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Life on other Planets: How would it affect your views?

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8 January 2010, 08:13 AM   #1
The Director
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and How would it affect other's views?


The issue of life on other planets raises some thought-provoking issues for those who
believe in creationism (that God created the Universe and life on Earth). One of many
views is that God created life only on Earth. Another view is that maybe He created life
elsewhere too but it has nothing to do with our destiny. Another view is something that
accepts evolution (simply put the evolving of life without a supernatural cause and due
entirely to natural and physical processes) but supposes that a Creator established
evolution. And yet another view held by many is evolution but without any Creator involved
or even existing.  

These aren't all of the possibilities but the main ones. So far we know (we think at least
therefore we know) that we have life on Earth. As of yet, we have not found life

Thirteen years ago, a meteorite was found that some researchers concluded provided
evidence of some life on Mars. After the initial hubbub a lot of other researchers
rejected those conclusions. Very recently though some others are suggesting that it is
possible the meteorite does support the conclusion. The jury is still out on it really.

For a brief good summary article about it you can read this:


The discussion I'm interested in though is this. Two-possibilities.

Suppose that no matter how much we looked throughout the Universe, even at planets that
had the necessary requirements to support life (distance to a sun, proper atmosphere,
etc.) that no plant or animal life was ever found.

How would that affect your views? (religiously i guess, but just in general too)


Now suppose that tomorrow, life was discovered....on another planet someplace. Complex,
plant and animal life, maybe even very highly evolved life forms.

How would that affect your views?

this is just an open discussion and lets try just to kick it around without being too
judgmental about others points of view.

8 January 2010, 11:18 AM   #2
Guest Poster
I've always believed there's life on other planets. And I really f*cking hate what
scientists say about planets that they're too dry, or too hot, or no oxygen. That does not
necessarily mean that life is impossible there because perhaps the life forms work
differently to us, they can't expect that the conditions need to be near enough exactly
the same as earth's for something to survive, they can be bloody well different.

If there was never any life forms found in our galaxy, then perhaps elsewhere in the
universe. For our galaxy isn't alone as there are millions of others. But I believe that
us being just the right distance from the sun for our life form to survive is slightly to
precise for a 'bang' to get everything perfect? But that is my opinion.

If other life was found, I would live my life as normal and it would not affect my views
as I believe there is life out there because we are here, so what not others elsewhere?

8 January 2010, 04:42 PM   #3
The Director
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just a couple of comments Samantha...

scientists who study exotic lifeforms have found things like microbes that live at
volcanic vents on the ocean environment that is low in oxygen and no sunlight,
etc. so while there have to be some conditions that are met (and my distance to the sun
was just an oversimplification of the thing, since really there are so many things that
have to be correct to allow life as far as we know it) these parameters are actually quite in some exotic forms as you suggest could be supported in an environment
that couldnt support us, or even most of the kind of life forms we know.

Regarding the Big Bang (which i accept) one way of looking at it is that, its not that the
universe had to get everything right and then life could happen, its that life could only
happen if the universe got everything right. In other words, the universe is the way it is
because thats the only way that it could be for us. If it were different we wouldnt know
it because we wouldnt be here.

8 January 2010, 05:24 PM    #4
Guest Poster
Russel Howard's comment on the matter is that when people have sex they're more likely to
go, "Oh god" than "Big bang theory"      roflmfao

I love russell, he's a legend

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