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Hendridale (Start here if you are a dark!!)

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dark city landscape

This is a town in the Dark Beings Realm. Many demons and other creatures of the demonic
blood line have been born and created in this very place. The king ruling this town hasn't
come out for 5,000 years. People are starting too view him as a myth and other joke around
about going into the castle. No one is serious though. It is said that the King is the
most horrible and gruesome creature one has ever seen. He could take your life in one
No Lights dare to venture in here.....unless they have a death wish.


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Sophia stepped up onto the dark shadows of empty lots and vacant horrible looking apartments. Everything around her was rotting away, and the smell was her first hint. It reaked ov pure dust and other odors that could simply put one to a death bed if willing. Her foot touched the ground and it crumbled, if true she knew that if she were to make a false move she could awaken something, or even cause her own death before her eyes. She's heard many myths and even other possiblities and other jokes about things that go on here, but was she willing to find out? ( School was boring, easing my mind -_- )
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Hail and Evangeline arrived at the very outskirts of Hendridale. Throughout the whole
three day trip they were silent. Not speaking a word to another. All Hail could think of
was his home and how he was going to see his mentor and sister again. Evangeline could
only think about Ghidora. She had messed up terribly and now she is about to walk into a
demon city. Yeah, she's a perfect example. 

Hail turned to Evangeline, acknowledging her for the first time. "Thank you for coming
with me but you don't need to come any further." He said quietly. Hail knew what would
happen if Evangeline would step in Hendridale. Demons would smell her scent and seek her
out for food. Or worse. Hail didn't want that to be her fate. But by the look on her face
he knew she wasn't going to listen. 

"You don't think I can take care of myself?" She asked defiantly. Her mouth set in a
stubborn line. 

"No! It's not that!" Hail exclaimed. "It's just that-that I can't look for my family and
always worry about you. You'd distract me." He stammered. Evangeline's skin glowed bright
in this dark world. A glow seemed to emanate from her. Her lips glowed a dark ruby red
that- Hail turned away trying to hide his reddening cheeks. Evangeline walked up in front
of him and crossed her arms. 

"How weak do you think I am? Do you think I'm just some child angel that's too ignorant to
see the real picture? I am stronger then I look and much more wiser." Hail raised his
eyebrows. "How old are you?" He asked. Evangeline then smiled. "A woman never tells her
age. Ecspecially if she's over 4,000." With that she turned and started walking towards
the front gate of the city. 
Quickly Hail ran after her. 

"I just-," He couldn't find the right words. "There's things here that are much more
gruesome and horrific then you have ever seen before. They will not hesitate to kill you
and bathe in your blood." Evangeline felt a sudden pang of fear go through her but she
quickly silenced it. She stopped walking and looked at Hail with sad eyes. 

"Do you really think I would risk all that I did back at Ghidora not knowing the
consequences? Do you think I would have travelled thousands of miles to just walk back?
I'm going in Hail and that's final. So stop trying to stop me." 

Hail let out an annoyed grunt. "Women are so fustrating." He growled before stalking off.
Evangeline was soon behind him.


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(Epic XD Evangeline has regained my admiration ^_^ )

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Dirty. Disgusting, most of all words that this place represented to her. But she still had a feeling of 'home'. As if the moon stayed out the play, night would stay like this forever, and maybe she wouldn't have to regret facing the new world or at least what was left of humanity. A sigh escaped her lips and she found a small place to rest and lean against, it was for only this night maybe she would be uncertain about her fate, maybe even get afew answers. Time passed, and on schedule her stomach rumbled. Digging through the bloody yet neat bag she always carried around, and picked out some hospital blood that she had found laying around. It was her last resort, and scars were always left in her eyes at each bite. She couldn't tell who she was anymore, the beast inside of her, what it wanted. It seemed lonely to the fact of depression and those of whom are good or bad, but ranks didn't matter to her at the time. It was about swimming or sinking, losing or winning, and that's what she learned her whole life. Fun, she thought. What idiots plan to do on a regular basis to enjoy themselves, when really, all they do is make a fool of themselves. To Sophia's own standards, there was no fun. It was all work and kill, eat or be eaten, no fun at all. She remembered the 'good' ol` days for sure, but were they really good? Sophia's finger traced the dirty sand on the gravel that moved around under her feet, making small looking faces in the dirt. She looked up sensing something in the area, but then again she could be wrong, and she was acting up. She looked down at her lap closing her eyes, maybe a little nap wouldn't hurt..
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Evangeline stuck close to Hail's side. She had to admit she was a little afraid of this
place. The streets were covered with skeletons and destroyed. Some of the buildings were
toppled in and crumbling. The air was filled with a thick and stuffy black smoke that
clogged Evangeline's lungs. Hail looked down at her and felt a pang of pity. It was hard
for an angel to go into a demon-ridden city. 

"I'm fine." Evangeline blurted before Hail could say anything. Hail held up his hands.
"Alright. Alright. No need to get snappy." 

They continued down the paved stone walkways before Hail sensed something. It's a
creature. They've smelled her. He quickly looked around for a place to hide Evangeline
but it was too late. A creature stood atop of the hill growling down at them. It had 9
yellow eyes and a slimy body with 6 arms and 3 legs. Its head sat upon a long and winding
neck that writhed like a snake. Evangeline looked up at the creature and felt her heart
beat frantically. That must be the ugliest thing I have ever seen. She thought to

In a blink of an eye it had started running down the hill towards them in great speed.
It's yellow eyes glowing brighter. "Smell Angel. Must get Angel. Blood. Blood. Meat.
Angel. Huuungry." It's voice cracking and hoarse. It was almost down the hill when
Hail pushed Evangeline behind him. She fell to the ground with a thud. Hail didn't mean to
push her that hard but he didn't have time to worry about it now. The creature was almost

That's when the monster arose in him. Sensing a battle coming it rose to the surface.
Hail's eyes turning black and his hair bleaching white. He felt his nails sharpen to a
long point and his teeth as well. "Let's play, shall we?" He hissed and ran towards the
creature meeting it head on. It rose it's long neck to strike down at Hail but Hail was
quicker. He ran to the back of the creature and wrapped his arms around it's neck. With
all his might he picked up the 300 ton beast and slammed it to the paved ground causing
the ground to rumble like an earth quake. 

The creature stunned took a few moments before snapping right back up and coming at Hail
again. Hail jumped onto a ledge of a building coming to the length of the creature's eyes.
It growled at him. "Angel mine. Must kill demon. Must have angel." The monster
inside Hail smiled. "Come and get her then." With speed far greater then any ordinary Fey
the creature recoiled from Hail and sped towards Evangeline. Hail came around behind and
tried stopping it but the creature swatted him away with one of it's long arms sending
Hail flying. 
Evangeline stood up from the ground, watching as the creature sped towards her. I'm not
dying today. 

The creature jumped in the air arching and heading straight towards her but she ran to the
left narrowly missing the crash. The creature snapped it's giant teeth at her almost
catching her foot but Evangeline jumped into the air just in time. She bounded off the
walls of the destroyed buildings and landed ontop of the creature's snaky head. The
creature then started swinging it's head around trying to knock her off but Evangeline had
a hold of one of it's many spikes going down it's back. Having a surge of courage
Evangeline stood up and used all her force to punch the creature's skull right in. It made
a deafening crunch and stumbled to the ground. Evangeline jumped off and went to the side
to watch it go down. 

It's body stumbled around and it's head swung around. Blood started to seep everywhere and
create a horrible stench. Evangeline tried covering her nose but it didn't do much. After
a few minutes the creature was still moving around trying to find Evangeline in it's
dizzying state. Then it stepped forward and looked down at her. It's head caved in and
deflated like a balloon but it's eyes were trained on her and angry. "Angel stupid.
Angel must pay. Will enjoy eating Angel" It ran forward towards her with more
determination this time. Evangeline tried running to the left but fell over a fallen body
and twisted her ankle. The creature was coming closer and closer by the second. She tried
standing up and running but fell once more. She looked down at her ankle and saw it was
starting to turn a sickly purple. I must have got bit by something. 

"Silly Angel. Trapped. Now your mine. 

In a panic Evangeline tried crawling across the paved walkways but was too slow. The
creature was almost to her now. She could see her reflection in it's many eyes. Inside she
felt as if she was going to die. She brought her hands up to cover her face when she heard
a big crash and stumble. She removed her hands from her face to see Hail wrestling wit the
creature. The creature put up a good fight due to it's head still broken but Hail was
better. He brought his hand up and opened the mouth of the creature wide. Then he jumped
in it's mouth. Evangeline heard herself gasp. What in the world is he doing?" 

The creature started to freak out and panic. It started to sort of dance around trying to
get Hail out of him. Finally it stopped and looked at Evangeline. Once again it tried
coming towards her but it never made it for a moment later it exploded into many little
chunks of skin and organs. Blood everywhere. Evangeline looked down at herself covered in
blood and slimy skin. She almost became sick when she picked off part of the creature's
brain matter off her leg. 

Hail was knelt on the ground covering his face. He hated doing that. Going inside those
things is the worst experience one can have. Slowly the monster receeded and Hail looked
around for Evangeline finally finding her on the ground. He rushed  over and knelt down
next to her. 

"Are you alright?" He asked, worried. Evangeline looked up at him with a disgusted look.
Hail laughed. He reached over and picked off a piece of skin that was stuck to her face.
"Can you get up?" She nodded and tried standing up but fell. Hail quickly caught her. 

"I guess not." 

Hail looked about her trying to see if she was hurt or not and saw her ankle. It was
purple with black spots about it, swelling up. "Shit, we need to get that fixed." 

"Where? The only things here are demons that want to eat me." 

After a moment of thought Hail lifter Evangeline up and carried her in his arms. She
wrapped her arms around his neck trying to hold on. 

"I think I know someone."


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Screaming, laughing, loud noises all erupted her thoughts. She was now annoyed. Who was interrupting her- a foul smell came to her nose, it reaked of a slimy monster and it was surely disgusting. And then, there again was anothert o scents, she tried to remember where they came from, but it was impossible. Standing from the top of her tippy toes she leaned over a small building roof and looked down at a young couple who seemed hurt, and she could tell the girl reaked of slime and odors. The moment went through ehr mind and she grinned, "So, they made it." she murmured under her breath, amused. Not many Angels and demons got through most of the ugliest monsters here, and for once she felt a challenge creep on her. Her lips carved into a smirk as she jumped from building to building quietly without a trace, where are they going now? she thought, and what possibly the reason why they were there. Landing on a roof she took a short breat, not like she needed one though and put her hand on her knee watching closely. From here, they smelt incredibly good, but after her meal she felt empty again. And she was willing to take the leap foreward.
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Hail carried Evangeline with ease. There was speed in his step for he didn't know what
other creature could be out here, possibly following them. Evangeline felt a spasm of pain
go through her and she let out a deep and sickening cough. She looked down and saw blood.
Hail looked down as well and let out a silent curse. 

"It's because I'm an angel. Angel and demon blood aren't supposed to mix well." Evangeline
whispered, her voice hoarse. Her throat felt dry and raw. Hail shushed her. "Be quiet now.
Just close your eyes. We'll be there in a moment." Hail's heart pounded. All he was
worried about was Evangeline. He did know of one woman who would heal her without wanting
to eat her or cause a commotion but they were not close yet. Evangeline's heart beat grew
faint against Hail's. 

"Evangeline talk to me." He said panicked. 
She groaned. "I thought you said not to talk?" She whispered. She let out another bloody
"Ignore that. Just talk to me." 
"Okay. How are you doing?" Hail let out a laugh and Evangeline smiled. 

"Tell me something about your home. Heaven." 
Evangeline's smile faltered just the slightest. After the stunt she pulled in Ghidora
there was no way she was allowed back home now. 
"Do you have any family?" Hail asked after a moment of her not talking. He felt her nod
against his shirt. 

"Yes. Two big brothers and a sister. My parents wanted to pass on their genes or
something." Her voice grew softer as she spoke.

"Tell me about them."

Evangeline sighed. "My two older brothers are twins. My older sister is the eldest on of
us all. She's an arch angel now." She paused. "My two older brothers are here on earth
somewhere. I don't know where. The last time I spoke to them was 500 years ago in
Lintalo." She smiled. "They were my favorite. My sister was a stiff. She didn't like me
much." She looked up at Hail. "Do you have any siblings?" 

Hail was about to answer when he saw the door to the demon healer. "We're here. Hold on
Evangeline." He ran up to the door and gave a loud knock. "Hello! I need your help! It's
Hail!" A second later an old woman opened the door. She looked like a normal harmless old
woman except for the serpent tail and long fingernails. 

"I know darn well who you are Hail and if you keep yelling at my door I'll give you a hit
on the bottom. Now don't think I won't just because you're older now." Her voice high
pitched and stern. She looked at Evangeline in Hail's arms and sighed. "You're always
bringing strays to my door. Well come on in then before someone sees ya."


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Sophia snickered, "Ahh poor Angels." she said leaning on her palm, listening to the story of her borhters pass by. She noticed the small conversation, leaping down behind a wall she followed them quietly, deciding that they would find her at their own pace. She covered herself with her black cloak folloiwng eerily, lurking almost in the shadows. It was quite depressing, the story, but as she coudl tell the girl was already healthy and strong on her own, rarely. Standing on her barefeet she looked down at the bandage on her arm, ever since the incident she was fiercely afraid of what would happen and looked over to the Angel. There was a simple reason why she hated them, they killed her family for one, and she was tired of being hurt by them. This time, she was getting revenge. But, she thought about it, was it a really good idea? If she did, it would be worse for her to do what they did, and in return, she's just hurting herself. She watched the two from a corner of her eye and growled under her breath, she didn't want them to think she would hurt them or anything, but to know and Angel and a Dark were together, it was a foul mistake. But maybe it was a good thing. She shook her thoughts, what would the elders think about this if they found out?
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"Come on dear, place her over here." The old woman said pointing to the queen sized bed
in the back room. Hail hurriedly followed and gently placed Evangeline on the sheets. As
he sat her down she sighed in relief. "This bed is amazingly soft." Evangeline whispered.
The old woman smiled. "Yes. An angel gave to me a while back." The woman said before
scampering off. 

Hail found a chair and brought it over near the bed and sat down in it. Evangeline looked
over and smiled at him, her eyes glazed over. "You need to answer my question." She
whispered. Hail raised his eyebrows. 
"What question was that?" Evangeline let out another bloody cough and then relaxed. 
"Do you have family?" 

Hail sighed and closed his eyes. "Yes. I have a baby sister." Evangeline nodded. "She must
be pretty if she's related to you." Hail's cheeks reddened just the slightest. 
"Okay, okay. Let's take a look here." The old woman said suddenly reappearing. She
examined the angel's body carefully until she saw her ankle. "Ah, a Hexenbrah. Nasty
little creatures. They're the demons mosquitos." She carefull touched the swollen area and
Evangeline held back a stifled cry. The woman nodded and brought out a big tool box.
Instead of tools being inside there was a number of medicines and doctoral tools. She
picked out a red vial and a long needle. She untwisted the red vial and poured inside the
needle and carefully inserted it into the angel's ankle. Evangeline bit her lip against
the pain and a trickle of blood flown down her lip. Hail reached over and wiped it away. 

The old woman was staring at them when Hail looked back over. The bite was fading just a
little but Evangeline still seemed in pain. "It's going to take a while because of her
blood line but it'll be too painful for her to stay awake." Silently she got another vial
that was green and gave it to Hail. "Have her drink this." 

Hail took the vial and lifted Evangeline's head up. Her hair was soft against his skin and
her head was light. "Here, drink this. It'll help with the pain." Nodding Evangeline
opened her mouth and let Hail pour the green liquid in. In under 10 seconds Evangeline was
knocked out. 

"Now come on over here, boy." The old woman scowled. "You have alot of explaining to do."
Reluctantly Hail stood up and left Evangeline on the bed. He followed the old woman to a
small living area with a fire and two couches. In between was a grand little table that
held a platter of cookies and black milk. The old woman sat down on one of the couches and
Hail sat on the other. The far window was open and he could see outside. Darkness was now
taking over the city and soon it would be so dark you wouldn't be able to see your nose. 

"Hail. I haven't seen you since-"
"Since Aldrade took me. I know." 

The old woman gave him a sympathetic look. "You've returned looking for Zacahriah and your
sister, haven't you?" Hail stayed quiet for that is exactly why he has returned. "But I'm
curious to why the angel is with you. How did that happen?" Hail looked up at her age old
eyes and told her the whole story starting with him escaping his kingdom for some freedom.

After she heard the whole story she spoke. "I'm still confused. How do you know this
Hail sighed. "It was at that party years and years ago before I was taken. It was Angel
Yolanda and Vampyre Grendel's anniversery party." The old woman nodded. "I remember that
party all too well. You looked quite dashing in Zachariah's old suit." Hail nodded feeling
heat rise to his cheeks a bit. 

"This Evangeline must care for you a great deal to come to Hendridale. To defend you, lose
her reputation, and leave Ghidora to just come to this demon filled city. You already saw
how desperate this filthy demons are for just a taste of Angel blood." The old woman
reached out to the platter of cookies and handed one to Hail. "You must eat. God knows
when was the last time food saw the inside of your stomach." 

Hail took the cookie and as soon as he took a bite he realized how hungry he was. He
hasn't since two weeks ago when he fled his kingdom. Greedily he took another cookie off
the platter and then another. The old woman sighed. "Even at 3,500 years old you still eat
like a child. Slow down! You might get a stomach ache!" She reached over and swatted his
hand as he reached for another. 

"You and Evangeline shall stay here. I have enough room for both of you. Under no
circumstances should she leave. Even after she is healed. It is too dangerous out there
for her." The old woman stood up and started walking down the hallway. 

"Wait!" Hail called after her. He stood up and went to her side. "Where's Zachariah and my
sister? You haven't told me that yet." The old woman's eyes turned sad and placed a hand
on Hail's cheek. "Oh Hail. My sweet Hail." She sighed. "Sweetie your family, Zachariah and
your sister, they're in hell."


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Hail sat on the couch in the dark. After the bomb the old woman dropped on him she
hurried on off to bed to avoid further conversation about it. Since one of the two guest
room are being taken and the second isn't ready yet Hail was forced to sleep on the couch.
Although sleep was far from his mind. 

In hell? How could this happen? Aldrade said-. Anger rose up as the name flooded
his mind. He promised he would take care of them personally. He gave me his word.
Now Hail knows that Aldrade's word is worth nothing. 
The darkness and silence of the room caused Hail's mind to wander. Specifically to a
memory he tries to forget. The last day he saw his sister. 

They were in Zachariah's living room, talking. Zachariah was out on private business and
ordered both of them to stay in the house. Hail would have no problem doing so but his
sister, Adrien, would be the one having the struggle. 

"I don't know how you can do it," Adrien said annoyingly. "How can you stay inside for
such long amounts of time when there is so much to see and explore out there." Hail looked
outside the window at the dark and musty streets. 

"Yeah because it's just so beautiful outside." He said sarcastically. Adrien gave him a
look and rolled her eyes. She got up from her seat and went to the fire place to attempt
to start a fire. Hail hurried over and grabbed the kindler before Adrien could do any
damage. She stuck her tongue out at him and sat down on the floor. In only a few seconds a
roaring fire was blazing and Hail sat down next to his sister. 

Hail looked over at his sister who was looking out the window with a wierd look. He
wrapped his arms around her in a comforting gesture. 

"What is it, Adrien?" He said, low and soft. Adrien just sighed. Her shoulders drooped
under Hail's arms as she did so. 

"I want to get out of here, Hail. I want to see something beautiful and amazing. I want to
see trees and butterflies. I want to swim in clean lakes and pools." She looked over at
Hail and gave a small, sad smile. "I want to see the sun." 

Hail nodded. He, too, have had the same urges. To go out and see the world. The only thing
keeping him here was Zachariah and his sister. 

"One day, we will. Adrien, one day, I will take you all over the world and we will see all
there is to see. We'll see grand waterfalls filled with clean water that you can even
drink. I'll take you to forests filled with butterflies, flowers, and the sun shining all

Adrien smiled and let out a laugh. "I can't imagine you in a sun filled place. You'll
stick out like a lion in a group of domestic cats." Hail laughed which caused Adrien to
laugh too. 

"I promise Adrien. I'll always take care of you and be there for you. I-"

"Yes, I know." She said giving him a smile. "You love me."  Hail smiled.

"That I do." 

Hail pulled himself out of the memory when he heard footsteps. The hair on the back of his
neck started to stand up. The footsteps grew closer and Hail silently cursed himself by
refusing the light the old woman offered. Slowly he stood up and silently walked to a wall
and put it behind him. It was pitch black and he couldn't see a thing. There was shuffling
noises and sounds of something being picked up. Hail's body grew stiff. 
Then a candle was lit and Evangeline stood by the couches. She took one look at Hail and
raised her eyebrow. Hail shrugged it off like it was nothing to hide his inner

Evangeline gingerly placed the candle on the table and sat down on the couch Hail was
previously sitting on. Hail stayed where he was by the window that was overlooking the
dark and gloomy outside. 

"You're not supposed to be walking around. Your ankle-"

"Is fine." Evangeline finished for him. "I guess that medicine that transitioned me into a
sleep-like state sped up the process." She pulled up her dress to her knees and lifted her
ankle. "See? Good as new." She was right. There was no inclination that there was ever an
infection on it. That lady was good. 

She let down her dress and smoothed it out. Hail felt himself relax a bit more and leaned
against the wall. 

"Can't sleep either?" Hail said to her. Evangeline sighed. "I keep thinking of Arionna and
the last face she made at me. It was like she felt betrayed. I wish I could speak with her
but I don't want her to be placed in any trouble. I don't know what they said about my
dissappearance but I need to assume Naunie told them the truth." 

Hail felt a tugging feeling of guilt play at him. It was all his fault that Evangeline was
in this mess. There was nothing he could do to fix it. Evangeline looked up at Hail and
smiled sweetly. "Don't worry. I don't blame you. Stuff like this just happens." Hail gave
a nod but wasn't convinced. 

"So, you can't sleep either since you're still wide awake." Evangeline pointed out. Hail
felt himself sigh. He brought up his hand to rub at his eyes but found that his cheeks
were wet. Was I...crying? Quickly he wiped them away and looked up at Evangeline.
She patted the seat next to her on the couch and Hail reluctantly made his way over and
sat down. 

Evangeline turned her body to him so they were facing eachother. "You can talk to me, you
know. You don't have to lock away your feelings like you do." Hail laughed darkly. 

"I can't talk to someone about how the stuff that goes through my mind. It would-"

"Leave you vulnerable." Evangeline said, once again interrupting him. "Could you please,
stop interrupting me?" Hail quipped annoyingly. Evangeline giggled lightly. It sounded
like tiny little bells to Hail's ears.


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Hail slowly opened his eyes. Sleep still ate at him but his body was awake. His body felt
sore and Hail moved around trying to stretch on the small couch. Although for some reason
he couldn't move. What the-? He looked around him and his eyes almost popped out of
his head. Sleeping the crook of his arm was Evangeline, sound asleep. Hail felt his heart
start to pound so loud he was afraid it would wake Evangeline. Without no choice he stayed
where he was and watched Evangeline. 

Her long dark hair covered most of her body and a small smile was on her face. She glowed.
Hail layed his head back and closed his eyes. What's wrong with me? A month ago I
would've laughed at anyone who was feeling these feelings. What the hell is wrong with
me? He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Evangeline again. She did look beautiful,
there was no denying it. Just as the first day they met. Hail smiled at the memory. 

Suddenly Evangeline groaned and moved around against Hail. Hail felt his body go stiff as
a board. After a few moments she was still once more. Hail felt himself let out a breath
he didn't know he was holding. Looking down at Evangeline he felt a small smile appear on
his face. Without thinking he reached out and fingered a strand of hair that was in her
face. It was silky soft like lotion. Then Evangeline mumbled again. Quickly Hail dropped
her hair just in time of her opening her eyes. She was dazed for a few seconds but when
she realized where she was she quickly sat up. Her face turning red. 

"What the-?" She cried. Hail sat up himself and popped the bones in his body. Evangeline
was still astonished. "Why did I-? How-?" Hail stood up and walked away leaving her to
talk to herself. For some reason he felt extremely annoyed with himself and wanted to be


Evangeline watched as Hail hastily got up and walked out of the room. Did I do
something? Sighing she stood up and went into the small bathroom. She looked at
herself in the mirror. A beautiful angelinc face stared back. Black hair in tangles and
sleepy stuff in her eyes. Rubbing her eyes she turned to the bathtub and turned on the hot
water. As soon as it was filled she slipped off her dirty dress and stepped in. A slight
moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she sat down fully submerged within the water. She
leaned back and closed her eyes, relaxing.


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