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Awkward Hearts: Part 2

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6 September 2010, 06:52 PM    #1
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They walked over to the store to see Katie staring at nothing in horror with her phone
pressed to her ear. Her eyes glazed over, as she slowly turned to see Jon standing there
with a worried look on his face. The store clerks stopped and starred at her in shock of
her sudden outburst. Katie’s knees buckled suddenly, Jon ran over to her before she
could crumble to the floor.
	“Katie, what happened?” Jon asked softly. Katie’s eyes twitched over to meet his.
	“M-m-m-my p-parents got into a car c-c-c-c-ca-crash.” She could barely get out of her
dried lips. Picking her up bridal style, Jon looked at the clerk.
	“Excuse me, but could we go to the back area for more privacy?” he asked and smiled
to win her over. The clerk nodded her head and blushed.
	“Thank you.” He looked at Tay. “Come on.” Tay nodded and hurried with him to the
back room. Tears streamed down Katie’s porcelain face, as she clung to Jon. Her body
wretched with every sob that came. When they burst through the door, the area was full of
boxes of designer shoes, racks of extra clothes, hats, purses, scarves, and jewelry in
different colors.
	“Look Katie, you’re in your natural habitat.” Jon smiled at her. Even through her
tears she laughed, which surprised all three of them. Tay and Jon have never seen her
smile or laugh, sincerely anyway. But the smile quickly faded. 
	“So, tell us what happened. And then we can get you to the hospital.” Tay said
softly. Katie sat down on a chair, wiped her eyes, and nodded.
	“Right. I told my mom I was going to the mall to shop for myself, but I really was
getting something for her birthday. It’s tomorrow. Mom said it was fine and that she and
dad were going out to eat privately. While I was looking for something she would wear, my
phone rang on my mom cell phone number. So I answered and it was the EMT. She told me that
a drunk had a head on collision with them. They’re in fatal condition and are both in a
coma. Once they come out of the coma, they can start therapy sessions and healing.” She
explained and her shoulders heaved more.  All the while, Jon held her hand and Tay was
rubbing her back. Even they show her, of all people, some comfort.
	“And now, the worst part, I have no one to live with and we don’t know when they are
going to wake up…” Katie cried harder. Jon and Tay looked at each other.
	“Hold on Katie, we’re going to make a phone call.” Jon said and grabbed Tay’s
arm, taking her behind a rack of clothes.
	“We aren’t are we?” Tay said even though she knew the answer to it already. Jon
nodded, handed her the phone, and then quickly ran back to Katie.
	“Wha…? Oh fine…” Tay grumbled and dialed her mom’s work number. Jon sat down
beside Katie who was now hiccuping. 
	“Katie?” he said and she looked at him.
	“We want you, if it’s okay with our mom, to stay at our place.” Okay?” All he got
from her was a blank stare. He nervously laughed and poked her cheeks. Automatically his
wrists where grabbed and she was glaring at him.
           “Don’t ever do that again. And, sadly, if I have to stay at your house, I
will. But don’t tell anyone at school. Got it?” Jon nodded to her demands. Just then
Tay walked over and hung up the phone.
           “Mom said it was absolutely alright for her to stay.” She said and smiled
at Katie. Katie cried harder and Jon looked at her.
           “Something up, Katie?” he asked confused. Katie’s head snapped up.
	“Yeah, you people! I don’t want to stay at your house, but what choice do I have? I
don’t want other people to know what happened to my parents.” She cried more. “It
would make them pity me, when they should pity other people.” Jon and Tay looked at each
other again, and then started to laugh.
	“What? Why are you laughing?” Katie hiccuped.
	“Katie Venrie does have a heart!” Tay and Jon said together. Katie frowned and got
	“Well, I’m going to pay for the thing I found for mom. Meet you at the register.”
She said and walked off. 
	“Little does she know that she’s still puffy and her mascara is running.” Jon said
and walked out after her. Tay sighed and followed him. 

	At the hospital, Jon and Taylor were in the waiting room. Katie had already gone into her
parent’s room to see the damage. Taylor got up to refill her coffee cup, while Jon took
a cookie from a tray. 
	A few minutes later, Katie came out and trudged to the elevator. Jon and Tay hopped up
and jogged to catch up with her. Katie punched the down button and when the door opened
she stumbled in. Jon caught her hand before she hit the floor. She straightened up and
looked at him. Jon’s eyes widened, when he saw her pitiful expression. Immediately she
looked back down, though she didn’t let go of his hand. 
	“Hey, Jon? I was thinking, where is Katie going to sleep?” Tay asked looking at him.
Jon thought for a while.
	“She can have my room. I can sleep on the couch in the living room.” He replied.
	When they were in the car, Tay drove to Taco Bell. She looked in the backseat.
	“What do you want to eat from Taco Bell?” she asked smiling.
	“I’ll have a quesadilla. Katie?”
	“Whatever, I’ve never been here before.” She said matter-of-factly. Tay looked at
her as she was crazy, and then got out of the car. Jon looked at Katie, who was leaning
against the door, and looked down at her hand that was clenching his.
	“You that hurts right?” he whispered. All of a sudden, Katie’s emotions exploded
out of her. She launched herself onto him and gripped his shirt to where her knuckles
where white in the light of the street lamp.
	“They looked like empty sacks of flesh, but those sacks are my poor parents! I
couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t speak otherwise this would happen and I didn’t want
people to see me lose my cool! But I’m scared, I’m just so scared for them!” she
practically screamed into his shirt. Katie looked up at him, red and tear stained. Jon
smiled softly at her.
	“They would be very proud of you. In fact, I know they are. You’re giving up
everything to live with us for safety and sanctuary. You are thinking on your own and they
are proud that you can fend for yourself. Katie, you are everything to them and they would
give anything to be with you again. Their bodies are fighting for their lives right now,
and it’s all for you. When they wake up, they want to see your smiling face, happy not
sad. Then you can rant about how dull we live.” He added, wiping her tears away with his
shirt. The whole speech just made her smile, cling to him, and cry more.
	“Thank you so much, Jon.” She mumbled into his chest. He looked at her in shock, even
though he couldn’t see her face. Not really sure what to do, he hugged her.

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