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Write stories news plays then post them here.

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Also you can write songs and raps here is an example of a rap,

Danika is a girl I know. She loves to rap she loves to throw. Shes on a baseball team she
neva is clean.

24 March 2007, 11:14 PM   #3
Guest Poster

 Once there was a boy and a girl whose names were Zack and Jean. Both of them were in a
college called The Epic College. They were training to be spies to go to the next level
where King Dido was going to be fighting with the students at The Epic College. Moreover,
the war with King Dido was going to be called World War III. And so the story begins…

Chapter 1 

One day on a clear fresh morning at The Epic College at chemistry, Zack, Jean and other
students were getting ready.  They put on their masks, goggles, lab uniform and plastic
gloves. “Okay everyone,” the chemistry teacher, Ms. Kimmel said. “Gather ‘round
the table to see this tiny explosive. You will be needing this at World War III, you know.
Now let me introduce to you our very new and powerful students and regional champions for
rock climbing, Jean and Zack! You might have seen them in the big movie hit, Italian Job.
Zack plays Charlie and Jean plays Stella. Now, now. Class will begin. I will carry this
tiny explosive out and I am going to trust you, Jean and Zack. Other students in my
chemistry class please follow me. Zack and Jean, I am counting on you! DO NOT TOUCH THE
tubes.” Ms. Kimmel said. 
Jean and Zack touched the tubes and… BOOM! Out went Jean and Zack flying to the woods. 

Chapter 2 
Emily and Sword sabers
Jean and Zack stopped to catch their breath. “Jean,” said Zack, I think we’re
supposed to go up to that hill because I think I see a girl that might help us.”
“Okay.” Jean said. They kept running and running and running until they saw a girl.
“Hey! Jean shouted. Can you help us here?” “Come up to me and I will help you!”
the girl shouted back. “They went up to the hill and saw her. “ I heard you needed
help. I have a house here. Anyway, my name is Emily Rider but you can call me Em.” When
they got to Em’s house, Zack and Jean decided to take a walk while Em would cook lunch
for Zack, Jean and Em.  While Zack and Jean were on their walk, they found a hollow hole.
But with Jean’s LazerWhiz, she found it was not hollow. It was with four sword sabers.
The one Zack got was the red sapphire (fire). Jean got the blue ruby (water). They took
the two extra ones. Emily got the emerald one, while the diamond sword saber was going to
be used for much importance. 

Chapter 3
Aar the Killer
Have you even noticed?

The team (Jean, Zack and Em) were asleep. With Jean’s super hearing, LazerWhiz and her
power with controlling things with her mind, she would make a good guard and friend to
make.” Knock knock. Knock.” Jean jumped out of her bed. She opened the door and there
standing was an old peddler woman that seemed like she needed help. She said her name was
Aar and she needed help and a good place to live and sleep. Jean headed towards the extra
bed for Aar to sleep in. 
The next morning, Jean, Em, Zack and Aar woke up. Jean cooked oatmeal and eggs for the
team and Aar. Aar went to the bathroom.
Out came Aar, but she was different this time. She was dressed in a dark cape and a hood. 
She looked like Darth Vader, but much more different. “What do you want and who do you
work for?” “I want you guys to be dead. And I work for the most evil king in history:
KING DIDO!” she said in a raspy voice. She took out her own sword saber that made a
loud: “CHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHINNG!”  Em and Zack did not have any powers yet. Jean only
gave Zack half of her power and Zack started to develop his own power. Then Jean was fully
recharged. Since she could not go anywhere with two Aars blocking her way. So, she used
her power: control things with her mind. She got her LazerWhiz and got to work. All of a
sudden, Jean heard a:”CSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHINNNNGGGGGGGGG!” right where Em was. She was
dead. Zack killed one Aar and Jean killed the other Aar. They were dead, just like Em.
Chapter 4
Destination: Hospital

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
Jean asked one of the doctors that helped Em,”Is Emily going to be okay?” “Well,”
the doctor started. “She has this sort of blade inside her heart. We are trying to take
out her heart and see this sword saber blade in her. We already have this little piece,
and you may think it DOES NOT effect your heart, but it does a lot. Well, I had better get
back to work. When she is finished with the surgery, I will tell you guys.” The doctor
finally finished. Hours passed. The doctor came by. “She is finished. Follow me. She has
famous last words for you people.” He said.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Em was straining to talk to us, the famous last words. “Be.
Careful out. There. With. King. Dido.
Jean started crying. Zack put his arm around her in order to make her feel better. (Not
going to happen)
Em was d.e.a.d.

Chapter 5
Grief Headquarters

Jean and Zack were heading to the Grief Headquarters, and that is where Grief was waiting
for Zack and Jean. Zack and Jean had all there equipment and their powers ready to fire. 
When they got there, Grief and his assistant, Eva Fartablennstajosh was already waiting.
Grief tapped his foot. Jean and Zack showed out their I.D’s. Grief was ready to battle
with Jean, not Zack because he had Zack as a student in Point Blanc in high school, so he
knew he had pretty good moves.  Jean was already controlling Eva and Grief.  She put them
high up to the air and to the ceiling. She dropped them, and down they went to the subway
station and a subway was coming, so they got rolled over and FLAT.
“Good one, Jean.” Zack said. They slapped hands and headed home.
Chapter 6
Ready for World War III

  As Jean and Zack were packing for World War III, Jean was thinking about the past few
days. She was crying a little because of Em. Zack, on the other hand was thinking about
getting the People of the Century Prize Award.  They kept packing and packing and packing.
One bag, which had a lock and keys and a combination lock and a lock that goes with a
remote, was the bag that they would have to put all their weapons. They finished packing
and went to sleep, dreaming of them winning World War III.

Chapter 7
World War III
They picked up their bags. They went to the airport. They waited for about 2 hours for the
flight to Vietnam. They were on the plane for about 3 days, and of course, the war had not
started yet. And another of course, they talked a lot to each other not to mention the
WHOLE conversation.  When they got off the plane, it was already night so they had to call
up Smithers, the gadget master and the ‘GPS’ everyone calls him. “Hello?” Smithers
said. “Hey what’s up Smithers I need to ask you something where is all the World War
III people and I mean the people who are fighting.” Zack said. After he said that whole
thing, he was out of breath. “Whoa, slow down Zack.” Smithers said. “They are right
at the Navy Marine Corp. Hotel. Right down the street.” “Thanks Smithers” Zack said.
They rested for one hour. They heard this sort of shouting. Zack and Jean got to work.
They slipped in their U.S.A army/marine uniform. They packed up their bags and slid down
the stairs by the railing (please do not try that at home). 

Chapter 8 
The Real World War III

The war started. It seemed like one day, but it was really 89 days. The war finally
stopped. The Epic College team won. 

Chapter 9
King Dido meets his Opponents
Jean and Zack heard a sound saying, “Come. Come to the cave.”
The voice was growing fainter and fainter and FAINTER! They went into the cave and found
King Dido all alone. “You defeated my knights. My guards. My servants. Now it is time to
defeat YOU.”  King Dido said. “You already murdered my mom and dad. And you murdered
Zack’s mom and dad. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM US?” Jean said. “Calm down, Mama.”
King Dido said. King Dido took out his knife. Zack grew with anger, and his wolverine
–like claws came out. Jean picked    up her LazerWhiz. She and Zack defended together
till the end… and King Dido was dead. “I WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!” King Dido said.
They fought and defended together till the end, until the next book.  
The end

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