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anime stories

27 November 2008, 02:47 PM   #1
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put the name:

then try and make a story about them it can either be sad or happy wutever you want try
and make it kinda a long story but if you cant try and make it as long as yew can!

27 November 2008, 02:59 PM    #2
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for example
name: hailey, keisha
pic:bloody anime girls 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
story: hailey and keisha was best friends they always walked home 2gether they both loved
this boy they both tried 2 impress him but they didnt no his secret they both ended up
getting in a fight because they both liked him but one day it got 2 far and the boy got so
devistated that they were in a fight after skool when they were walkin home from skool
they seen the boy on the playground with a gun 2 his head they ran over 2 try 2 stop it
but when hailey turned the gun away from him he accidentally shot it and it hit keisha,
keisha fell 2 the ground bleeding 2 death haily pics her up and yells at him 2 call 911
but when the ambulance comes its 2 late and keisha is already dead hailey gets depressed
and ends up shooting herself...but in heaven her and keisha is reunited and they are best
friends again...the end

like that

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