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Crimson Academy Rules

26 December 2007, 08:30 PM    #1
[Founder] Lauren Orou
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The Rules of Crimson Academy 1: Kupika's rules and terms still apply here. 2: Racism and sexism are strictly forbidden. 3: Please be polite and kind to other members. 4: Flaming, and generally causing trouble is forbidden. 5: Do not harass, attack, or abuse another member. 6: Non-staff members cannot accept or reject applications, nor can they create topics. 7: Using more than one account in this Club is not allowed, and one or both accounts will be kicked out of the Club without warning. 8: Do not flood or spam the boards. 9: Ensure you inform the headmistress if you are leaving temporarily or permanently. 10: Keep IC posts in IC topics. The same goes for OOC topics. 11: You will be given three warnings: the third time will result in expulsion. The Role Playing Rules of Crimson Academy 1: Godmoding in all its various forms is absolutely off limits. This includes playing another person's character without permission, dodging everything coming your way, and automatically hitting enemies with every attack. 2: Elemental powers are not permitted: this is a realistic role playing Club. 3: Your character must therefore be human, not a werewolf or vampire. 2: Good spelling/proper grammar is mandatory. Capitalization, punctuation, etc. is a must, even in OOC topics. 4: If you join and do not post once within three weeks, your account will be deleted if you have no explanation. 5: You may only have up to two characters. If you decide to have two, one must be a student and one must be a faculty member. 6: Stealing characters from a book/manga/anime/game/movie/etc. is forbidden. You may share a name and appearance, but that is the limit. 7: Enjoy yourself in the role play. 9: You must make an application and post it on the application page before posting anywhere except this topic.

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