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25 January 2008, 04:12 PM    #1
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I'm kinda new to this, so leave your hatred at the bottom, kay?!

Chapter 1

“ What would you do if you could choose how long you lived, or, choose who you wanted to
die. I would suggest you should find one of these marvellous creatures. The generally
live-” Tracey  sighed as he threw his copy of “Dealing with Myths” to the ground.
The whole thing seemed pointless. “ Here I am in the best University in the country,
learning about fairy tales.” He muttered dryly to himself.  It was all just a heap of
rubbish to him. Stories to show how things worked, how to get children to bed. “ The
first sign of insanity is talking to yourself’ Tracy looked around. He could see no one.
‘ Second is hearing it talk back to ya’ Still Tracey could see no one. “Why are you
telling me this?”
“‘Cause, dude. You just broke all of ‘em rules.” He waited for a few minutes,
before deciding that he was just half-asleep. He then went to be bed, cursing his
imagination, his essay, and his tiredness, wishing that he didn’t have to sleep. 

Chapter 2

‘ It’s hopeless Io, utterly hopeless. The young rythn doesn’t believe, even
after we set him that essay we set him. Just give up. You’ll get your revenge on humans
later. What’s the point in killing him is he can’t even see you,?’
‘ No, Mai, No. I know he’s the one. He’s the one I need. I can just feel it. I
don’t care if we has even an ounce of mera in him. I need him here.’ Maia sighed. She
always knew when she was fighting a losing battle. She liked her friend Iosis very much.
Sometime she even compared her to a rythn nor, or a human sister. Io’ was just
very stubborn, strong-minded and bursting with confidence. Just the opposite of her.
Although they were just as sceming as each other. ‘ Have you asked Half Moon about
‘ She didn’t sound that confident when she talked to him last night....’ She
stopped. She could see Iosis’s eyes blaring into her. What would she give for those
eyes. A smile lit her face. Just thinking about body made her think about the Gray Sisters
accident a couple 5000 years ago. She and Io had vowed not to talk about it, but still,
that was great, watching their smug faces as suddenly, half of their body parts were gone.
She giggled. ‘ This isin’t funny, Mai! I really need to do something. I can’t just
sit here,and let them inhabitate the world, with their stupid smelly faces!’
‘Stupid....smelly faces? Even I could do something better than that!’
“You guys fightin’?” Io and Mai turned around.
"Yeah, that's me!" "Anyways, just wanted to tell ya I'm so tired from last night."
"And what is that got to do with us?"
"'Cause I'm way to tired to do duty tonight. I'm gonna go crash."
"Isin't it your turn tonight?
"Yes, didn't you miss it last time!"
"I needed to. You know that. C'mon...please?"
"Okay, we'll go. But we're never covering for you again." Io stared at her.
"Thanks! Peace out!"
I might finish it. Probably not....

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