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Four Angst Ridden Teens

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24 March 2010, 03:10 AM   #1
Guest Poster
Heather, was sitting outside behind the school putting black nail polish on her finger
nails, she was disinterested in everything around her.She finished, putting black nail
polish on her nails 2 minutes later they were dry.She, ran her hand through her long black
hair, and slowly sent it back down to the ground as she leaned on her arm.Heather, was a
skinny girl who despite this was very strong, she had slightly bright green eyes her
pupils were slanted.She wore, a cross on her neck she had on a black shirt, and black
tight pants with a studded belt.Her shoes, were black converses with red shoe laces.All
the girls, thought she was beautiful always trying to be just like her cool,calm, and
amazing with what they did.Nobody, was quite like her though she took out a cigaretta and
slowly breathed in the smoke, and blew out the smoke looking very relaxed.
''I'm so bored'' she muttered to herself.
Heather, looked a whole bunch of directions wondering if any high school drama was going
on but to her dismay none of that was happening.She didn't know, what to do how would she
cure her boredom?She could, simply try and toy around with someone preferably for her a
boy.She was fully, aware of how the boys went crazy just thinking about her she loved to
use this to her advantage.High school, kids were so dumb these days in her opinion it was
all about drama,relationships,partying, and such nothing of her interest.Most of the kids
thought, of her as a goth girl but she wasn't a goth girl she was just someone who was a
lover of all things dark, and prefered black and red to pink and frilly.One of the most,
innocent boys in high school walked infront of her picking up a flower.Heather, thought
the kid looked sort of cute she decided to toy with him for the day and see where she
could get with him.
''Hey kid what's your name?'' she asked.
The boy turned his head around still bent over trying to decide which flower was prettier,
and which one he should pick.He stared, at Heather for a moment her expression started to
show she was getting annoying so her hurried up and answered her.
''My name is Leopold w-why hello there Heather''he replied to her question hesitantly.
Heather, thought this was going to be easier than she thought she got up from where she
was sitting took, and pulled the boy up from being bent down picking a silly flower.She
was going to use all her experience of getting boys to entertain her at that moment.She,
brought her face closer to Leopold's their lips almost completely touching but she wasn't
going to kiss him just yet.He was blushing, thinking she was about to kiss him he seemed
to not know what to do.
''Hey, Leopold go get me a soda''she told him.
This was going to set everything in motion.
''S-sure I would love to do t-that for you H-Heather!''he exclaimed.
He ran to go get her a soda, but slipped in mud than he got back up still determinded to
get Heather's soda next he ran into a girl who fell to the ground.She got up looking
angry, and ready to destroy Leopold her eyes told him he was in trouble and about to get
''W-wait i'm sorry I was only trying to-''
He was punched hard in the face by the girl he bumped into.Heather, began laughing and the
girl turned her attention to her wondering what she was laughing about.
''Hey, you over that want me to punch you in the-''
She realized, who she was talking to it was Heather actually she didn't know out first
everyone in the school knew they shouldn't mess with Heather.Rumors spread, that she was a
good fighter.Knowing, this the girl backed away slowly.
''Sorry!I didn't know it was you please excuse how rude I was being!'' the girl shouted.
She than ran off somewhere, this left Heather with a smirk on her face she smoked some of
her cigarette.
''Hmpt would have beat the shit out of her''Heather said to herself quitely.

24 March 2010, 05:27 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Asher, was sitting at Denny's playing his nintendo ds today he had decided to skip school
because today they were going to spend the whole day speaking about everyone's
emotion.Asher was a slightly tall boy with a little red hair dye in his hair he also had
dark green eyes, he wore a long black shirt with black pants.His shoes were black and 
purple on the edges.He didn't care about other people's emotions,he didn't want to share
his, and he wasn't going to sit in class enduring something that bored him.Today, in
school was called emotional awareness day apparently the teachers wanted kids to talk
about their emotions.They wanted, to do all they could to keep teen suicide from
happening.He had, contemplated suicide before he decided he might kill himself at the age
of thirty or at an even older age.He took a deep breath bored just like Heather he wanted
a nice form of entertainment.He decided, one of the kids who ditch school might walk into
Denny's once that happened he had something in mind that could cure his boredom.Asher, no
longer wanted to play his nintendo ds so he turned if off and sat, it on the table.He fell
asleep he had stayed up last night doing his math homework until 1:00am he wasn't very
good at math.He had started on it at 6:00pm which meant he didn't get it done for eight
hours.He wondered, why did he even bother trying to do it after all he didn't care about
his future all that much.Yet, at the same time he still wanted to try and do well in
school, he slightly did want to make something of his life.This way, he could leave the
town he lived in known as East Park, it has cold weather,crime, and a lot of  people who
don't contribute to society in the slightest.Finally, he woke up ten minutes later to the
sound of a group of boys walking into Denny's apparently they had ditched school and they
all sat at a table.They ordered, some food and went on with their chatter about high
school stuff.He thought to himself this was his chance to do something fun, and not be
bored.He noticed, someone in the group who he was surprised to see it was a teenage boy
who was 16 years old his name was Max he had short black hair, that almost were right
infront of his eyes in the front.He had black, eyes he was wearing a green and yellow
jacket, with blue jeans.He also had on brown shoes.Max, up until high school was a good
student, every now and than he got bad grades and made fun of the teacher just to remain
cool with all the other jocks.Now, it seemed he was ditching school to speak witht he
jocks at Denny's Asher found this interesting.Asher, got up out of his seat and slowly
walked over to the group laughing because of a joke that was just told by Max.
''What are you doing here Max?You used to be a good student.
Everyone went, silent they stared at Asher it seemed like he had just ruined a good time
they were having before he came over and asked, such a question.Max, looked down at his
legs shifted in his seat, and than looked back up to Asher about to give him his answer.
''Well, I have friends now and they are more important than stupid school''Max answered
Asher, knew he didn't think school was stupid he just wanted to keep his jock buddies as
his friends because they were the most popular guys in school, and Max knew he was now one
of them.
''I know that isn't true Max don't lie''said Ash emotionlessly.
Next Ash did something that shocked everyone sitting around max as well as all the people
in Denny's.He was on the table kissing Max, whose eyes began to widen he started to try
and push Ash away.Before, he could do this he began to actually like it he was no longer
resisting his eyes closed and he was enjoying the kiss.Ash, pulled away and looked at him
Max was simply staring with emtpy eyes right back at him.He brought his face up to Max's
ear as he leaned over on the table to whisper something in his ear.
''See if these jocks are your friends now''Ash whispered in Max's ear.
He than turned around gracefully and walked out of Denny's feeling satisfied with
himself.All the jocks, turned their attention to Max.
''You are gay!'' shouted one of the jocks.''Get away from us!"'.
They all sat up in their seats and walked out of Denny's laughing about how they were
going to tell everyone he was gay.Max, started sobbing into his hands as he pulled them up
to his eyes.He knew what to do.

24 March 2010, 05:31 PM   #3
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 Minimal grammatical errors and slight stereotypes, but otherwise very good! 
Would you mind checking out my latest story in this club called Imperfection?

24 March 2010, 11:42 PM   #4
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It's great,as said before there are slight grammar errors,but nobody's perfect so why
should we expect you to be.All in all it's preatty good.Keep writing.

24 March 2010, 11:47 PM   #5
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You still have to go to school?I'm on spring break.

25 March 2010, 12:00 AM   #6
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Heh.I have ot spend my whole spring break cleaning.I hate cleaning but I love to organise
 and to cook.

25 March 2010, 12:04 AM   #7
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25 March 2010, 12:12 AM   #8
Joined: 14 Mar 2010
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Same here.That's what cooking does for me.THat is why there are three pies,two plates of
muffins,four plates of cookies,homeade ice creams,and a load of fresh pasta.Oh and a new
loaf of bread and wiht the leftover dough I made these tarts jelly things and some rolls.

25 March 2010, 12:19 AM   #9
Joined: 14 Mar 2010
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I love it.Espeacially wiht my kitty cat apron I made.Heh.It's made out of silk and
cotton.Silk kittens and cotton..well..everythign else.

25 March 2010, 08:26 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Logan was drinking a strawberry smoothie he got from dunkin donuts.He was the tallest out
of the other kids from school he wore a long black trench coat, his hair was curly too.His
shirt was a white t-shirt tucked into his pants he had on tight black pants, with a
studded black belt in them.He wore boots that were also black, he had dark green eyes.He
was at a mall window shopping looking for clothes he could buy later.He decided to go to
the food court, and sit down.Once he was there he decided to observe his surroundings with
nothing else to do.He also thought, that maybe he should have just went to school maybe he
could go sit in the back of the school with Heather.Yet, he simply continued to sit
observing even the most insignificant things like they mattered a lot to his life.He
observed everything, getting so many thoughts in his head about them.He drank some of this
strawberry smoothie and sat it down, on the table.He noticed someone who looked familiar a
few minutes later he realized who it was it was Anry he was a short boy only as tall as a
third grader.In Logan's opinion, he was rediculously tiny he had no idea why he didn't
grow more like everyone else.He drank some more of his smoothie, than tossed it in the
garbage can as he got up from his seat to go speak to Anzy.He was finally in back of Anzy
as he was waiting in line to get something from Taco Bell.Anzy, wore a black shirt with
blue jeans, he also had on black shoes that were red on the side and had red shoe
laces.His hair was black it was also long and straight.It sort of made him look like a
girl it was very long in the back almost going completely past this shoulders he was to
Logan adorable actually.It wasn't that he had a thing for him he was just adorable to him
in a teddy bear way not that he would admit it.Anzy, had a way of sensing if people were
behind him so he turned around and looked up to see Logan he smiled and decided to greet
''Hello Logan, have you gotten over that Livy bitch yet?'' he asked sounding
Logan had went out with a girl named Livy for a month he had caught her making out with
another girl this was something he would never forget.His girlfriend, was a lesbian but
because of the girls in school making fun of lesbians she was only using him to seem
straight all the other girls had boyfriends.If they, knew one of them didn't have a
boyfriend yet they would think a girl was probably a lesbian.Ever sense than, he promised
himself he would never get another girlfriend again because he didn't want to be hurt
again.At the same time, he was left in a slightly depressed state he thought he had found
true love but he believed it was never going to be there for him.He had, two girlfriends
before Livy each relationship didn't go well all this left him with the possibility in his
mind of true love not existing.
''No I haven't i'm still feeling a little sad but I should feel find soon after all she
was a bitch I also need to face facts, true love doesn't exist'' after saying this Logan
took a deep sigh.
''Don't believe that!But if that is what you really think than i'm sure oneday a girl will
probably stop you from believing that'' after saying this he gave Logan an even wider
''Whatever'' replied Logan looking down at the floor.
Anzy turned back around in line looking very happy, after getting his taco bell he asked
if Logan wanted to walk around the mall with him for a while and talk Logan agreed to
this.As they both, walked in the mall they both didn't know really what to say to each
other.After a while, they bumped into some teens wearing all black dressed in a similiar
way as them.A girl who looked emo looked inparticuraly pissed.
''Hey, watch where you are going!Get the fuck out of our way!'' she screamed.
Logan decided to say something back to her since she scared, Anzy who was behind him with
his legs shaking in fear he was taller than the emo looking girl so he wasn't scared.
''Why don't you move dumbass bitch?'' he asked with a smirk on his face.
She growled, and had lost her patience she looked ready to beat the shit out of Logan.She
swung her hand, in Logan's direction to her surprise he grabbed her bawled up fist and
started squeezing on it.
''Hey, what are you doing?'' she shouted.
''Teaching you not to fuck with me'' he replied with his grin growing wider.
He pushed her back into a guy that was behind her she was uncouncious.He was, glad he
could teach someone not to mess with him especially while he was depressed about
''Shall we move along Amzy?''he asked the short boy behind him.
''Okay thanks for saving me!''Amzy replied.

25 March 2010, 08:44 PM   #11
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This one was really good!

25 March 2010, 08:58 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Thank you!^^

26 March 2010, 09:48 PM   #13
Guest Poster
Heather was listening to some music, coming from her i-pod she was bored again but soon
all the kids started running out the building behind her known as high school.She, decided
to get some money from her house she left her money at home because if she brought her
money with her outside of her house she thought she might lose it.Heather, was the sort of
person to be careful with stuff and never take anything for granted.The reason she needed
to get her money was so she could buy a new shirt she had tons of them in her closet but
she never stopped buying a new shirt atleast once a week.Heather, got up from where she
was and started walking in the direction her house was five minutes later she was
there.The house had a brown roof and the outside of it was yellow, the door was brown and
there were two windows on each side of the door.She walked up to her house slowly and
standing infront of the door slowly twisted the door nob.Once turned all the way, the door
opened up and she walked inside closing the door behind her.Her house, looking very lively
everything the tables,curtains,sofas, and floors were colored bright shades of
pink,yellow,blue,green etc.
''Hello honey.Why are you here?'' asked Heather's mother.
Heather's, mother was a slightly over weight woman with long beautiful curls she had
bright green eyes and her skin was radiant making the house seem more lively with her
simple presence.Her clothes, consisted of a brown sweater and an orange long skirt, her
shoes were red high heels she also was wearing black stalkings.She had, on a pretty pearl
white necklace that looked like it had cost a fortune.
''I'm getting money from my room, I am going to buy another shirt today''Heather answered
with no expression on her face.
''Wow, you buy a shirt every single week!Well, i'm glad you are interested in always
having enough clothes to wear honey''Heather's mom said looking cheerful as she always
Heather continued to walk up, the stairs and up to her room.She was at the top of the
staires and had walked into her room.It had dark blue walls and the floor a red carpet.Her
bed had black sheets and black blankets on top of it her pillow was a very dark shade of
red.Heather, walked over to a white dresser and opened it up she took out fifthy dollars
and closed the dresser.She simply, grabbed a brown purse off her bed and put the the money
inside she than simply let it hang from her hand as she walked out the room.She walked
down the staires and her mother told her good bye right before she opened and closed the
door.She was, now walking outside when her cell phone on the inside of her purse started
to ring.She took, out her phone wondering who it was she pressed talk on it and put the
cell phone up to her ear.
''Hello'' said a voice on the other end.
Heather could tell it was Asher, she was wondering why he was calling her.
''What do you want''asked Heather.
''Mind getting on a bus North park?'' he asked.
North Park, was a few blocks from East Park it was a place that looked similiar to North
Park only difference was there was less crime.
''Okay fine, and to think I was on my way to buying a new shirt'' said Heaher sounding
''Are you angry because of me keeping you for a moment from getting a shirt?Please, stop
being such a girl''
''I am a girl''
''I know, but...whatever''
After this Asher hung up.Heather was aware of how Asher thought of her as more of a boy
than a girl the reason, for this was because she wasn't like the other girls from school
she was strong,smart, and independent.The girls, from school were strong too but not as
strong as Heather they were also smart but most of them were not that smart.Most of them,
were more focused on fashion,boys, and their social lives rather than learning.Some of
them were independent, but used their looks to their advantage to get what they needed
from boys who fell head over heels for them.Heather, was now down where the bus stop was
she was at a part of East Park that felt strange and it seemed like it would be no
surprise if someone tried to mug you.It was the sort of place, where people died all the
time exactly where she was standing.She wasn't, worried though she could protect
herself.The bus was now where she was and it's doors, opened up.She stepped on board payed
for the ride and sat in the back off the bus nobody else was there.Random thoughts went
through her head, she decided to take a look out the front window of the bus after simply
looking down at her legs for no particular reason.She saw everyday simple things like
trees,streets,people, and stores.Finally the bus was at North Park, she got off the bus
and the bus left off behind her.Now all she had to do was look for Asher she was wondering
where could he be?

29 March 2010, 10:54 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Asher noticed someone who looked like Heather few seconds later, he realized the girl was
Heather.He walked, over to her and she turned around looking at him.
''I see, you are here now alright follow me'' said Asher.
Heather, did as she was told and began to follow Asher from behind she wondered in her
mind what could he possibly be wanting to show her?Next thing, she knew she was standing
behind him in a dark alley suddenly something appeared infront of Asher.It was a dark hole
he stuck his hand through it.
''Come on''Asher told Heather.
Heather, felt way to freaked out she didn't want to go into some random dark hole.
''Wait what is this thing?'' she asked sounding scared.
Asher turned to look at her than back to the dark hole.
''This will take us somewhere strange...I just found out about this dark hole yesterday I
went inside and I saw all sorts of things...look just follow me into this dark hole
okay?'' he asked.
Heather took a deep sigh than right as he went all the way into dark hole, she followed
him inside.She was surprised by what she was looking at once inside.It seemed, to be a
city with a few cops walking around there were also large buildings and some stores.There
were, kids dressed in black...just like them they were smoking and Heather saw what she
thought were some drug dealers.
''This place is giving me the creeps, why did you bring me here?'' asked Heather sounding
more annoyed than scared.
''I have more to show you so just keep following me okay?'' asked Asher.
Heather took another sigh that was even deeper she rolled her eyes and than followed Asher
from behind to wherever he was taking her.She looked, around as they walked she actually
saw a woman being mugged she looked on nochalatly this was the sort of thing you would see
in East Park every now and than.This wouldn't, be the first time she was seeing anyone
getting mugged.Finally, they stopped infront one of the kids dressed in black who seemed
like they were probably 15-17 years old.They simply, smiled for a second at Asher but soon
they turned their attention to Heather staring at her like she was the biggest outsider
they had ever seen.Heather, stared back at them with an annoyed expression on her face.
''What the hell are you kids staring at?''she asked them.
Just than, Asher nudged her with his elbow and whispered to her in her ear.
''Be nice''he hissed into her ear.
''Hey, Asher what is with this bitch and who is she?''asked a girl.
Heather, looked very angry.
''Ugh''said Heather sounding very annoyed.
The girl was wearing a very short black skirt she had on a black long sleeved shirt and
she also had on black stalkings, with black shoes on.The girl, was completely dressed in
black.She also had long raven hair.
"I am Asher's friend and I know i'm a bitch'' said Heather.
''Whatever'' the girl responded.
Asher decided, to try and cut the tention.
''Her name is Alyssa she was the first person I met when I first came to this place''Asher
told Heather.
''Mhm''said Heather while looking at the sidewalk looking pissed.
Asher thought to himself maybe this wasn't such a good idea to bring her to this place.
(Note:Yeah I know this was shorter than I usually do the next part, but I ran out of ideas
right here so I will type more when I get some ideas about what can happen next.)

29 March 2010, 11:48 PM    #15
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this is like so friggin awsome you have got to right more!

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