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By creating a character you agree to follow these rules ☼ Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. ☼ Limited foul language. ☼ Two sentence minimum per post. ☼ Images in signatures must not exceed 200 pixels in height. ☼ Use only anime images for characters. ☼ In character posts must be in third person. ☼ No character can be killed without the consent of said character's creator .
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Name Caigan Osteler Age 26 Gender Male Species Eladrin Brief History Caigan is the head librarian here at ÆLA. He attended and graduated from this university three years ago, and has been here ever since. Before coming here he attended a small Eladrin-only Preparatory school. He received his diploma with honours and scholarships to any Eladrin school. He turned them all down and enrolled at ÆLA, even against his parents wishes. This library is his sanctuary, and rarely will you find him beyond his sanctuary's vestibule. Image Name Nova Vulsæus Age 18 Gender Male Species Incubus Variant Brief History Like the majority of the Greater Demons, Nova was born somewhere in the bowels of Hell. Nameless and parentless, he wandered until he came of an enlightening age when he could think and speak for himself. He called himself Nova, and soon after, left the underworld to fulfill his curiosity. Eventually the Princes grew tired of his trouble-making and sent him here, to Ætas Lacuna Academy in an attempt to keep human exposure to demons at a controlled minimum. Image
Photobucket Neko_Boy_Nova__by_AkaHariAkaism

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Name Adrian Bellerose Age 21 Gender Male Species Vampire Brief History He was born and raised in France. He didn't plan on going to a college or university at first, but his parents wanted him to go just to get him away. He still has access to their money, but they would rather him be in ÆLA instead of possible causing trouble.

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Name Cringe 'Pyro' Creeten Age 17 Gender Male Species Fire Fea Brief History So besides being a crucial out cast from the seleen court and the unseleen court Cringe is doing pretty well. His parents are currently against him and has sent him to the mortal world in hopes he'll have a better chance of controlling his powers there- plus his lack of controlling was prooving a serious problem for those in the fairy realm. Seeing as how whenever his gloves were removed or burned out from to intense heat anything he'd touch would litterally start to spontaniously combust into flames. Being a fire fae you'd probably expect this to be a good thing, creating fire and all is there purpose and many things are created from the ashes of destructions. Well you'd be right, if Cringe could start fires as easily as he can contain them. Because you see, over the years Cringe's fire abillities were never really controlled. Everyone just thought he was a slow learner but turns out the boy really had no authority over his abillities. Thus giving him the title of 'pyro' fairy. His parents sent him to this school thinking he'd in someway, some how learn to controll his powers. But atleast he couldn't burn anymore of the realm to ashes. It was either this or be banished to the sun for the rest of his exsistance supplying fuel to it's rays and helping it's core to keep its energy high.

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NameCoke Age16 Genderfemale Speciesghost Brief HistoryAll of Cokes family were witches and wizard, she was also one.Until one day in the small town she lived in, turned against them and killed off all of them.Coke still wanted to live to see more of the world, so she put a curse on herself to never die. She then became a ghost. When the town was destroyed after the war she went to discover new places and this academy was one of those places. Image Photobucket


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NameValentine Thorne Age18 Gendermale Speciesvampire Brief HistoryHe was born and brought up in Berlin close to the wall. He grew up knowing his family was different, they only went out at night, slept during the day, and drank what his parent's called 'juice'. At a very young age, and a week without 'juice' he found out very quickly what it was, how to get it, and why his family stayed so secretive because he got his from the neighbor's dog. After that he got a bit blood thirsty, at such a young age he had killed most of his neighbors and their pets. HIs parents where proud of him and let him do as he wished with anyone he wished to do it with. Though after almost eight years of this, they sent him to this school hoping that the teachers would have an easier time taming his thirst. ImageLuke,
16. Pictures, Images and Photos
Valentine Thorne
Luke, 16.
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That chick Yuuka has the exact same picture and information as my friend's character she made for a soul eater club. I think it's plagiarizing and had to put it out there. I mean, someone works really hard on a character and she goes and steals everything. I'm sorry, I had to get my opinion out there. Here's proof. http://kupika.com/discuss.php?id=e4e1ce1e0209880vsoe8&p=last Name; Ferenczi Vázsony Age; 17 Gender; Male Species; Elf Brief History; Ferenczi was born in a small place in Hungary. He lived with his mom and his dad out on a farm. For years, he helped his father gather the crops and vegetables. At the end of each season, they would sell them to the market to make money. They kept some of the crops for themselves so they had food. He had a wonderful time with his family and loved to be with them. If you were to ask him about his past, he wouldn't have much to say because nothing really happened. Nothing bad happened. They lived a peaceful life and people never disturbed them. They only did what they wanted to do. Which, was a good thing. They weren't greedy, they didn't pick fights. They just isolated themselves from the world. Then came a time where the elf boy wanted to see what was out there. He wanted to go to a real school and meet new people. The idea was scary and exciting at the same time. In the end, he packed up his things, bid his farewells and went out on his journey. A while later, he found the academy and decided to go to school. Image
Ferenczi Vázsony;17;Elf

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Oh I'll try to limit my cussing. I scared some black kid cause of how much I swear.

Name: Snow Age: 16 Gender: F Species: Vampire Brief History: She was born into a pureblood family but being the youngest of 3 children, no one expected anything from her. She went to school like a normal girl but didn't have many friends because she seemed different. One day, when she came home from school she found her family had been slaughtered. Afterwords, she went off on her own and trained to kill the one who killed her family. She refuses to work with anyone and prefers to be alone. Image:
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Name: Lucille Albrech Age: Seventeen Gender: Female Species: Hmm.. I'll keep her a youkai. Brief History: Lucille was always on her own when she was just a small girl, usually wondering around everywhere you can imagine by herself. Her parents didn't have any need for her, they thought of her as a useless being. And that's about how she got her cold and lonely attitude and hard looks. With no siblings or family, she rest assured and never trusted anyone, for any mistake she could make one big decision and it could change her life forever. Working alone, she travels around alot, not staying in one spot for too long fearing she'd be caught. Image:
Name: Tyler Petterson Age: About fifteen Gender: Female Male Species: Angel Brief History: Tyler as a young lad had a bad life, per say. His parents were highly over exaggerated in their life. With high hopes that their son would be just like them, a bunch of idiots who work their butt off for nothing. As a child he was always very girl and feminine, which also caused the uproar of his parents to think he was a girl. Because of this, he lived a hard life style and thought he wouldn't probably see the light again. Many years passed and his dreams became clearer, he wanted to be an alchemist, or in his case a hacker/detective to work with cases as in doctors. His parents declined this with an easy 'no', and so with all of the pressure worked up all of his life, he packed up and left the night of his fifteenth birthday. Finding himself here, he unloaded and stayed here to get away from his parents. Image:
Lucille Albrech | Youkai | Seventeen

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Name Linden Alder Age 24 Gender Male Species Lythari Brief History Linden graduated last year from a small, private university somewhere in the south. After searching for job openings for a couple months, he got a job here teaching familiar and wild beast taming classes. Image
sdf Linden Alder

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Name: Livia Rose Age: 17 Gender: Female Species: Cruor-Roseus (Every Century a few mortals are born with "Tainted Blood", as many Vampires call it. Their blood, though quite irresistable to lesser or starving Vampires, contains a natural posion that, if drunk by a Vampire, will kill them almost instantly. These Rare mortals are called a Cruor-Roseus, or The Bloody Rose. Vampire Hunters search for these humans relentlessly, for they are a very valuable tool in Killing Vampires. Once, and If found, they are used as a bait, and as a wepon. A Bloody Rose is often born with innocent looks, decieving Vampires into seeking them as easy prey. Little do they know that these mortals have a nasty bite of their own.) Brief History: Livia was born to a Vampire Hunter family. As usual, she wasn't identified as a Bloody Rose untill she was about 6 years old, when a Wild Vampire had broken into the Camp, and bitten Livia. He crumpled to the ground a few moments later. The Hunters were incredibly shocked and overjoyed to find that the Bloody Rose had been found so easily, and she was immidietly put to use. Ripped from her family, Livia was forced into a life of fear, danger, deceit, and slaughter. Over the years she grew hard, and numb. At the age of 14, she was kidnapped, and stolen from her hollow life by a rouge vampire in search of sacrifices for a Blood Festival. Her blood was spilt heavily, and she would have died, but as the Weak Vampires drank her blood, they all fell to the ground. Lying on a stone tablet, healf dead, she was found by a human, who nursed her back to health. Repressing the bloody memories of her past, Livia became a normal Human. That is, until she turned 17, and the scent of her blood became to tempting for hidden Vampires to resist. She was attacked relentlessly, all her Preditors falling. Finally, her caretaker sent her here, unsure of what she was, simply hoping she would be safe from the horrible , monsters seeking her blood. Now, she wears a certain clogne, given to her by the headmaster, that covers her scent from the local Vampire students. Image I'll get the cropped smaller version for my Signature

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Name Ayla Combes Age 16 Gender Female Species Drynille. They are a very exclusive group of people that are scarce and scattered among the world. No other being would be welcome in their home and lives. Reason being is that the Drynille's are the children of Echnida, the mother of hellish beasts and creatures. The blood in these beings grant many privileged gifts that provide a path for each Drynille. Some become healers that can even bring the dead back to life while others may simply be amazing cooks that can concoct food that will bend you to their every will and whim. Not all gifts are so cheerful though. They can also be soul suckers or any other vengeful creature. One thing they all have in common is they have the speed of a vampire and the skills of a hunter. They are very highly skilled in combat and tracking and if you are face to face with one don't expect mercy. Their hate for other creatures grows. The skin of a Drynille is made of diamond and crystals that is embedded in every pore. This is why their numbers are dwindling. Their people are endangered and very few. Brief History Ayla's family is filled with many useful and wonderful gifts. Her mother was a soul healer and could mend a broken heart or a crazed mind. Her father was a warrior. His skills were heightened and he never lost a fight with anyone. Her twin brothers were both light dancer. They could produce a gentle and bright light that could illuminate a room to an entire forest. Ayla, on the other hand, hadn't gotten such a light and casual gift. She had the gift of fire. From the day she was born she could create fire at will and later on she learned how to control it. When she turned 4 she came across the first dragon seen in 100 years. People then called her the true daughter of Echnida. After years of training with her father Ayla discovered she had the speed and strength of a dragon and the power of a volcano. Many in her village started to fear her and excluded her from the rest of the tribe. They only saw her as a demonic weapon. Her only friend was the dragon she came across when she was 4, Bue. When Ayla's 16th birthday arrived everything came tumbling down. The villagers were tired of being afraid of Ayla and Echnida's wrath so they attempted to murder her brutally. In a final stand her entire family stood between them and defended their daughter. It was futile. They were no match against the rest of the village. Fury consumed Ayla and that night she unlocked her true power. That night she ran away with only a few of her belongings. Wandering day in and day out she was about to give up until she came across a massive structure. The School. One of the teachers discovered her and recognized her from the Drynille tragedy. She was quickly enrolled. Image
Name Silas Everton Age 17 Gender Male Species Psionic Vampire. Psionic Vampires, are also known as energy vampires, are vampires who drink the souls of mortals. Both male and female, they are very rare. Found all across the world, they drink by placing their mouth on or near the victim's and inhale. They have all the qualities of a normal vampire though of course lacking the blood drinking factor. According to legend, they can drink the entire soul of one person in one go, or they can take small amounts of life force over time, though most choose the former option. http://www.mythicalcreaturesguide.com/page/Psionic+Vampires Brief History Silas was found by a human woman when he was just a baby. Being abandoned in an alleyway rose pity in the human woman and she took him in as her own. Over the years he unknowingly stole little bits of the woman's soul to quench his never ending hunger. By the time he was 8 she looked as if she was 89 when she was only 28. A year passed before the woman confessed she found him in an alleyway and that he wasn't her real son. Fury enraged him. That night he ran away. He searched for 3 years for his birth mother with no prevail. Finally he ran into someone who gladly explained everything; his grandmother. She explained what he was and what he needed to do in order to survive. Although she taught him the better ways of surviving as a Psionic Vampire and Silas gladly accepted these ways. When Silas turned 15 his grandmother lay on her death bed. Silas stayed by her side throughout the night. Her last wish was for Silas to eat the rest of her soul so therefore she would always be with him. He complied. In the morning a man came by. He stated that he was his grandmothers student and told him of her wish of him being taught and trained properly. That's when he ended up in the School. It's not exactly how Silas imagined he would spend his young and youthful life but he might as well make the best of it. Image
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Name Heilos Takt Age 16 Gender Male Species Half-Dragon Brief History The princess of a distant kingdom was once kidnapped by a young dragon, and upon returning it was confirmed that she was pregnant. The midwives were horrified when the princess gave birth to a silver haired child whose skin gleaned brazen and eyes glowed gold; the princess, however, was not surprised. She explained to her father the circumstances of the child's conception, and though the king was not fond of the idea of keeping the half-dragon, he allowed it for the sake of the princess. Helios grew up in the shadows of the castle, never quite understanding the shame he would cause to the kingdom if word of his existence got out of the foot thick stone walls that surrounded him. He lived well enough none the less. By the time he was a teen him mother had become queen of her kingdom and decided that sending him away from the area would be in herown best intrest, not because he was dangerous, though, simply because keeping him guarded was too much for her to worry about. Image by sakimichan on DeviantArt

Heilos Takt

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