside down when she falls in
love with vampire Edward Cullen. Eventually, her feelings for werewolf Jacob Black grow
far beyond friendship, and she is forced to make a choice between her two loves. One
important trait of Bella's is her immunity to supernatural abilities that involve the
mind, such as Edward's mind reading. Bella is often portrayed as not valuing herself, nor
can she seem to grasp Edward's love for her. Bella has dark brown hair and clear brown

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen Yoshiko_Saruwatari - Edward is a reformed vampire who
lives on animal blood instead of human blood. He lives with a clan of like-minded vampires
known as the Cullen family. He loves Bella Swan, and feels great mutual dislike/revulsion
towards Jacob Black due to both the love Jacob feels for Bella and the natural animosity
between vampires and werewolves. Like some vampires, Edward has a supernatural ability;
his gift is mind reading. He can read the thoughts of anyone within a few miles of
himself; however, he can only read what the person is thinking at that moment. Bella is
currently the only known individual who is immune to his power.

Jacob Black - A minor character in the first novel, Jacob is introduced as a member of the
Quileute tribe. He resurfaces in New Moon with a much larger role, becoming a werewolf and
Bella's best friend as she is going through a depression and being hunted by Victoria.
Although he is in with love Bella, she initially sees him as just her best friend. In
Eclipse, Bella realizes that she loves Jacob as well; in fact, her love for Jacob is only
eclipsed by her love of Edward Cullen.

Alice Cullen - One of Edward's adoptive sisters. She is described as "pixie-like", and her
movement is noted to be very graceful. Her special ability is seeing the future as soon as
someone makes the decision to head down that path. This ability is very useful, as it
gives the family forewarning to any dangers. However, she cannot see the future of
werewolves. She is married to Jasper Hale, who is her soul-mate, and she loves Bella as if
she were her own sister.

Jasper Hale - One of Edward's adoptive brothers, and Alice's husband and soul-mate. He can
sense and influence the emotions of people around him. He has the most trouble with the
Cullens' "vegetarian" lifestyle, since he is the newest member of the family. He became a
vampire sometime during the American Civil War. He was initially involved in vampire wars,
creating new vampires and forming them into armies, until he met Alice and became a part
of the Cullen family.

Rosalie Hale - Edward's adoptive sister, who is extremely vain and is described as being
the most beautiful person in the world. At first, she appears to play an antagonistic role
in the story. She became a vampire when Carlisle saved her life after several men,
including her fiancť, beat and presumably raped her, leaving her to die. She is the wife
and soul-mate of Emmett Cullen.

Emmett Cullen - Edward's adoptive brother, and Rosalie's husband and soul-mate. After
saving him from a bear that was on the verge of killing him, Rosalie carried Emmett over
100 miles to Carlisle so that he would change Emmett into a vampire. He is known for his
muscularity and strength.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen - The adoptive father of the Cullen children and husband of Esme
Cullen. Born in London as the son of a Protestant preacher, he is around 400 years old and
works as a doctor in Forks. After becoming a vampire, he spent hundreds of years resisting
the smell of blood so that he could become a doctor. He changed Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and
Emmett into vampires to save their lives.

Esme Cullen - Carlisle's wife, who was found by Carlisle and changed into a vampire after
a failed suicide attempt following the death of her baby. She is the mother figure of the
Cullen family, and has a strong ability to love passionately.

Charlie Swan - Chief of Police in Forks, he is Bella's overprotective father. Though he is
unaware that Edward is a vampire, he doesn't completely trust his daughter's boyfriend and
would much rather have his daughter date Jacob Black


twilight manga

twilight manga

saving bella manga

(Believe it or not: It's a beach xD)
Jacob and Bella manga

twilight manga

Manga Twilight

manga jacob

twilight manga


twilight manga
twilight manga
twilight manga
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6 July 2008, 04:08 PM   #2
Joined: 4 Jul 2008
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mann i just started to read the first boook... -_-
i need to be quicker...argh...can i make a character?
cause honestly im quite confuzzled.

(apologies for the Froslass vidoe but thats the one im on.. :/)

6 July 2008, 04:14 PM   #3
Cehro Kloak
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
Posts: 185
Don read no description of the other books. >:F
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6 July 2008, 05:21 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Umm can I be bella? *3*
And a made up? ^-^

6 July 2008, 07:11 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Can I be Alice?

6 July 2008, 08:02 PM   #6
Cehro Kloak
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
Posts: 185
Alright. :3
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6 July 2008, 08:27 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Is that a yes for me? xD

6 July 2008, 08:28 PM   #8
Cehro Kloak
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
Posts: 185
yah. :D No duh. x'D
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6 July 2008, 08:29 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Oh, okay.xD

6 July 2008, 08:36 PM   #10
Cehro Kloak
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
Posts: 185
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6 July 2008, 08:37 PM   #11
Joined: 4 Jul 2008
Posts: 65
Sounds good!:DDD
yummy! =]

6 July 2008, 08:45 PM   #12
Cehro Kloak
Joined: 22 Jun 2008
Posts: 185
I hafta get my cousins to translate the twilight manga for me... ;.;
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6 July 2008, 08:46 PM   #13
Guest Poster
I want the manga now!! XD

6 July 2008, 08:56 PM   #14
Joined: 4 Jul 2008
Posts: 65
hehe Lachia i really did make a plan its called

Roxie's PLAN A.

6 July 2008, 08:57 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Umm no.xD
Edward loves Bella. ;o;
If you chage it you mess the story. ;;

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