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Character Application

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Here lies the character application form for your Hinder Mist Grove characters. You may have three of them, one sinner, one tourist, and another one of your choice. [General] Name: First and last, middle name optional. Age: Any age from 10-24 Gender: Male or female? Tourist or Sinner: Are you a tourist, here out of your burning curiosity, risking suffering the same fate as all of those before you? Or are you a resident, never escaping the sins trapped inside of you? Sexuality: Gay, bisexual, straight, or questioning? Current residence: Where does he/she live? Apartment, house, hotel, on the streets? Where is that? Religion: Speaks for itself. [Appearance] Clothing style: What style of clothing does he/she wear? Emo, retro, lolita, old fashioned, hippie, prep, punk, skater? The list of possibilities is endless. Example of clothes: Give an example of something your character would wear every day. Hair description: What does your character's hair look like? What color, what style? Eye description: What do his/her eyes look like? Colour? Makup?Glasses? Skin tone: Pale? Tanned? Dark? Markings: Freckles, scars, tattoos? Piercings: Speaks for itself. How many piercings, and where? Other: Anything else appearance related? [Personal] Sin: If you're a sinner, what is your sin? if you're a tourist, leave this blank. Personality: At least one paragraph. What does your character act like? If they're a sinner, how does their sin effect how they act and think? How does being in public effect how they act? Likes: Speaks for itself. What do they like? Dislikes: Again, speaks for itself. What does your character dislike, or hate? History: At least two paragraphs. What has happened to your character in the past? Does that effect how they act now? Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic: Phrase from the Rules:

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Guest Poster
Name: Anna Dori Kildra
Age: 19
Gender: female
Tourist or Sinner: sinner
Sexuality: bisexual
Current residence: old, mysterious mansion on the hill
Religion: Christian

Clothing style: lolita/prep/hippy
Example of clothes: old colorful skirt, short cropped jacket and tank top
Hair description: shoulder length, wavy, auburn hair
Eye description: What do his/her eyes look like? bright blue eyes, no glasses
Skin tone: fair
Markings: freckles 
Piercings: 1 ear piercing on each ear
Other: about 5 ft 5 and 115 lbs 

Sin: Envy
Personality: Anna is a shy innocent girl at first, but once you get to know her, that's a
different story. She will want anything of yours and won't stop until she has it. Even if
she has to commit murder. 
Likes: Cute boys, Cute girls, books, flowers, clothes
Dislikes: goths, people who have more things than her
History: She grew up in a troubled home. Her father raped her when she was 6. Anna's
mother kicked him out. 6 years later, when he came home in a drunken rage, Anna killed her
father. Her mother moved them far away, to Hinder Mist Grove.
Once she grew up, Anna never left Hinder Mist Grove. Although she has resulted to killing
over 10 people, nobody's found out that she was the one who did it. Anna is innocent on
the outside, but a devil in the inside.

How's that?

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Ooo... Wellz, you forgot the eye description, and the sinners are all supposed to be born
in Hinder Mist Grove, assigned a sin at birth by some spiritual force or something, and
then they can't leave the town. So, if she grows up somewhere else, she's a tourist. <3
And you forgot the phrases from the rules/Seven deadly sins topics. .____.

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That's okay, you just needs to edit it a tad. :3

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Name: Yuto[said like You-toe] Monoli
Gender: Male
Tourist or Sinner: Yuto is a Sinner.
Sexuality:He doesn't know his sexuality, so it's questioning.
Current residence: A house on the edge of his street,[Lust Grove, < name of
Religion:He is Agnostic.

Clothing style: He prefers darker clothing. It's not emo, though. He wears a lot of
hoodies. Usually skinny jeans, a black top (maybe with some writing), and converses. He is
not picky in what he wears. Whatever fits, he buys.
Hair description: Black hair, side fringe. His hair is highlighted with red and
Eye description:His eyes are biggish. He has ice blue eyes, very noticable behind
his black hair. He wears thick-rimmed glasses, which are black.
Skin tone: Pale, un-humanly pale.
Markings: Scar above his left eye. He has a tatto on his wrist which says "Demon
Piercings: He has three piercings on his right ear,A percing on his nose, and one
on his lip.
Other: He is 6 foot 2 inches. And weighs at 145 lbs.

Sin: Lust
Personality: Since he is always looking for sexual intercourse, he is very grabby.
For example, if you walk past him, he might grab your butt. He is very silent. He observes
everyone very cautiously. Always looking for his next 'sex-mate', if you will. In public
her is always scoping out his next one-nighter. Or, just for fun,rape a random person.
Likes: Porn,ladies, men, dogs. 
Dislikes: Meat, he is a vegetarian.
History: He was molested as a kid, by his father. His mother didn't believe him
when he told her what his father was doing. One day, when his mother actually saw his
father molesting Yuto, his mom shot his dad in the heart. His father died instantly. For
she didn't want to risk any possible chances of going to jail, she killed herself three
days after. Yuto was twelve at the time.
  Yuto now wants physical pleasure from anyone who is willing...or not so willing. He
thinks he wants to always be pleased in a physical way, because when his father molested
him, in a weird way he felt love. So now he feels the portrayed love in which when he was
pleased or pleased another person.
Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic: Damnation guaranteed are the
residents of Hinder Mist Grove. 
Phrase from the Rules: Welcome to Hinder Mist Grove, anyone's personal
This is not yaoi, Claire...DO NOT GET EXCITED about the molesting >_>

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@Hailey- What I mean by "Where is that?" Is like, where is the house or apartment. Like,
on the edge of town or something. And, I can't quite accept him until you have the correct
phrase from the rules/seven deadly sins topics. There are specific phrases that you have
to put there, at the end of the topics. Just to make sure that you read both of them. :3

25 March 2008, 08:18 AM   #8
Guest Poster
I read them ;-; ... -reads again- u___u

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"How long will you sleep, O sluggard?" {General} Name: Casey Tristan Posey Age: 15 Gender: Male Tourist or Sinner: A sinner. Sexuality: Questioning, thinks he's asexual though. Current residence: He lives with his parents in an old farmhouse, that was renovated to be more modernized. Religion: Atheist. {Appearance} Clothing style: He does not think having a clothing style is necessary, therefore wears the same thing almost every day, until he feels the need to change it, which isn't very often. Example of clothes: A sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. Hair description: His hair is messy, and not to mention quite long. This is for one reason that keeps repeating itself: He is too lazy to get a haircut. Eye description: His eyes are aquamarine blue. Skin tone: His skin is pale from the lack of sun. Markings: He has none. Piercings: He has none, yet again. He's too lazy to go get any. Other: He's fairly slim. He may be a Sloth, but he ain't Gluttony. {Personal} Sin: Sloth Personality: One word to describe Casey is lazy. He hates the slightest bit of work, and slacks off a lot. He is the kind of person that, when questioned about his thoughts on something, would reply, “Thinking takes too much work.” He does occasionally go around the town, normally when forced by his parents to do so. Unfortunately, he is cursed to be the sinner of Sloth, and will always be cursed. He has a sort of don't-carish attitude when it comes to most things, and brushes things off lightly without a second glance. He's quite intelligent, though and can do most things properly if it wasn't for the laziness factor. In other words, his curse prevents him from reaching his full potential. He has an inquisitive nature as well, and can be curious, but only if it really catches his interest. Likes: Any way to get out of doing work. There is however, one thing he does not mind doing that requires work. Sleeping! :D (He figures that sleeping takes work, since people move around while sleeping, and dreams take up brain power.) Dislikes: Being forced to do work. History: Casey's parents moved into Hinder Mist Grove just a year before he was born, and that was why he unfortunately fell into the curse of this mysterious town. His however, was probably the least serious of the sins, and his parents often thought that he was merely just lazy by nature. Of course however, they soon began to realize that he indeed may be a 'sinner' and tried to flee with him, but found out that they cannot. They are stuck with him, as they didn't want to abandon him, worrying that he would become worst. But that was five years ago. His parents have now given up on him, but they still do force him walk around the town at least once a week. But sometimes, he goes without them pressing on, because he wants to go somewhere where he can doze off in peace (mainly, the park). But sometimes, he goes out merely to see what happens in this town where anything could happen any day. Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic: The residents of Hinder Mist Grove are damnation guaranteed. Phrase from the Rules: Welcome to Hinder Mist Grove, anyone and everyone's personal Hell. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

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Guest Poster
Name: Cecilia Prodesse Brookes
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Tourist or Sinner: Sinner
Sexuality: Lesbian
Current residence: She lives in an apartment near the center of town.
Religion: Atheist

Clothing style: Old-fashioned Victorian dresses.
Example of clothes: A floor length deep velvet green dress with a tightly tied
corset. The skirt poofs out at the waist and the sleeves are very tight until about the
wrist, where they come out in a sort of bell shape around the hands. She always has hair
ribbons to match the color of the dress.
Hair description: It's brown and about mid-waist length. She almost always wears it
in an up-do, and the rest of her hair falls in tight curls. 
Eye description: Piercing blue and perfect vision. She rarely wears any eye
Skin tone: Always deathly pale because she continuously powders it.
Markings: She has a small smattering of freckles across her nose, but she always
tries to hide them.
Piercings: One in each ear, usually adorned with chandelier type earrings.
Other: She's tall and extremely thin.

Sin: Pride
Personality: Since Cecilia's sin is Pride, she always thinks too highly of herself,
which usually scares away potential friends. Her Pride can lead her to be dangerous at
times, for she is easily offended and blows up over the smallest of insults. This has lead
her to be very hard to befriend, since she can barely stop talking about herself. Another
roadblock in the way of making friends is her strong shyness around strangers.
Cecilia has always wanted a close friend, however, and would kill to have one. She is
always on the lookout, but needs someone who can put up with her. Obviously a friend who's
jealousy was Envy would likely not be a good choice, but someone with a sin like Greed or
Lust may work well with her. 
When Cecilia is alone, she will spend some of her time reading or educating herself in
some way, and most of her time looking at herself in the mirror and admiring herself. 
Likes: Herself, looking at herself, thinking about herself, talking about herself,
mirrors, shopping, people who can put up with her, people who praise her, people who
admire her, apples, writing, reading, taking long walks at night, being inside when it's
raining, sitting by the fire, cats, smoking.
Dislikes: People who think they are better than her, people who are better than
her, people who pay no attention to her, television, humid sunny days, things that make
her less pretty, winter, dogs, lemons, getting drunk or watching people who are drunk,
History: Cecilia, like all the sinners, was born in Hinder Mist Grove. Her parents
were trapped with the sins of Lust, for her mother, and Gluttony, for her father. Cecilia
was raised with the utmost care, being an only child, and the result of this care is that
she is extremely spoiled.
When she was 6, however, her parents divorced when her mother was found cheating on her
husband with another man. Her father tried to flee Hinder Mist Grove, but the word came
back that the poor man had been murdered. By who, why, and where was never discovered. 
After her parent's divorce, Cecilia grew up with her mother. Lust being her mother's sin,
the woman always had men over and usually left Cecilia to amuse herself in some way or
another. Cecilia's mother also had several children, each with a different man, several of
whom Cecilia never even learned the name of. Seeing so many young children led to
Cecilia's first attempted murder when she was 11 years old, and she tried to drown one of
the younger children, who was probably prettier than Cecilia, in the pond in the backyard.
After that disastrous event, Cecilia's mother was dumped by her current boyfriend and
never went out with another man again. This drove her to kill herself when Cecilia was 14.
Cecilia came home that day to find her mother dead on the floor with a knife through her
heart. The memory has scarred Cecilia to this day.
After her mother's death, Cecilia was taken away to many foster homes in Hinder Mist
Grove, but never kept for long. When she turned 16, she had had enough, having been moved
to 20 different homes on two years. Cecilia found her own apartment and has been surviving
quite well on her own.

Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic: Damnation Guaranteed Are The Residents
Of Hinder Mist Grove
Phrase from the Rules: Welcome To Hinder Mist Grove, Anyone's Personal Hell

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@Val- Accepted. <3

@Clare- Accepted. <3 xD

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Dammit. I typed it all out and then my Internet crashed. U_U [General] Name: Marlene 'Marly' Bethany Farchild Age: Seventeen Gender: Female Tourist or Sinner: Sinner Sexuality: Straight Current Residence: Deerview Motel room one twenty four. Religion: Atheist [Appearance] Clothing Style: Trendy/Casual Example of Clothes: Off the shoulders black and gray top, metallic silver leggings, ballet flats. Hair Description: Shoulder length dark, dark brown hair, straight. Eye Description: Wide, hazel. Skin Tone: Pale, doesn't tan easily. Markings: None Piercings: Ears pierced once on each, belly button piercing. Other: Five foot six, one hundred and fifteen pounds. [Personal] Sin: Greed Personality: Obviously Marlene is well, greedy. She sees something she wants, she'll do anything to get it. She shoplifts regularly to avoid spending all of her precious money, and none of the adults would suspect Marlene, the little angel. Yeah right. She only plays that role if necessary in front of adults. Otherwise, she's a parent's worst nightmare. Partying late, robberies, guy obsessed, material loving. Marly is also very protective of her things, and doesn't like to let people borrow her things. If you try to steal something from her, she'll make those karate classes from middle school useful. She's very un-responsible and messy, but not like Sloth. Even though her sin isn't Envy, she gets jealous easily. She compares herself to others constantly, and if she's envious of a 'friend''s new guy, she'll have him by Friday. Likes: Clothes, jewelry, material things, guys, parties. Dislikes: Her appearance, lectures, responsibilities. History: Julia Wavers met David Farchild one night at a party. They were both from Hinder Mist Grove, but hadn't connected before. But only one was a sinner.. Julia's sin was Lust, but David didn't notice.. They hadn't planned on a child, but after that party they... Well, Julia's sin took over. Basically Marlene was the result of a random hookup. David didn't want a child, and left, but Marlene took on her father's last name. As a kid Marlene didn't notice her sin. She thought she was basically normal. But after her closet was too full of clothes and Barbies to close, she realized she was a bit different. She tried to ignore it and got through elementary school with only the occasional problem, but in middle school, Greed kicked in full time. Maybe it had something to do with puberty, but all Marly knew was that she wanted more things. She started stealing in grade nine, and hasn't kicked the habit yet. After graduation she moved out immediately, leaving her mother alone to travel to her business trips, and moved in to a great loft. She kept spending and soon couldn't afford the rent, and was forced to move out to the Deerview Motel, the crappiest motel in town. Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic: Damnation Guaranteed Are the Residents of Hinder Mist Grove. Phrase from the Rules: Welcome to Hinder Mist Grove, Anyone's Personal Hell.

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@Paris- Accepted. <3 Good character. 8D

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[General] [Name] Paris Elliot Vaughn [Age] 15 [Gender] Male [Tourist or Sinner] Sinner [Sexuality] Bisexual [Current residence] Paris shares an apartment with Spencer in Weeping Willow Square. [Religion] Agnostic [Appearance] [Clothing style] Paris has no particular 'style'. His wardrobe mostly consists of black, white and grey t-shirts, usually with some sort of design, motif or logo on. He wears jeans with these, often darker than the average denim blue. Keeping within the same colours as his t-shirts, he has a lot of darkish hoodies, most of them a singular colour. [Example of clothes] A plain coloured t-shirt with some sort of motif design on the front, dark jeans and a dark grey hoodie. [Hair description] Paris has dark brown hair. It's quite thick and messy and is hard to shape into any particular 'style'. It's long enough to fall into his eyes but short enough for it not to bother him. The back ends at the bottom of his neck. His hair is rarely cut, styled, dyed or changed, he mostly just leaves it as it is. [Eye description] His eyes are a similar colour to his hair, slightly darker and tinged with grey. They're round and average in size. He has quite long, dark eyelashes. [Skin tone] Pale to average. [Markings] None [Piercings] None [Other [Height] 5'9 [Weight] 127 lbs [Personal] [Sin] Envy [Personality] Paris likes to keep to himself mostly. He hates to discuss how he feels and is very secretive. He finds it hard to connect with people because there is little he feels he can talk to them about. He's not trusting at all and is on the brink of being paranoid. He is independant, although he prefers other people to help him rather than him help himself. He doesn't like anyone who can do anything better than him because they make him feel inadequate. He is constantly comparing himself to other people and has an incredibly low self-esteem because of it. He's quite nervous and jumpy and hates to be put in the spotlight. He tends to overreact easily. Those whom he is most jealous of, or feels most threatened by, he will go out of his way to hurt, or to some extreme, copy. Evidently, Paris' sin is Envy. He doesn't particularly wish he could be someone else, however. Rather, he wishes he could have certain characteristics of one person, the appearance of another, the possessions of someone else and so on and so forth. He's never truly happy because he always feels at least one person is better than him. Because of this he feels the urge to get revenge on these people, merely for having something he doesn't. He suffers from mild Bipolar Disorder and is therefore prone to manic episodes. He has been known to attack and harm others, particularly when suffering from mild mania. Paris has little motivation to go out and do anything himself. He sees other people's success, and wants it, but isn't quite sure ho to go about getting it. Academically, he is failing. He truants from school a lot and finds it difficult to concentrate on the work. He doesn't like being limited, physically, and can be prone to panic if he is 'caged in'. He likes to wander aimlessly, preferably alone. He has no ambitions because he's convinced he will never amount to anything. He's fairly socially incapable, unsure of how to befriend anyone or start any sort of relationship. [Likes] Rain, Cold, Clouds, Pianos, Birds, Water, Winter, Autumn, Outside, Dark colours [Dislikes] Bright colours, Flashing lights, Loud noises, Summer, Dogs, Small spaces [History] Paris Vaughn was born in Hinder Mist Grove's local hospital to fifteen-year-old Leah Vaughn. Obviously underage, Paris' father had long since disappeared after first discovering his girlfriend's pregnancy. Though she tried to provoke sympathy, few people could feel sorry Leah. She had earned a reputation as a local whore, changing boyfriend every week and flirting with every man she met. Her overprotective parents were the only ones with any pity for her, constantly turning a blind eye to her many flaws and faults. For the first three years of his life, Paris lived with Leah and her parents, in one house. More often than not it was his grandparents taking care of him, his mother preferring to be out enjoying the remaining part of her youth. When she did take the time to look after her son, she was hardly an adequate parent. Apart from not knowing how to deal with children, she had a quick temper and was very impatient. She hit him and snapped at him, doing much the same to her parents. She couldn't get a decent job so Paris had to live with the cheapest food and clothes she could buy. Upon starting school, Paris became moody and unfriendly, avoided by the other children. He was told off many a time by teachers for pinching, grabbing, hitting and stealing. He was bullied by the kids in his class and in turn he bullied them back. He refused to let anyone befriend him and was 'happy' enough to remain solitary. Twice Leah was asked to come into the school to talk about Paris' behavior and twice her parents showed up instead. By the time Paris was ten, she had got herself a new boyfriend, packed up her bags and left her anti-social child as a burden on her parents. She left no means of contact behind, though most were glad to see her go. For Paris, the real jealousy started there. Seeing other people with parents, siblings, real families. He hated people for having what he had never been given. At the age of twelve, after two months in secondary school, Paris was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He was given medication that he was reluctant to take and never really worked, yet his grandparents forced him to take it. Though it was only mild, he was avoided more than ever at school as the news leaked out that he was a maniac. He began truanting, particularly when he was in one of his manic episodes. He was caught throwing stones and doing graffiti and his grandparents, who were becoming more and more disappointed with him, were fined. At the age of thirteen he ran away, stealing money from his grandparents and intending to live on the streets for a while. The fifth day of living like this he was found by Spencer, a seventeen year old with an apartment and a spare room. Both of them in similar social crisis, it made sense that they should be acquaintences, even if Paris couldn't trust him enough to count him as a friend. They moved in together, Paris constantly jealous of Spencer's job and slightly fearful of him. Without anyone to support him, Paris can't afford the medication he needs and has to be careful to avoid going to the hospital. Since he still lives in the same town, his grandparents know where he is but want nothing more to do with him. [Phrase from the "Seven Deadly Sins" Topic] Damnation Guaranteed Are The Residents Of Hinder Mist Grove [Phrase from the Rules] Welcome to Hinder Mist Grove, Anyone's Personal Hell

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