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Wolf Role Playing - In the Forest

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30 November 2007, 03:30 PM   #16
Guest Poster
Lowell was still angry... a secret. Why did she hate secrets so much? Did she remember...
Oh, yes... All too well. Where the faerie stood, there was light. But darkness enfolded
around her. Again, she felt the claw scraping across her face. She remembered the mirror.
Was she a mirror, too? But of who? All of these questions formed into one, and before she
could stop herself she uttered a fearful word, Why? It was but a whisper on the
wind, and the leaves rustled around her. It was still dark. Anger... Secrets... faint
words raced across her mind. Then the whole world was spinning, and she was spinning. She
thought she was doomed never to stop. Was she dead? More questions... More secrets... and
the worst thing of all, she could feel... a lie. There was a lie somewhere among them. But
where? Who? Why? Becoming all the more confused and frustrated, she let out a long,
horrible, mourning howl. Thousands of unnamed emotions filled her and, desperate to let
them out, she howled again. And again. And again. Soon the whole world around her was
settling down. It was becoming light with a realization. If she was a mirror, did that
mean... She gasped. What if she said the words? She sat down, raised her head, and spoke.
Guya Kiesha Mourn, that was what she had meant to say. But it came out as a long,
beautiful note. It was a harmony like no other. Images flashed before her eyes, and she
said it again. Then, she stopped. What was she doing to the real world? Certainly this
wasn't it. Was it? Blood dripped into her eyes, blinding her. She stumbled, fell, and lay

30 November 2007, 04:00 PM   #17
Guest Poster
Nettle! cried the faerie girl.
Robin...I...I did it! exclaimed Nettle. She flew towards Robin and hugged her.
Trust me, she said handing Robin the mirror, I'll never steal another's magic
ever again. I have learned my lesson. Nettle was so happy! She had done it! Her faerie
friend was no longer a bear! Nettle turned to face Lowell and Marrok. And please
forgive me you two. I told you the truth, you see, and I was just-- Nettle stopped.
Lowell was laying on the ground moaning in pain. Lowell! shouted Nettle. The cold
hand of fear gripped her heart sending her eyes backwards. Lowell... 
What have you done to her? questioned Marrok his eyes turning red from anger. I
didn't do anything! cried Nettle. Nettler turned to Robin who was busy healing her
wounds with the magic mirror. Robin! That was your mirror! You know how it works! You
can heal Lowell...what ever has happened to her, said Nettle. Robin starred at Nettle
and then at the wolves. It was probably her duty to help them. She did know how to use the
magic mirror, no one else did. But then again...
Robin? Nettle pleaded while Marrok stood over Lowells hurt body.
I see no reason to help you. You stole my mirror. We are no longer compatriots Nettle.
Good-bye said Robin and she flew off. Nettle was astounded. Now what was she to do?

30 November 2007, 04:11 PM   #18
Guest Poster
Lowell cried out a long, beautiful note. Robin stopped in mid-flight. She turned around.
She... She... She has the power! she exclaimed. What? asked Nettle. It
doesn't matter right now! Marrok shouted, Can you just save her, please?

30 November 2007, 04:39 PM   #19
Guest Poster
Nettle was confused. Stupid Robin...of stupidness. Why did she have to be so stupid
anyway? Nettle thought. She had air power, not healing powers. She could probably heal
Lowell with the mirror, but Robin flew away with it. Nettle thought harder. Air
powers...air powers...of course. Nettle made a swift breeze with her hands and lead it
down Lowells throat. C'mon, breathe, breathe... Nettle said. Loweel coughed then
looked up at Nettle. You saved her! sang Marrok. I did? Oh, ya, I did....

30 November 2007, 04:58 PM   #20
Guest Poster
Lowell gasped. She knew that Nettle had saved her. And Robin, this other faerie, didn't.
She had flown away. Because she had a grudge against Nettle. How did that prevent her from
saving a life? That was something that she hated almost as much as secrets. Grudges.
Thankyou Nettle, thankyou! she breathed. And then she looked into the eyes of her
mate. I love you, he said. Lowell laughed. That's rather random, I think, and if
you love me so much, you don't even have to tell me. Love is too small. More like
adore... Lowell was back to her old self. They could all see it. And don't lie and
say you don't! I can sense it. Oops! she yelped. Crap, she thought to herself.
She saw robin coming towards her. And growled. she hated her, and the faerie seemed to
realize that and turned back around. And left. Lowell howled joyfully, and Marrok joined
her. As family.

2 December 2007, 10:10 AM   #21
Guest Poster
This is so cool! breathed Nettle. One happy family. What a nice ending to this
twisted story! I wish I could stay...really I do, that is if we're okay.
No worries Nettle. I forgive you said Lowell. Me, too said Marrok. Nettler
Wonderful, and like I said, I wish I could stay, but I must leave. My air training is
not finnished yet. I clearly have some more things to learn about magic.... I will visit
you as often as I can! yelled Nettle as she fluttered towards the treetops. The wolves
howled their good-byes as she saored around going towards the begining of a new journey.


Hurah! We have completed our story! Great, now I'm bored! We must start a new one.
Hmmmmmmm...what should we call it? Should we have different role-play characters? Hmmm....
Think about it. Oh! I am totally starting a Christmas one!

2 December 2007, 12:13 PM   #22
Guest Poster
Aww, it can't be over now!!!

2 December 2007, 12:19 PM   #23
Club Veteran
Joined: 4 Oct 2007
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can i rp here pwease and if i can i wants to be a wolf called ayame.

2 December 2007, 12:56 PM   #24
Guest Poster
YESH!!!! You can!!!!


Lowell and Marrok went back into the cave. I wonder what she's doing now... Lowell
thought aloud. Marrok sighed. She was a nice little faerie. he agreed. Lowell
nodded. We should get to sleep, it's getting dark out. Marrok swooshed his tail in
agreement and they curled up into a ball of fur, side by side. And Lowell dreamed

She was wandering around the forest. She could smell a strange scent on the wind. It was
another wolf. She chanted the words... Guya Kiesha Mourn. She could not hear them being
spoken as three, but as one. And once again, there on the wind, a note of harmony and
peace. Lowell let it envelope her. It told her something. The other wolf's name was... the
name fled her mind, so she said the words again. Guya Kiesha Mourn. And again, she almost
grasped the name, but it escaped her thoughts like a mouse from a blind and deaf cat. So
she said it again, and it stayed this time. Ayame...

2 December 2007, 03:54 PM   #25
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Ayame was in the forest wondering around.She sniffed the air and a strange scent came to
her on the wind.It was a scent of another wolf.She howled .She heard these words in the
wind Guya Kiesha Mourn .She listened agin and heard nothing so she howled the words she
heard,Guya Kiesha Mourn.Then a name came to her,it was the other wolfs name.Lowell.......

2 December 2007, 06:49 PM   #26
Guest Poster
Wow this is like the never ending story!

2 December 2007, 06:51 PM   #27
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yea but its a good story to so far

3 December 2007, 04:27 PM   #28
Guest Poster

Me write now XD


Lowell felt a strange tingling. She knew that Ayame had heard her, and she now knew her
name. Strange. Wait, could she hear the words? Impossible! No, not impossible, just very,
very, VERY, strange. She settled on a rock to sit. That wolf was really out there. She
could sense it. And alone? She didn't quite know. She came to a decision. To go find that
wolf! Ayame, she breathed, and she set out over the horizon whispering her excuse
to her mate before she left.


Lowell could almost feel the wolf right next to her. Ayame was coming closer, like she
was. Suddenly, a thought struck her. What if... she was the mirror of Ayame? What if she
was a black wolf, and she was her opposite? This was so confusing... She called out to her
mate. Wolves can comunicate over distances of up to 5 miles or more. She could clearly
speak to her mate, and he would reply. So she called out to speak with Marrok. Marrok,
my mate, what are you doing, upon this hour? I have something to share with you. For a
moment, there was almost silence as the message echoed across the forest. Then came a
reply. Lowell, my mate, what is your strength? Are you well, upon this hour? What do
you wish, to share with me, oh Lowell, my mate. Lowell smiled at the last part. His
voice was glowing, like his coat... his coat... A vivid image flashed across her mind. His
coat, bloody and torn, ripped to pieces only feet from her. The future? Lowell was
startled. She knew she could find out things about wolves and other creatures without even
coming close to them, but seeing the future? There was a huge knot in her throat.
Swallowing it, she called out again. Marrok, there's danger, come to me. Come to me
dearest, I'll make you see. Once again, the echoeing silence. Lowell, don't worry,
I'll come for you. Stay safe, and let your heart be true! So he was coming. But...
what if this was what would cause it? She was ever so confused...

3 December 2007, 06:23 PM   #29
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Ayame was taviling through the forest alone and all that was on her mind was that strange
wolf that chanted those words.Lowell she wispered as she was traviling through the
forest.She had a strange feeling like the other wolf knew her name.Oh how Ayame hated to
be alone in the forest at night even in the day time.


Ayame ran to a lake and sat by it and looked at the moon and howled a sempetic tune at the
moon.*she stopped and look at the water and drunk some of it and look at her reflection in
the water.Then she lay down by the lake and went to sleep,for that she knew she has a long
journey ahead of her tommorrow.Her journey was to find the wolf that chanted those
words,and with that she went to sleep.

4 December 2007, 07:44 PM    #30
Guest Poster
Your guys story is all awesome...ness! I shall keep readimng it and tell you what I
think! It is very good so far!

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