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Chapter2 of my story Charlotte Hathaway

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Chapter 2
Going to New-York!
 ‘’My other job is being a movie star’’.
‘’you mean you were the character named Mary from the movie’’. (Called Adults and
Kids save the world) Jane said excitedly.
 ‘’Yes, in that film; I am teenager named Mary, that was Months ago when we filmed
that movie it was a great’’.
‘’I thought you looked familiar; oh…!’’, ‘’could I have your
‘’We have no time for some autographs Jane, We need help’’!
‘’Oh dear do you have a problem you like to tell me’’ My Aunt said softly.
 ‘’Yes Aunt Betty We really need help but it’s a sad problem’’. I exclaimed. 
‘’It’s ok dear, you can tell me’’. Then I told her everything that happened.
‘’Oh my god (*sniffs*) my sister’’. She wept…

‘’ Don’t worry, that’s why we came here. I don’t believe they died’’. I
protested. ‘’Alright I will help you, for my sister’’. What can I do’’? She
said sadly.  
‘’We need a fast something to get to New-York that’s where my parents and my
friend’s dad are’’.
‘’well maybe’’ Jane said while eating a bag of crisp she brought with her.
‘’I think I just have the plane to get both of you to New-York’’.

‘’ A private plane, Wow! I can’t believe it I’m going to a private plane. 
‘’Charlotte can you believe it we’re going into a private plane’’. 
‘’I know isn’t this exiting’’.

Jane was at my Aunt Betty’s private airport first she was so exited it was free; she
even wore her new scarf that I just bought for her yesterday. I was late. ‘’ Charlotte
your late, your friend got here two hours ago’’. Sorry I slept late last night. 

As I climbed the stairs to the plane, I was so nervous I dropped my suitcase and the
things in it fell into the ground. I fainted.

I woke up, ‘’are we in New-York’’ I asked. 
‘’ Yes dear ’’ said a white face lady with thick make-up. I recognized the voice
it was Aunt Betty. Then something whispered in my ear, your mum is here. I jumped in
surprise and hugged my Aunt Betty while I wept. ‘’ Its ok don’t cry, Jane’s’
‘’I miss mum’’…
‘’Of course you do, everyone does even me’’.
‘’How many hours have I’ve been asleep’’? I asked.
‘’About five, you we’re still asleep in the plane’’. 
‘’ What about my suitcase’’? I asked.
‘’ I fixed it all, for you; I know you fainted and I see a picture, that will may be
your parents’’, said a faint, young voice. 
‘’ Who’s that ‘’? I pointed to young boy, who I presume is the same age as
‘’ That’s my step-son, I adopted him, His name is Jake’’.
‘’ I didn’t see him, where was him the whole time ‘’. 
‘’ He was hiding, he’s quite shy to new people’’.

‘’Hi Jake, I’m Charlotte’’.
‘’ Hi, it’s nice to meet you charlotte ‘’. We looked at each other, smiling, I
think its love at first site, and he is totally cute. I whispered to Jane and she
‘’But, how and why’’? She said mysteriously.
‘’ I don’t know I just did, like you and Alfred’’. I whispered. Jake was still
-At me.
’’ Hi, I was wondering if your free Saturday night, um… like a –date’’. 		
’’ Well… I am looking for my parents, ok I’ll go’’. Then I winked at him. What
was I doing, winking at him? I thought in me looking very nervous. I glanced at Jake he
smiled then sighed. I sighed too, but he was looking very handsome that I day-dreamed of
him running to me, and kissed me straight to my lips, I woke up my lips still straight, I
was embarrassed. I crouched low and hid behind the car.

We stayed at my Aunt Betty’s summer house for a while then I explored the house, it was
very complex. I came across a familiar bookshelf and looked at the titles, something
caught my eye it says ‘Secret Voice ‘I begun to tremble.
It only got five pages but it’s rusty you could see by the sides.
I put it back nothing in me is saying to read it except for my heart; my heart is pushing
away from me. I reached my hand out and held out the rusty, old book.
I looked at the words carefully,

‘’Hold out your eyes,
And a joke of life is beneath the ice,
Do not speak to you whom your not,
Spy when you know wrong,
Don’t if you know right,
A special map will take you there,
A surprise you’ll find out,
Love will go last, love will come first,
Which is which it deserves?

One if you choose the other one will suffer,

If the right one you chose first; love will surround you’’
Choose wisely….

I gasped; it has some kind of connection with my life then at the bottom of the 
Page I saw…
By, a secret Author (me)

22 December 2007, 01:30 PM   #2
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At the bottom of the page you saw what? What?! C'mon what? Grrrr..... I hate it when a
story leaves me hanging. 

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Still thinking for the next chapter....coming soon
By, a secret Author (me)

26 December 2007, 01:23 PM    #4
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cool more please 

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