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Chapter One Summer days, though hot outside, meant relaxation on the plush sofa in the living room, soaking in the cool breezes blown from the fans and air conditioner. Days were even better when Gabby, my younger cousin, was at my house. This year, she would be a sophomore and I would be a junior at Washington High School. Joe Joe would be a senior this year, so I knew we'd have plenty of parties to go to. Even better, the seniors would leave us alone. Being friends with someone of the In-Crowd certainly had its perks. That particular day, the Monday exactly one week before school started, Gabby and I lay on the living room floor, the vanilla cream carpet gentle beneath our bare shoulders. Wearing matching hot pink halter tops and dark wash jean shorts, we were twins for the day. However, Gabby and I were as unlike in appearance as a pair of twins could be. Gabby Lopez, the daughter of my mother's sister, had dark hair that hung straight past her shoulders, a rounded nose, deep chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin to die for. Her smile could make a bad day better instantly. I, Meghan Brumfield, however, was an exact opposite. I had golden blonde hair that rested on my shoulders, blue eyes that shone with laughter, fair skin that refused to tan, and a pointed nose. Sometimes I failed to understand how she and I were related. We were silent for a while. The whir of the fans around the house filled my ears. I liked just spending time with my cousin. "Did you hear the latest about Drake Connors?" This caught my attention. Drake Connors was the hottest guy at Washington, hands down. Gossip about him was always exciting. "No, I didn't," I answered. "Tell me!" Gabby grinned, pleased to tell someone. "Nicole says she heard he is single again." This was definitely exciting. Shocking even. Drake and Brooke Long, the power couple at Washington, had been together since they met Freshman year. It was thought they would get married someday. "Not only that," she continued, "but someone snapped a picture of him sticking his tongue down the throat of another girl at a party last night." My jaw couldn't go any lower. "You're kidding," I managed to say a few moments later. "Drake?" "Yeah," Gabby nodded. "It's all true." I tried to imagine Drake with anyone but Brooke. It gave me the shivers. I wondered who was so hot that he had to dump his soul mate for. "Want to see the pictures?" Gabby asked, pulling me from my thoughts. She held a piece of paper folded hamburger-style in front of me. "I printed it as soon as I saw it." I nodded, grinning. "Totally." We turned and lay on our stomachs. Gabby set the piece of paper in front of us. She slowly unfolded it. I gasped when I saw for myself. Sure enough, there was Drake, lips locked on another girl. It didn't have the best quality, but the message rang loud and clear. What was odd, though, was the girl he was kissing. She had blonde hair that fell past her shoulders, a curtain around her face. She was thin, like a model. There was an air of confidence and mystery around her. "Hey, Gabs?" I began, not taking my eyes off of the photo. "Does this girl look familiar to you?" Gabby looked back at the picture on the piece of paper. She frowned in concentration for a few seconds. Then her eyes widened. "Ohmagosh!" She turned to look at me. "Was that you?" "No!" I exclaimed, tearing my eyes from the awful picture. "At least, I don't think so..." I stood up and headed to the kitchen. My mouth felt awfully dry, and I was craving water. Gabby followed me. "Then is it just a coincidence?" I opened the fridge, pulled out a fresh Fiji bottle, closed the fridge, and untwisted the cap, pouring the water into my mouth. Once I was refreshed, I spoke again. "Maybe. Or maybe it's a wannabe." "Why would Drake hook-up with a poser?" I shrugged. "Beats me. The guy is messed up anyway if he dumped Brooke." "Agreed, Gabby nodded. That night, as I was dozing off in my room, I heard a voice. It was a female voice, and it spoke to me in one identical to my own. However, I knew it wasn't me because this voice was colder and mysterious. "Poor, poor little Meghan," it said. "You have no idea what is going on, do you?" I sat up slowly, my eyes surveying my room. Even in the dark, I could see no one. "Who's there?" The voice laughed in an unfriendly way. "You amuse me, Meghan." I got out of bed and stumbled in the black to the bathroom. Flipping on the light switch, I made my way to the sink. I figured splashing cold water over my face would shake me from this nightmare, but when I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I found something wasn't right. My reflection looked like me, but I could tell it wasn't me at all. Sure, she had my physical features, but the glare in her eyes and the smirk on her lips told me different. "Confused?" she asked me, clearly amused. "I can't blame you." "Who are you?" I demanded, determined to not show my fear. She sighed. "Never any fun, are you? Fine. I am your evil twin." I raised an eyebrow. "I don't have an evil twin." "Think again," she glared. "You survived, but I died in the womb." My eyes opened wide. "What? You mean I had a twin and Mom never told me?" "Correction: you have a twin." She pointed towards me. "You may have lived, sister, but I, Marian, will get revenge! I will show the world my fury! I. Will. Live!" -Chapter 1 End-

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Chapter Two The hip hop ringtone of my phone woke me up the next morning. Barely awake, I opened it. "Hello?" I managed to say. "Hey, Meghan?" It was Gabby, and she sounded frantic. "Can I come over? It's important." Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of Lucky Charms and milk. Gabby sat across from me. A piece of paper identical to the one from yesterday sat folded in the middle. I slowly chewed a cluster of marshmellows. Gabby hadn't spoken up yet. Actually, she hadn't said anything since the phone call. Even though I'd fetched her a can of Wild Cherry Pepsi, her favorite kind of pop, she still remained silent, her face somber and sad. "So," I said, breaking the silence once I'd swallowed the marshmellows, "what's the news?" Gabby lifted her eyes and looked at me. "Look at it." I picked up the piece of paper and unfolded it. Three more pictures from the party on Sunday were printed. Three high-quality pictures. Three pictures that showed me, or what appeared to be me, sucking face with Drake Connors. I examined the pictures calmly, despite my racing heart. Then I set the paper down and looked at my cousin. "Gabs, I-" "Don't," she interrupted. "You know, you didn't have to lie to me." "Lie about what?" I asked. "Kissing Drake." She grabbed the paper and looked at it. A look of disgust crossed her face. "But I didn't!" I exclaimed. "Really," Gabby scoffed. "It looks just like you." "But it's not me." "Then who is it?" "I don't know, I..." A flashback from last night reminded me of a certain someone who was cruel enough to shake the society at Washington. "Oh my gosh," I gasped. "Marian." Gabby raised an eyebrow. "Who?" "Gabs," I began, touching her arm. She pulled it away. "This might sound insane to you, but I had a twin sister." She looked skeptical. "How is that possible?" "She died before she was born," I explained. "Her name is Marian." "What does she have to do with this?" I told her about last night's incident. I probably sounded like I belonged to the insane asylum. She listened intently anyway. "So does she take control of you?" she asked when I'd finished. "I don't really know," I responded. "I don't have any memory of it." My cat, Joey, leapt up onto the table now. His white and black body strolled to my cereal bowl. He sniffed it, then began lapping up the milk. We were silent again. I couldn't read Gabby's face, and I was worried she hated me. Even though she seemed to believe me, I knew Gabby was a hard person to convince. "Well," she finally said, "I guess we will have to see what happens tonight." "I guess so," I smiled, knowing I'd convinced her. She smiled back. That night, when I was sure my family was asleep, I made my way to the bathroom, determined to confront Marian again. I closed the door behind me, and stood in front of the mirror. "I know you are there, Marian," I challenged. "Come out and talk to me." My reflection didn't change. I wondered if I had imagined last night. Just when I was about to give up, the face in the mirror gave a twisted smile. "Need something, Angel Cake?" she asked, hatred burning in her eyes. "Yeah," I responded, placing my hands on my hips. "I want to know what you think you're doing." She narrowed her eyes. "That is none of your business." "It is if you are making me look bad." She snorted. "Oh, please. You people only see what you want to see. Your so-called 'friends' only see you." "But it's not me," I argued. "You are using me!" "So what?" she aksed, twirling a piece of hair around her finger. "It's not like you notice. You're asleep." "I knew it!" I exclaimed, pounding the sink with my fist. I was mad at Mom for not telling me about my twin. I was mad at Marian for using my body to manipulate my friends. I was also mad at myself for letting this happen. Marian, who yawned and looked rather annoyed, smirked at me, "Will you just go to bed already? I'm getting bored." I glared at her. "Make me." She shrugged. "As you wish." -Chapter 2 end-

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oh. my. gosh! that's so good. btw, the name marion is spelled with an O, 'Marion'.
otherwise, Marian is the school. (Marian Catholic High School.) 
write more!!!!!
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You HAVE to write more!!!

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Notes ‹¤ImaginationFantistication¤› - I spelled it "Marian" because the character in "The Music Man", Marian Paroo, is spelled with an "a". =) ‹¤ImaginationFantistication¤› and ‹♥Lucy101 Number 2♥› - I am writing more. Chapter Three is finished and will be posted later this week. Chapter Four is on the way. Thanks for reading. When I have more time, I will read yours.

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Chapter Three I woke up the next morning with a throbbing headache. The sun peeking through my window sparked new pains. I crawled out of bed, groggy and tired. My mouth was as dry as a desert, and my head was the wood for a hammer. "Morning, Sleeping Beauty," my mom greeted me from her bedroom doorway as I trudged to the bathroom. "Eh," I groaned. If my mom was still here, then it was really early. Why was I up anyway? "Meghan?" she asked me. I stopped and turned to look at her. "Mmm?" She looked at me in a studious way. "Are you..." She stopped and started again. "Did you get drunk last night?" Even through the fog in my head, a lightbulb turned on. I was hungover. I must have been suffering the result of Marian's drinking last night. But I couldn't tell my mom that. Knowing she was waiting for an answer, I put on an innocent act. "Mom!" I gasped. "Me? Get drunk? Who do you think I am?" "Meg, I-" "Mom, I am not like the others at my school. I respect my body. I'm happy!" I put my hands on my hips to show authority. "I don't need alcohol to satisfy my needs." She looked shocked. "Meg, I'm sorry," she apologized. "You look so awful, I thought maybe-" "Mom," I interrupted, "I left the window open last night. Maybe I caught something from the cold drifts last night." She smiled at me. "I'm sorry, Meghan." I smiled back. "It's ok, Mom." Then I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. After getting dressed and downing a glass of orange juice, I called Gabby and invited her over. She arrived just as I finished tying my hair back into a white scrunchie. "You look like crap," she told me, plopping down on the black leather sofa in the living room. "Thanks," I pouted. She handed me her iTouch. "Five pictures," she informed me. "A party at Ryan Zion's house." Ryan Zion was a Senior who was infamous for the parties he held at his house when his parents were away. All the A-listers of Washington High attended them. If you wanted to be a somebody, you did too. "Oh, snap," I whispered, holding the digital device. My hands were shaking slightly. This was bad. "Tell me about it," Gabby agreed. "Ryan's parties are the worst place to be if you're already in the spotlight." Nervously, I peered at the first photo on the screen. Sitting on a couch, Marian and Drake were laughing, their faces full of happiness. The next picture was slightly more serious. His hand was on her cheek; her hand was on his leg. By the time the next photo was taken, Marian and Drake were kissing. The third was gentle, but the fourth was a full-on makeout session. The fifth showed Marian leading Drake towards a hallway, an excited look on his face. My mouth felt dry, and I felt a wave of nausea. Having been to a few parties myself, I knew what happened when a guy and girl disappeared down a hallway after sharing more than a few kisses. The fifth picture left an imprint on my eyes and lingered even after I gave the iTouch back to my cousin. Gabby's face was full of worry. Neither she nor I spoke right away. The silence was taunting. I felt an embarressed heat swim through my body. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Gabby cleared her throat. "Marian really went too far." I nodded agreeingly. Stress throbbed through my pounding head. I failed to understand what gave Marian the right to use me for something so dirty. Even worse, no one except Gabby and I knew the truth about my evil twin. Telling somebody else would seem desperate. The situation was hopeless. I knew I had to take the blame. I would be seen as the slut of Washington High School. That night, I didn't go to the bathroom mirror. Instead, I curled up into a ball under the covers. I hugged Susie, my blue stuffed cat from my childhood, as hard as I could and cried. -Chapter 3 end-

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This is soooo good!!! Post more!!!!

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That was awesome! A bit disturbing, but full-out GREAT! ;]

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