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26 January 2010, 11:45 AM   #1
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Kanoa POV.....

   My mother was the Mexican/African American human named Arabelle Kia Gonzalez. My father
was Cupid. Literally. He fell in love with my mother. She had actually called him to fall
in with someone else. Anyway, my father was't a baby. He's 2,400 years
old and looks like he's twenty-six. And he was Cupid, until I was born. The son of an
Immortal and Cupid. And, I'm Hawaiian. Not sure how that happened.
  My name is Kanoa Helios. I am eighteen and the new Cupid.
  Wonderful. I get to make people all happy and lovey dovey and in love. Why did Cupid
never marry in the stories anyway? He had to have some offpsring would only
make sense. Well, then again, I am the offspring. Cupid Jr. Doesn't have much of a ring to
  A girl passed by me, stared openly, and was dragged away by her friend. She was okay
looking, but I was looking for another girl by the name of Ashen Wilkes. She was supposed
to be here shopping for track, basketball, and soccer shoes. She didn't have much of a
brain, I was told, but she was athletic as hell.
   I looked into Sport's Haven. A girl was peering at the shoes, looking flustered beyond
belief. On assumption, I veered towards her. She must be the one that I am looking
forward. I came right up to her. She was peering intently, her brown eyes narrowed into
tiny slits, at the basketball shoes. "Danggit," she muttered, her voice twanging it up
Southern style.
  "Can I help you?" I asked in the voice that all girls fell for. Well, it didn't take
much. I was hot, sexy, and Cupid Jr. for my Cupid's sake! They didn't have a choice but to
fall in love with me. 
  She looked up at me, her eyes opening slightly. Then, she stomped her foot and glared at
me as if I was her problem. "What do you want?" she growled--not in the voice of someone
with a brain, I have to say.
  I arched an eyebrow. "I want to help you. Last time I checked, it wasn't much of a
  She muttered something intelligably that sounded like, "Dumb ass, flirtatious boys."
With a eye roll, she turned back to the shoes and continued looking at them with that same
frustrated, intent staring. After what seemed a long time, but was actually about ten
seconds (when you're cute, you don't care much for patience), she went up to the
basketball shoes and grabbed a pair of black ones. When she turned around, she had an
accomplished smile on her face. It faltered when she saw me. "Still here?" she asked,
  I nodded slowly, not bothering to use my voice. "Go pay for your shoes and let's go."
  She glared at me. "Are you crazy? I NEVER go anywhere with strangers, you retard!" She
crossed her arms over the shoes and stalked forward to the counter. She had a nice ass.
Lyrics to some song came to mind....Baby, I hate to see you go, but you look so damn
good when you leave....I can finally understand what that man was going through.
Another glance to her butt. Damn.
  I followed her to the counter, leaning onto it with my elbows on the table. I
practically had to get on my knees to be eye-level with her. She wasn't much for height.
That's an exageration. I only had to bend a little. She had to be about....oh, 5'6. Not
too tall, but not extremly short either.
  She glanced up at me. "Do I have to call the police for you?"
  I smiled and winked at her. This would be fun. "No. Not really. But, I can kiss you
right now and we can go to my place and have some fun....or, you can follow me to a
restuarant so we can talk."
   "Will you leave me alone?"
   "Probably not, but you can always see can't you?"
   "What if I kiss you?"
   I scoffed. Was she trying to pay me off with something that mortal boys would die for?
Bitch, I'm Cupid Jr! I can get a kiss if I want to! "Like I said, we'll have to see."
   She grabbed her shoes silently, biting her lip in concentration. She looked me over.
"You're hot, but that means nothing. You said a restuarant so you won't try to rape or
kill me yet. And I do have protection for when you try to kill me, so, hey let's go!"
   She's not one for smart decisions. I had actually made plans to grab her and flash her
out of here kicking and screaming.
   I led her to a pizza shop. She ordered a large pizza and an extra large coke with three
cookies. She paid for it and sat down at a table near the back. I reached for a piece of
pizza but she slapped my hand away. "Excuse me? Sweetheart, these are mine."
  "It's a LARGE pizza!" 
  "And?" She rolled her eyes and looked at me pointedly, fishing off the first one in
three bites. "It's a good LARGE pizza. The cookies are good, too, ya know. If you
want to get one, I mean. I ain't sharin'."
   "How do you stay so thin?"
   "I'm constantly practicin' for every sport in the world all day everyday! Not to
mention games, excercising, and takin' care of my little brothers and sisters. Then
there's cleanin' the house, maintin' my car, fixin' Daddy's car, and workin'. I'm busy
   Wow. I thought I had a lot to handle with Cupid thing. I don't have nothing on
her. "Then why are you at the mall?"
   "Mama's off." Something in her tone was guarded and a bit bitter. "Plus, I have
practice in an hour."
   "For what? Soccer?"
   She slammed her fist on the table in outrage, then swallowed the last of her fourth
peice of pizza (eight left now). She glared at me. "Soccer is NOT a sport!"
   "There's reasons, but I'm hungry and I have a lot to do today, so you'll have to hear
those later if you don't kill me or I don't kill you."
   Kill me? Hardly. "I'm Cupid Jr."
  "The Roman god of love didn't have a wife, much less kids."
  "A wife he had. And not kids, a kid. Me."
  "Okay, Cupid Jr. What do you want with me?" She smiled sarcastically like she was just
toying with a crazy person, playing to their fantasies. 
   That pissed me off. "Look here, chcik, I am Cupid Jr."
   "Prove it."
   "Pick a guy."
   She glanced around the tables, stopping over a boy who was tall. "That was my crush for
the last two years. Yesterday, he told me he didn't like me and I was the ugliest thing in
the world." Her tone was as angry as mine.
   I looked to the boy and felt around his mine. He was head over heels in love with
another girl. But that would change soon enough. I placed the thought of Ashen in his head
and heart. I wrapped his thoughts around everything related to her. I made her desirable.
  He looked to her and smiled. "Ashen. Baby, I love you." Then, he walked over and kissed

27 January 2010, 04:43 PM   #2
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I love the plot!!! Please keep writing more!!

28 January 2010, 10:10 AM   #3
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Thank yoouuu!

30 January 2010, 11:28 AM   #4
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When are you going to write more???

1 February 2010, 11:40 AM   #5
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Right now I guess.... Hahaha.

Ashen had the decency to look shocked. I smiled. "And like I giveth, I taketh away."
  She glared at me. "That's a verse in the Bible, retard. And God giveth, and He taketh
away," she pointed out while the boy tried to work around her lips and kiss her. She
pushed him away. "Take it away! He disgusts me. The pig."
  "Ummm, bipolar much?" I asked as I easily removed her from his thoughts.
  He stopped, looking confused and backed away. "What the hell were you doing to me?" he
shouted. He raised a hand as if to hit her.
  And that's my weakness. No matter how annoying the girl happens to be, you never hit
her. Nothing can excuse that. Whcih explains my next actions.
  I grabbed his arm and pinned it behind him in a way that I know hurts. Ashen looked at
me in shock while the boy struggled against me. "Let me go, you dick!" he growled through
clenched teeth. His voice broke, though. He was crying.
  I chuckled. "At least mine is bigger than yours," I told him, pressing against his arm.
"Now you apologize to Ashen, or I will personally beat your ass right here."
  "I'm sorry, Ashie," he said to her.
  Ashen rolled her eyes. "Whateva." That southern twang was getting to me. Well, I am in
Louisiana, I really can't complain. I can, get it. I hope.
  I released him. He stretched his arm out, groaning a little. I smiled innocently as he
walked away, glaring holes in the back of my head. Ashen glared at me. "Dramatics much,
Cupid?" she said in a sarcastic voice. What. The. Hell. I help her and she becomes
sarcastic wtih me? Hell no! Sarcasm is my thing and I'll be damned if someone else tries
to do it...
  "Excuse the hell outta me! He was going to hit you!" I hissed.
  "The hell outta you is excused. And I can hold my own in a fight," she hissed back,
eating the last of the pizza. "I'm beginning to wish I had just made out with you and let
you take me home for the party in my pants." She got up to throw the tray away and did a
little shimmy, winking at me. When she sat back down, there was a mishceivous twinkle in
her eyes and a sly grin on her face. "Now, why in the hell did you bring me here to stalk
me, Cupid?"
  "The name's Kanoa, first off. Noa to my family. You are not family. Hell, you're not
even a friend. So, you shall call me Kanoa. And second, I am not stalking you. I have a
perfectly good reason to follow you around."
   "Sounds like stalking to me."
   "Well it's not."
   "How so?"
   I glared at her. "Must you challenge everything I say?"
   She pursed her lips and took a deep breath before smiling again. "Yep. It's just what I
do. I'm Ashen Wilkes for ya, baby!" she sung, throwing her now empty cup into the garbage
can across the room. And she made it. The girl got skills. 
   I sighed. "You annoy me."
  "And you stalk me, fight for me, make guys fall in love with me, and not to mention some
other things you prolly do with other people..." She trailed off, her eyes shining in
complete mirth now. I wanted to strangle her. She has NO right to be happy. 
  "What are you suggesting, Ashen?"
  "Call me Ash, darrrrlingg, please," she drawled. "And I am suggesting that you make
girls screw you when you get bored." She reached over and tweaked my nose. Did I mention I
wanted to kill her? I didn't? Oh, well I am now. She's really bothersome....the reading
into my mind and knowing what I'm doing even when she doesn't know me.....knowing that I'm
stalking her.....which I'm totally not....stalking her, that is.
  "And if I do?" I challenged, anger radiating off of me.
  Her eyes dulled, her smile disappeared and she was normal again. Bipolar bitch.
  "If you do, well, that's your business. What do you want from me again?" She put her
chin in her arms and looked at me with those starling, beautiful brown eyes...Hey, she
might aggravate the hell, piss, and shit outta me, but she is pretty. If she would let
that brown/auburn hair down and let it fall around her shoulders in those waves that make
you wanna slap your mama to get to....Hotness.
 I sighed. How do I explain without telling her anything? I don't have to explain anything
to her! "I will be following you around--not stalking, following--for the next
few....months, probably. That's all you need to know. Case closed."
   "What case? We're not in court? Ooooo, are we going on a vacation? Where to? What
should I bring?" She bounced on the edge of her seat.
   "You're a great actress."
   She bit her lip and blinked her eyelashes innocently. "I have no idea what you talkin'
'bout, sugah." She smiled at me. "I have to go now. See ya round, stalker."

1 February 2010, 04:04 PM   #6
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I love this story.

Please, keep writing.

You can't just leave me hanging here!


2 February 2010, 11:24 AM   #7
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Ashen's POV

I had the unfortunate mind block, which can happen to the poor girl who gets stalked by a
guy who is extremely hot and says he's Cupid. And proves it, which is weird, you would
think. But it's not.
   "Wilkes, catch the freakin' ball!" Coach Lynn screamed at the top of her lungs, red in
the face. "What's with you? This is the fifth one you've missed today!"
   I ran to retrieve the ball. Five today? Ugh, I haven't even missed five in my whole
season of softball! And after this I have basketball....I sighed, grabbed the ball, and
threw it. It flew from my hands with speed and power. I'm not pitcher, though. I could be,
but I don't like pitching.
  Coach Lynn caught the ball and motioned for us to come in. She gave us our usual
screaming, cursing out banter about how we screwed up and how we'll never win a game
playing like we do--even though we haven't lost a game yet. Then, she released us. Well,
everybody else. I was trying to leave, but she snatched me from the back. 
  "Wilkes, you better come with your head in the game tomorrow or I'll suspend you," she
growled, pushing me.
   I brushed my shoulders off and glared at her. I was one of the only students not afraid
of her. Why? She was all talk and a bit of rough-handling. Plus, she wasn't gonna suspend
me from the team. I was the best player on the team. She let me go, glancing away
first. Lady, I've just dealt with a bitchy, PMS Cupid, you are nothing compared to that.
  My phone rung. "Hello?" I asked, grabbing my softball bag and tucking my stuff into it.
I took a quick drink of water.
 "Hey, this is Coach Ray. Practice is cancelled today," Coach Ray said.
  "Alright. Bye."
  "Bye." He hung up.
  I tucked my phone into my pocket and swung my bag over my shoulder. I jogged to my car
and threw my bag into the back. I grabbed my tennis shoes and kicked the cleats off. I
preferred to go barefoot all the time, but unfortunately, society--not to mention
germs--wouldn't allow me. 
  I pulled out onto the road. It was then that I realized I wasn't alone.

2 February 2010, 05:10 PM   #8
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I am hooked on this story.

Write more!

2 February 2010, 06:29 PM   #9
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I screamed. Loudly.
  Noa's hand slapped across my mouth. He gritted his teeth and glared ahead of me. "Can
you please not do the screaming girl shriek? It's hell on my ears." He removed my hand.
"You should watch out fo who's in the car with you, princess. It could be something evil
waiting on you."
  "The only evil thing is you, Cupid," I growled, using the name I knew he detested.
"Plus, you were in my car. I have every right to scream if I wanna." I turned my nose up
at him. It was nice to have a stalker that was Cupid. It gave me the daily release of not
screaming at my abusive, alcohoic, druggie mom who I called by her name, Karen. Anybody
like her was not a mom, therefore, she did not ge tthe title. And I was sticking to that.
 He muttered something inteligibly that sounded like, "Go fuck yourself, nobody else will
do it."
 "What's that?" I asked. What a man-whore! I swear, he must be part girl. On hormone pills
or something....gosh.
  "I said, That hoe sucks and needs help because she is shit," he said. The last part came
out quickly.
   I smirked. "Don't degrade yourself like that, sweetie," I said softly, patting his hand
in mokc-pity.
   He looked like he wanted to hit me.

.....Author's Note....Sorry, I have to go to a basketball game!!! Write more tomorrow!

2 February 2010, 07:07 PM   #10
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Have fun at the basketball game!!


Oh, and great story!!

4 February 2010, 11:25 AM   #11
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I ignored his glare and pulled into a McDonalds. I did feel another look as I pulled up
to the window, though. I glanced at him. His eyes were open wide, those gray beauties
staring at me in astonishment. I arched an eyebrow and rolled my window down. "May I take
your order?" the man at the counter crackled through the little box-thingy.
  "I need a number five," I said back, "value meal. High-C drink."
  "Your total is $6.52," he said. "Drive around to the first window."
  "What?" I asked Noa, as he continued to star at me as if I had grown three heads, six
arms, and four extra feet. Which, by the way, would be SO cool.
   "You're eating again?" he asked.
    I nodded. "I'm hungry. So I'm eating. Is that a new crime or somethin'?" I asked,
paying for my food. The guy at the counter was assumingly gay, by the way he was
practically drooling at Cupid. I agree that he is hot, but I don't
least, I don't think I do.
   "You just ate three cookies and a large pizza by yourself, not more than an hour ago!"

   "Four cookies," I corrected.
   "You're not helping your cause."
   "What cause?"
   He groaned. "I will not engage myself in idiotic conversation with you."
   "Then get the hell outta my truck and stop stalkin' me," I snapped, getting my food.
Something about that guy staring at Noa made me a bit antsy. I glared at him. "You are my
stalker, and nobody else's right?"
  He arched an eyebrow. "I'm your stalker. Just yours."
  "So I can hug you?" I asked.
  "No! I draw the line at hugs! You can mke out with me, but no hugs!" he screamed, waving
his hands in a frantic motion.
  I pulled into traffic. "You wanna go to the park?"
  "Why are you asking me?"  
  "Your my stalker, your annoying, and I figure if you're going to be following me, we
might as well be doing something you like so you won't be so.....bothersome."
  "Yes, you!"
  "You're annoying!"
  "Then stop stalkin' me!" I shouted.
  "Fine. I will." He disappeared.
   And came back.
   Damn. Damn. DAMN!
   "I didn't say for how long!" he sung, smiling.
   At least somebody's happy.

4 February 2010, 07:11 PM   #12
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God, you have to write more!!

I saw some spelling mistakes, but they were pretty small.

7 February 2010, 02:39 PM   #13
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(Sorry I haven't written! I've been busy with my birthday parties and, the
Saints are in the Superbowl today, for my birthday!)

Chapter Two--Kanoa again (Play That Funky Music White Boy)

I sat down on her bed, waiting for her to come out of the room. I had a hidden aggravate the shit out of her until she found out she was also part-Cupid
person. I had to bring out some big emotion in her for her to find the Power and bring
forth lust, or desire in somebody. It wouldn't work with me--I was Cupid. Oh yeah. I am
total badass.
   She was singing. She had no voice. Seriously. Drowning cats would make better noises. I
sighed and laid out against her bed. I wonder what would surprise her more....seeing
me....or seeing me naked? I would say seeing me naked. I had one hell of a body. I
stripped down to just boxers and laid out on her bed like a model. 
  The water cut off. She had forgotten her clothes in here. She finished the song--thank
God Himself--and the sound of padding feet told me that she was leaving out of the
  The door swung open. She gasped. I met her eyes and smirked.
  "Put your damn clothes back on!" she cried, pressing the towel around her slim body more
tightly. "And what the hell are you doin' here?" 
   "I'm obviously trying to get you in bed," I told her, winking as I stood up. "That
explains the reason I have on less clothes than the average boy that walks in here. Not to
mention my laying in your bed--which, by the way is big enough for the both of us." I
flashed right in front of her. She gasped and backed away, against the door, panic clear
in her eyes.
   "Look, Noa, stop, please," she said, her voice cracking, her eyes wide.
   I grabbed her chin and pulled my face closer to hers. "You don't want me to," I said
quietly in that voice that no girl, yet, had turned down. Well, actually, after coming to
them in just boxers, it didn't take much. "You have a nice body." I could feel her curves
through the towel. They were nice.
   "STOP!" she shrieked loudly, pushing at me. "Please, stop!" Her voice had cracked and
she looked more than paniced. She looked downright frightened.
   I backed away slowly. What was wrong with her? She was trembling--no, shaking--and
crying. It was quiet, but tears were puring down like someone close to her had died. I
reached out to grab her, but she flinched from me. Did I really hurt her that bed? Oh
shit...I feel like crap now.
  I flashed some clothes on me--a pair of jeans and a tight tee. "Ashen?" I asked quietly,
trying to figure out why the hell she had overreacted so much.
  "Don't touch me," she said, sliding to the floor and burying her face in her hands.
  "Ashen?" I repeated softly, sitting by her. "I'm sorry, girl. I didn't mean...I'm
sorry." She didn't move, didn't say anything. 
  She got up and reached on top of her dresser, grabbing her clothes. She ran in the
bathroom, slamming it behind her. She braced herself against the sink, I could tell by the
sound her hands made when they hit the sink. She came out a few minutes later, dressed in
her bed clothes--a purple tank top and some black basketball shorts. She sat down on the
bed. Finally, she nodded. "It's okay."
  "No it's not. I'm a jerk." What the hell was I saying? 
  She peered at me, her eyes black and animated, sparkling with those fresh tears. And she
looked so sweet, so cute, so young and so vulnerable, that I got up and took her in my
arms and rocked her until she fell asleep on my lap, looking cute and innocent. I laid her
down and covered her up. I laid down next to her. 
  I eventually fell asleep, but when I woke up she had her arms around my neck, pulling me
closer, her eyeslashes making crescents on her cheek. I just smiled, buried my face in her
hair and went back to sleep.

7 February 2010, 03:26 PM   #14
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First off:

Happy birthday!!


Second off:

I love it!!

Write more!

9 February 2010, 11:16 AM    #15
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I  knew when she woke up. Her breathing had sped up, her eyes blinked sleepily, and she
removed herself from my arms. She was warm and cozy, comforting, and she fit perfectly in
my arms. I felt so protective of her. I caught her gaze, those brown eyes so sweet and
vulnerable, her mouth upturned and looking perfectly kissable.
  She sighed and untwisted herself from my arms. They felt empty and bare, cold. She went
into the bathroom where I could hear water running and then she came back out, her hair
combed down, her face washed, and her teeth brushed. She took one glance at me and

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