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Girls Dorm Lobby

7 March 2008, 05:06 PM   #1
Ander Snow-Forrest Snow-Greggory Fall-Demitri Guinn
Joined: 29 Feb 2008
Posts: 151
Welcome to the Lobby for the Girl's dorm.

This room is pretty much the same as the main lounge, accept less video games, which was a
boy's touch. Girls may make as many modifications to the room as they'd like. 
But remember to agree on the changes, and no cat fights!

Only female characters may roleplay here.
Have fun.
A n d e r S n o w x J u s t F o r N o w. x F o r r e s t S n o w x L u c k O f T h e I r i s h x G r e g g o r y F a l l x N o t h i n g B u t T r o u b l e. x D e m i t r i G u i n n x J u s t A M y s t e r y x

7 March 2008, 07:53 PM   #2
Tabitha Keits-Luke Fox
Joined: 3 Mar 2008
Posts: 41
Tabby sats in a corner reading her headphones on.She was realy good at blocking people
and stuff out when needbe.Her feet were bare and her long legs tucked under her.Her hair
was as straight at the moment because she had gotton up early that morning.
      Sighing she shifted and her cell begain to vibrate.Rolling her eyes she set her book
down and tugged off her head phones and dug it out of her shorts.She dropped the phone
when she read the number.
    Why was he calling her?How had he gotton her number?
      Tabby got up quickly and stuffing the ringing phone in her pocket grabed her book
and jogged up two flights of stares to her dorm.She quickly dropped her book and Ipod on
her bed and walked to the window opening it up wide she took the still vibrating phone and
threw it as hard as she could to the concreat below.It shadderd nicely but a shard came up
and hit a guy.He yelled and looked up his eyes wide and suprised.Tabby was gripping the
windo seal like a life line her eyes were glazed a bit and she was pale.She walked away
from the window and walked to he rbed and layed down on her back.Her knees were shakeing.

7 March 2008, 08:48 PM    #3
Guest Poster
Calypso walked in proudly, still snapping her gum. So far the day had been off to a fine
start. Calypso noticed that the room was empty so reached into her pocket and pulled out a
cigarette and a lighter. Her thumb easily flicked the lighter and the flame jumped to the
cigarette. She pocketed the lighter and inhaled deeply on the cigarette before opening the
window, sitting on the windowsill, and puffing out quick bursts of smoke, watching it curl
lazily on the warm breeze.

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