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Wolf Role Playing - In the Forest

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15 December 2007, 09:20 AM   #61
Guest Poster
Lowell shook herself awake. She couldn't die, no matter what. Finally, she wrenched her
eyes open enough to see Ayame. She looked sad, almost scared. Ayame? she whispered.
Is it really you? But I thought... I thought that you ran... Before she could stop
herself, tears were leaking out of her eyes and onto her fur. Marrok looked concerned and
moved forward to share his warmth. She was colder than the time when the winter was bitter
and froze her paws to the ground. Tears were forming a puddle on the ground now, and she
watched Ayame, looking her up and down. Ayame shifted uneasily, then said:

OOC-tenten, tell us what she says!

16 December 2007, 01:35 AM   #62
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Ayame said.I did but i came back,i..............i dont know what made me run like that
but i promise i'll try and not do it agin..Ayame shivered,her fur was all wet from
swimming through the river.im sorry Lowell,and im sorry Marrok,i also swam through the
river to get back to yall and now in freezing,but i dont care im back with yall,thats all
that matters for now.Ayame smiled a little and watched Lowell.Lowell said:

OOC:kittenluver tell us what she said!

17 December 2007, 03:54 PM   #63
Guest Poster
Thank goodness you're ok after swimming through that river! You look like... a wolf
who swam through a river in Autumn! Come on, we better be going. I have something to do
before winter gets here. And it's coming soon, see? She pointed up at the sky with a
paw. Sure enough, there were clouds there. It was getting colder and windier, too. They
turned to leave. Finally they reached the river. Lowell settled her by a hill and began
digging. Realizing what she was doing, Marrok walked over. Want any help? He asked.
Shaking her head, Lowell said, I have to do something on my own, love. With
this she laughed. A beautiful laugh. It sounded almost like flowers on the wind. You're
going to spoil me! Now Marrok, too, laughed. Alright, but don't hurt yourself or
wander too far! He told her, so Lowell continued digging. About an hour later, she had
a tunnel. It went 6 feet into the ground, slanting slightly up. Then, it went up sharply
for another 2 feet. Now, she was working on the birthing cavern. It would take another
hour to finish this up, she decided. So she walked over to Marrok and lay down. Why
don't you go check it out? she suggested. He agreed, and walked up to it. Hesitating
for a moment, he continued in. A few minutes later, he appeared in the mouth of the tunnel
smiling. It's perfect. I'm sure they'll love it. he commented. Then, laying down
beside her, he looked at Ayame. She hadn't really said anything. Little icicles were on
her fur. I'll get back to work, Lowell said. Then, getting up, she entered the
tunnel to finish up. Finally, she was done. It had really only taken about 20 minutes.
Coming back out, she said to Ayame, Go inside, so your fur can melt! 

17 December 2007, 09:06 PM   #64
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I-its ok i dont need to.Ayame shook her fur and the icicles off her fur and layed
down with her back to the and kept looking at the sky.Hey lowell,what do you mean by
"they" will like it?Ayame kept her back to them and shivered.

18 December 2007, 03:38 PM   #65
Guest Poster
Lowell giggled. Well... I'm going to have pups! she said delightedly. Marrok
smiled and his tail wagged. He was happy, too. Lowell wondered what Ayame's reaction would

18 December 2007, 05:11 PM   #66
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Ayame smiled a fake smile but it looked like a real one and she turned around and looked
at them.Congrats,im happy for yall.Ayame turned back around and layed her down on
her paws and stayed looking at the sky.

18 December 2007, 05:33 PM   #67
Guest Poster
Lowell yawned. She was exhausted from the day's happenings. Hey, Ayame, Marrok, I'm
going to sleep. she said slowly, yawning again. Marrok nodded, and Lowell walked into
the tunnel she had dug. She felt a surge of pride knowing she had built it. She continued
in and made her way into the birthing cavern. Curling up in a ball she fell asleep,

Marrok watched his mate walk into the cave, then turned to look at Ayame. He wondered if
she was alright. Walking up to sit down next to her, he, too, looked up at the sky. It was
filled with stars. Beautiful, too. He could make out shapes. He thought they were of his
coming pups. Ayame? he murmured. She looked up at him. Marrok shivered briefly,
although he didn't think it was from the cold. Are you alright?

18 December 2007, 08:21 PM   #68
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Y-yea i am.She had lied but she didnt want them to worry about her.She looked up
at the sky and then she sighed.Marrok,have y-you ever lost a loved one before?She
looked at him and she shivered it was starting to get a little cold.

19 December 2007, 03:47 PM   #69
Guest Poster
Marrok nodded slowly. Yeah... my dad. He was great, always doing stuff with me. He's
the one who taught me how to hunt, and even how to fish. He died in 7 Paws 11 Paws. The
year the two twin dens were destroyed. He'd been out teaching other pups to hunt, and I
was with him. The fires spread all the way to our forest. He was trapped. I saw him there,
standing. I saw him fall. The flames rushed up and ate him. That's the last I remember of
him.  His name was Korram. That's how I got my name. My parents just reversed it.
Marrok shivered briefly. He looked at Ayame. Just doing this, he could tell that she was
rather sad. Have you ever lost someone close to you? he murmured softly. He
wondered if she would tell him the truth. Wanting her to know that he wouldn't tell
anyone, he said it. 

OOC- I made up the year 7/11 paws in another RP, just using it for here too, lol.

19 December 2007, 04:10 PM   #70
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Thats kinda weird both of my parents died in a fire the both got trapped and then fire
engulfed them.i also lost my mate about two or three years ago to.He was killed by another
pack trying to protect me,i always blamed my self for his death,if it wasnt for him trying
to protect me,he would still be here by my side,but hes gone now with both of my parents,i
miss him so much.She looked at him with sadness in her eyes and a tear fell from her
eyes and onto her fur.She turned her ead so Marrok wouldent see it.

19 December 2007, 04:14 PM   #71
Guest Poster
It's alright, Ayame. It's alright to cry. he whispered. A tear fell down his
cheek. He realized that he had never told Lowell about any of this, and it made him feel
guilty. Especially when she was carrying his pups.

19 December 2007, 04:18 PM   #72
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Have yu told Lowell any of this? She looked at him with sadness in her eyes and
then she looked up at the stary night sky and she seen a image of her mate flash on her
mind.She shivered from the image.

19 December 2007, 06:20 PM   #73
Guest Poster
No. We haven't really spent a lot of time talking, really. Marrok muttered. 
Glancing at Ayame again, he wondered if she would understand what he was saying.

19 December 2007, 06:23 PM   #74
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You really should tell her. Ayame looked at him.I spent most of my life alone
with no one there to talk to be with and this is like the first time i have wolves to talk
to and e with,like Lowell and you,yall are my best friends.

19 December 2007, 06:34 PM    #75
Guest Poster
Marrok turned his head to the side. Yeah... I guess I should tell her, shouldn't I?
But I'd hate to disturb her, having her carrying pups and all. Guess I could talk to her
in the morning, but I need some sleep. Oh, and Ayame? Ayame turned her head to the
side, too now. Remember what I said to you. With this, he stood up and walked into
the cave to go to sleep.

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