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8 December 2008, 07:55 PM   #1
Guest Poster
It was 5 in the morning, I had all my things packed up and in the trunk of my dad's
car, everyone was still asleep, well I still had my cat mittens with me but she
never really listened she mostly just laid there sleepy eyes trying to understand
what I was saying, I knew she only caught the common words like "Come or here." I
sighed deeply and drank my coffee I finished talking to my friends last night I
found it better to not see them before I left to college so I didnt have to cry
boarding the plane making everyone look at me like I was crazy.My coffee spilled a
little on my black silky shirt and light blue jeans it wasnt visible much only a
little I wasnt going to change the worst that could happen was id smell like coffee
a little big deal. My phone rang loudly I jumped a little and looked at the caller
i.d. "Jeff.." I mumbled to myself,Jeff was one of my bestfriends we've known each
other for years since pre-k actually. I didnt answer I couldnt,the last thing I
needed was to cry, we planned on going to the same college but I got into a college
in France and he got one in Italy we promised to visit each other on holidays, but
somehow we both knew that wasnt going to be happening anytime soon. I looked up the
stairs and saw my mom and dad staring at me I smiled the brightest fakest smile I
could and waited for them to get ready, my little brother and sister pushed them
away and ran up to me "Sarah!" they said happily "Can I have your room when you
leave?" Emily asked our parents gave them a look that would scare anyone,I just
nodded me head "Its ok, and yea just dont-" "Mess with your wall?" Emily finished me
off with a smile.I played with her hair and stood up "And you James dont hurt
anyone." James smiled "No promises." he said with his sweetest voice "I think its
time we go to the airport." my mom said putting on her coat. I held onto mittens and
put her in her age "Dont fuss mittens." I walked up and go into the back off the car
my sister and brother sitting next to me my mom got front seat and my dad driver of
course,we drove off to the airport I stared at the scene go by everyone smiling and
playing the icecream shop flew past my eyes. That was the only place I went to when
I needed to take a break or something,they even knew me by heart. We reached the
airport about 30 minutes after leaving the city I grew up in, The airport was busy
but it was sunday so it naturally was I looked back at my family their eyes were
watery,I tried to smile and gave them all the biggest hug I had in me,I took the
stuff from my dad's had and got my tickets. The P.a. system went off saying that the
plane to Paris France was leaving in 10 minutes "Just in time" I thought to myself. I
grabbed my stuff and got in line to board the plane "First class tickets." I smiled
and waved to my parents. I got on the plane it was spacey in first class it was like
something I guess I couldnt describe it. I sat next to a strange,he looked over at me
as I tried to buckle in "Let me help." He said with a thick French accent I leaned
back as he strapped me in "Im Alexander." He flashed his bright teeth,I realized
that I was just staring at him and turned quickly "I-im Sarah." I said slightly
blushing. "Well nice to meet you Sarah." his accent made my name sound more sexual
then it was supposed to be,I tried not to but I couldnt help it I giggled as soon as
I caught myself I put my hands over my mouth,which everyone knows isnt going to help
"Well Alexander what are you doing in America."He stared at me intenstly "I just
came to see my family before I go back to college, and what are you doing going to
France?" "Well im going to college there." He nodded almost approvingly "Which
college?" he asked adjusting himself to face me "Well, um. Hallan Univeristy." "Well
guess what,I go there to, hey! maybe when we go there I could show you around?" I
smiled and nodded.
Another story im working on sorry if theres any mistakes

12 December 2008, 08:07 PM   #2
Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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It's a little umm... smooshy... Like As the rubric I'm always getting says : Sequence of
information is difficult to follow.

Do mind if I 'borrow' the story and detailify it?

12 December 2008, 08:37 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Yea go ahead im changing alot of it 
I realized after that it was a little weird 
But the new one...has well alot of french

13 December 2008, 10:13 AM   #4
Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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Thank You!

14 December 2008, 04:25 PM    #5
Guest Poster
listen to mine

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