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Cyril Nelissen

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Name: Cyril Nelissen
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Celibate
Species: Elf

History: As a child, Cyril was coddled and cosseted. He was the only child of a
presumed infertile couple, and when he was born his parents were ecstatic. He was given
everything any child could have wanted: The unconditional love of his parents and every
toy, pet, and article of clothing. For a while he couldn't have been happier, but as he
grew older and began to understand the workings of the world. He slowly started to shut
himself off from the world, denied further gifts from his parents and worked to create a
life of his own.
Personality:Cyril is slightly more introverted than otherwise. He prefers to watch
the masses of people walk by from a distance and only involve himself emotionally with a
select few people. His decisions are made from an impartial and logical viewpoint, but he
can be overcome with emotion when something he values is threatened or he is overcome with
stress. He is loyal to those he finds worthy of his friendship, but can seem haughty to
outsiders and those without the patience to break through his thick defensive shell.
Appearance:Cyril is a tall, slender man with sharp features. His face is angular
with prominent cheekbones and deep set, green eyes. His hair is golden brown and waist
length at its longest, but cut in a way that frames his face. The body of his hair is kept
in a high ponytail and his bangs fall over his eyes bringing attention to the long,
silvery scar that cuts across his left cheek. His wardrobe is elaborate and sexy. His
shirts are loose v-neck tops that expose most of his tanned, lithe chest, and his pants
are tight and come in a variety of colours.
Cyril Nelissen

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