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Wolf Role Playing - In the Forest

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21 December 2007, 03:49 PM   #91
Guest Poster
Lowell shook her head clear. Oh. And that was all she said. Not an 'I'm sorry' or
'That's so horrible!' just an 'Oh.' She didn't even ask what they thought she had stolen.
Just 'Oh.' Lowell whimpered, then told Ayame something she had never told anyone. She told
the story of her past. And this is how:

Ayame, I want you to know something. I want you to know my story. So listen closely,
alright? And don't miss anything. This is a story about a wolf, one who was unloved. One
who was alone. One who was different. And about what the other wolves did because of it. 

The first thing she remembered is light. Walking out of that den and being smacked in the
face with scent, sight, hearing, feeling, sensing. Her mother smiled at her, and her
father laughed as she wobbled outwards and into his paws, collapsing at his feet. That was
the way it was for about a week. After awhile, they named her. Lowell. Her father's
mother's name. She began to ask questions about hunting, and life. Her mother would growl
and tell her that she had no need to know those things. But her father, of course, told
her all she wanted. Now her mother, she was an orphan. Her parents had died young, and so
she had not been brought up right. Her father often brought this up, and it angered her
mother. And then the mother would take out her anger, her hate, and her rage out on her
daughter. Lowell was the victim. It hurt her father, so he would howl for her mother to
stop. She would turn to him and lash out, sometimes cutting deep into him. Lowell would
run far, far away, hoping for it to end. She would sob and howl and scream. One day, she
thought it was just too much. So she confronted her mother. She told her that she hated
her, and that she was cruel. Her mother just smiled and answered in a honey covered voice.
And she said nothing. It was worse than anything Lowell had ever experienced. That night,
her father left her. Her mother began to beat her every night, and Lowell was covered in
scars by the time she was 3 months old. After so long of this, Lowell was fed up. She ran
far away. Farther than she had ever gone. Behind her, she could hear her mother calling
for her to return. But it was no use. Lowell ran and ran, farther than you and I can
imagine. Farther than any wolf pup has gone at one time. Only one thing had gone wrong
with her plan. Her mother was faster, stronger, and more durrable. She caught up with
Lowell. They were on a cliff. Her mother growled and growled, her eyes on fire and foam
dripping from her mouth. Walking towards Lowell, she felt invincible. Lowell backed up,
seeing that her mother had gone mad. Suddenly, her foot slipped off the cliff, then the
other.Her claws scrabbled furiously for a hold on the bare land. A crack rang out.
Suddenly, she was falling, falling, falling. Landing roughly, Lowell stood up wobbling.
had broken her fall. It was a ledge. Whimpering, she lay down to sleep. And stayed that
way. It was the fourth day on the ledge. A sound came from above her. Looking up, she
could see and feel little pieces of rock falling down from above. A face appeared over the
edge. Her mother. The crazy fool laughed. Laughed and laughed. Shaking, and shaking, and
shaking. Lowell let out a sound half between a yelp and a sob. The wolf laughed again.
Looking down on Lowell, a drop of blood fell from her muzzle and into Lowell's eye.
Shaking her head to release herself from the pain, she blinked repeatedly. The laughing
stopped, and a whispering started. Looking up again, Lowell heard those words. The last
words her mother would speak. I never loved you. Your father did, and now he's dead. And
you know why? I killed him. And then more laughing. A secret and a lie. Wrapped up and
tied with a bow. Lowell felt something she had never felt before. Hatred. Fury. And
adrenaline driving her towards her prey. Gathering herself up, she leaped up. She felt
like she was soaring. It was wonderful to her. But it ended too soon. She was back on top
of the cliff. A crack broke the silence. Growling erupted from her lips, mixed with a
horrible howling moan. Taking a step towards her mother, Lowell felt all powerful. Her
mother was backing away, trembling. Lowell felt twice her size. Her mother wimpered.
Slashing out, she flet warm, sticky blood on her paw. It was her mother's. Then a howling
from her. And then her mother was falling down, down, down.....

And that's the first part of her story, Lowell said with a sob.

After that, she found a pack to live with until she was old enough to set out on her
own. When she was old enough, she went into the forest to search for a mate. A few days
later, she found a bear. A wolf, Marrok, saved her from it. He tore it to shreds. The two
wolves fell in love. Looking for shelter, they found a cave. Later that night, Lowell went
into heat. They met a faerie, one who had control of the wind. One who had stolen a magic
mirror. They had their adventures. Finally, Lowell felt another wolf somewhere, and set
out to seek her. She figured out that her name was Ayame. Calling Marrok to her, she felt
a surge of fear. She saw the future of Marrok. She saw his pelt, ripped and torn. But
still, she called to him, fearful that it might happen where he was. The day he arrived,
they curled up and went to sleep. When Lowell awoke, he was as he had looked in her
vision. Desperate to heal him, she put a paw over him and said words that she had learned
in a dream. And he rose once again, though his fur lightened and his eyes changed colors.
She told him they were expecting pups. Soon afterwards, they found the wolf Ayame. They
invited her to join their pack, and she accpeted. But soon after, she ran. She missed her
mate, and she crossed a river to get away. Lowell chased after her, finally collapsing and
close to death. She actually died, but the fury of her mate called her back. They went
back to their river, and Lowell dug a tunnel. She went to sleep, but woke up to find her
mate coming inside. She went outside and caught a whisp of smoke. Ayame's old mate. They
spoke, and though it was to rain that night, Ayame slept outside. Lowell went back into
the den, and slept. The next day, Lowell told Ayame her story. 

And that is where it ends, so far. Lowell stood up and swooshed her tail sadly.
What about you?

21 December 2007, 05:12 PM   #92
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Ayame was speechless ut then she said. The wolf was you,right,wow i never met a wolf
with such a sad child hood well,my well was all that great but it was something and i
never told this to anyone and im gunna tell you and promise me you wont tell anyone
Lowell,alright. It was true Ayame never told anyone this story except her mate.

21 December 2007, 05:22 PM   #93
Guest Poster
Lowell nodded slowly, waiting for Ayame to continue.

OOC- Did I mention I'm converting this into a book? It will be out by next year,
hopefully! And btw, on the cover I will put -

By (My name goes here, but I can't say it right here) & (Your name)

Or we could do a pen name like

By (Our pen name goes here)

Or it could just be by me, if you don't want credit. but you're  a good writer so I think
you should have at least SOME credit!

Or I could just do on the ***Dedicated To*** page-

Tons of thanks to TenTen234 and Rainydays for helping me write this book!

what do you think?

21 December 2007, 05:46 PM   #94
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OOC:i think thats a really good idea!

Ayame continud her story,
the first time i seen my mom and dad i could barly walk,just like you,and my mom and
dad always taught me stuff.My mom for instance,taught me how to do as she called it
she-wolf work.My dad on the other hand taught me how to hunt and fish and stuff like
that.She really didnt like him doing that,but it taught me alot of good skills though,like
when my mom got sick and my dad stayed with her,i went out to hunt.But then one day,there
was a fire that broke out in our area and my parents tryed to help all the wolves get out
and when they did,i heard a loud boom and i ran to where they were but they were already
trapped and i yelled for then but before they could answer,the fire engulfed them in
flames.So a few weeks after that i left that area and bumped into a wolf.He had grayish
black fur with amber eyes.We fell inlove with each other.We had talked about pups but we
were to busy to have them.I always helped the other mother-wolves with there pups,while he
went with the fathers to hunt.One day i was with one of the wolves i had know for a long
time and she stole something that was very important to another pack and she hide it and
blamed it on me.Iwas out by the river getting a sip when i heard growling behind me i
turned around and there they were,the other pack.They said that i stole something very
important to them and i never did.They had wanted to kill me,but right when they took a
step forward he stood in my way,my mate.He stopped them from comming after me,he told me
to run as far away as i could and when ran and hid and then i watched them fight.The last
time i looked,there he was,my mate lying there dead and the other pack was gone.I ran to
him and looked at him,He was still breathing but it was very faint,he was almost gone.He
said,Ayame,my love,be carful and be very srtong,and always remember i love you,good bye my
precious love.I will,my love,i will,i love you so much and some dayi will be with you
someday agin,good bye my sweety.I touched his nose with mine and then her was gone.I took
off running and thats when  heard you chanting those words.i ran and ran and then i found
And thats it,thats my story. Ayame looked at Lowell and they both had sadness in there

21 December 2007, 06:05 PM   #95
Guest Poster
Ayame... Lowell whispered. Know this. We are together, and I would lay down my
life for Marrok, and for you. Though my parents are gone forever, I try to be happy. I try
not to cry. When my dad died, I almost did. But he hated for me to even think of the
emotion. It's horrible never to cry, never to be sad. I try not to cry, but after awhile,
it hurts. Hurts like something that we can't imagine. It breaks you. It makes you fear. It
makes you want to run and run and run, until you fall down and you never get back up. But
we're together, you and me and Marrok. We're together, and its going to stay that way as
long as I can help it.Lowell finished with a nod.

21 December 2007, 06:08 PM   #96
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Ayame smiled.Thank you Lowell,thank you for everything. She whispered.She was
happy she had found Lowell and Marrok.

21 December 2007, 06:15 PM   #97
Guest Poster
Lowell smiled. Now, are you hungry? You haven't eaten since I met you! You must be

21 December 2007, 08:01 PM   #98
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 Im not really hungry,Lowell but i can go catch something.Yea im going to catch
something so you and Marrok can have some alone time. Ayame giggled and ran into the
woods to go hunting for food.

22 December 2007, 09:38 AM   #99
Guest Poster
Lowell shook her head. That wolf. Wandering into the cave she saw that Marrok as just
waking up. Hey, He said tiredly. Lowell just smiled and curled up around him,
thinking about her pups. It seemed like he read her mind, because he commented. They'll
be beautiful. Lowell smiled even more and nodded. What about names? She asked.
We don't need to think about that now. How long have we been expecting anyways?
Marrok said. About a month. Which means only one more. And I'm worried because we mated
early. It'll still be winter when they're born. Think they'll be ok? Lowell replied.
Marrok smiled, too, now. I'm sure. Lowell stood up suddenly and turned to face
Marrok. Marrok, I need to tell you something. He nodded for her to continue, so
Lowell told somebody her story for the second time that day. When she was finished, Marrok
had much the same reaction as Ayame did. Gasping, Marrok shook his head. He knew that
Lowell's story would be horrible, just not that bad.

22 December 2007, 11:04 AM   #100
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Ayame came back with a her catch a big buck.Pulling it inside the cave where Lowell and
Marrok were.She dropped it by them. There.go ahead,dig in. Ayame smiled happily and
went to the frony of the cave she seen it had started to snow agin. Well thats just
great Ayame mummbled.  Lowell its snowing,it might get ven colder than it is

22 December 2007, 08:52 PM   #101
Guest Poster
Lowell had been eating when Ayame said this, but then she jerked her head up.
Snowing? Lowell asked happily. That means... that means winter's here! She
stuttered. Racing to the entrance to get a look for herself, she saw that it definately
was snowing. A lot. The den was going to be snowed in by morning, that was for sure.
Shaking her head upon this thought, she turned to Ayame. We need to take turns keeping
watch. No matter what happens, the den can't get snowed in. We would all suphocate.
Marrok suddenly appeared by her side. I'll take first watch! He volunteered.
Alright, Ayame you can choose if you want second or last. I don't mind if I get
either. Lowell offered.

22 December 2007, 10:06 PM   #102
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 i'll take second watch so you can get enough rest Lowell.im happy its snowing,except
for the part about the den might get snowed in. Ayame turned away from the entrance
and faced Lowell and Marrok. No matter what happens,lets promise each other that we
wont leave this pack,and to make sure no one gets left behind.

24 December 2007, 11:21 AM   #103
Guest Poster
Lowell nodded. I think that's a great idea! Oh, and thanks for letting me take third
watch! Marrok nodded, too. Lowell coughed, clearing her throat. Repeat after
me? The two wolves agreed, so Lowell began. I, Lowell, do solemnly swear- She
broke off here, waiting for them to repeat. They did, so she continued. never to leave
this pack and to never abandon my pack mates. She finished. It began to get darker.
Marrok set up for his watch, so Lowell and Ayame retreated to the cavern. Lowell curled
up, preparing to drift into sleep like wolves so often do.

24 December 2007, 04:34 PM   #104
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Ayame also curled up and also prepared for sleep. good night Lowell. She said
before sleep took over her.

24 December 2007, 04:39 PM    #105
Guest Poster
Good night, Ayame, Lowell breathed, then sleep went over her mind like a blanket.

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