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Wolf Role Playing - In the Forest

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26 September 2007, 08:41 PM   #1
Guest Poster
This is for role playing as a wolf... I'm better at this more than any... so ENJOY!

26 September 2007, 08:58 PM   #2
Guest Poster
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Lowell was walking down the narrow path wondering what would happen if she howled... and
suddenly she heard a noise. She spun and ran towards it, not knowing what it is. Soon, she
saw it. It was a bear. Turning towards her angrily it charged.
something jumped inbetween her and the bear, and it fought it off. Slowly, the bear backed
down, and finally it turned and ran. Few, that was a close one! exclaimed Lowell.
Yes, you're right, it was, said the wolf that had saved her. It was a male. She
took a liking to him imediately, he was one handsome wolf! Who are you? I'm Lowell.
said Lowell boldly. My name is Marrok. I am a warrior of the forest, answered her
savior. Marrok, like the name, replied Lowell. Thanks, you too, said Marrok.
I need shelter for the night, is it OK if I stay with you tonight? asked the wolf.
He liked Lowell, she was young and bright, and beautiful, he added to himself.
Sure! replied Lowell, hoping he would stay for more than one night...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Lowell shakes Marrok with her paw, suddenly afraid. Something has happened to her...
Marrok wakes with a start. What is it?  he askes in confusion. I'm bleeding,
she whispers, What's happening to me? Suddenly Marrok was up on his feet, his tail
wagging, though he barely suppressed laughter. It means that YOU can have pups, he
said delightedly, though she didn't know why, but only after you're done bleeding,
he added. Y-you mean.... she trailed off unbelieving. Yes, he said, with
love for this wolf showing in his voice, so what do you say? he asked her. What
do you mean? Do you want to be my mate? he asked.

16 November 2007, 05:00 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Nettle the faerie twirled around the forest, her wings a brilliant orange blur in the
darkness of the night.  She landed on a thick leaf from where she scanned the horizon.
Suddenly a large cave caught her eye. Perfect to spend the night, she thought. She
darted to the cave her wings glowing radiantly as she sped on. When she finally reached
the cave, though she was so surprised at the sight that her wings went cold and she landed
on the ground with a thump. Oww.... 

In the cave were two wolves, but one was bleeding! Nettle sprang up. Clearly one was
attacking the other! Right? What else could it be? She sucked in air feeling her powers go
through her then she let it out and a gust of wind blew the wolf against the cave wall.
Oh, ya, I showed him, Netlle said. Then she froze. The wolf looked kind of mad...

16 November 2007, 05:47 PM   #4
Guest Poster
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Lowell looked up. There was a bird, or was it a fairy? Marrok  looked a little mad...
It's Ok, let me handle this. she said to him. He nodded slowly. Who are you?
she called into the air. But she didn't know if the bird understood. Do you understand
me? The bird looked a little confused at first then responded. Yes, I do understand
you. Are you OK? Lowell was confused. Then she realized that there was a little puddle
of blood at her feet. She blushed under her fur. Ummm... yea I'm fine, why wouldn't I
be? She already knew the answer, but she didn't really like the feeling it gave her.
It made her blush more.

16 November 2007, 06:11 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Nettle was confused. Did she want to give her attacker another whack or not? Perhaps he
wasn't attacking her, but why was there blood? Suddenly the reason flashed through her
mind and she frowned hoping the blush that formed on her cheeks was invisible in the
night. Okay then,, said Nettle. Uh...good to know you're fine." Nettle was
so humiliated. She really needed to work on her "hero" skills. She finally mastered her
air powers and what did she do with them? She almost killed a wolf's mate.   Nettle
turned to buz off then stopped and turned around. What's your name?

16 November 2007, 10:24 PM   #6
Guest Poster
I'm Lowell. This is Marrok. What brings you here? The "bird" looked at Lowell for
a moment, then piped up. I'm looking for shelter... but it looks like this place is
already occupied... then gave a giggle. Lowell thought that she could have had a
little too much honey-suckle that day... if that was what she ate. Ummm, what exactly
are you? And what do you eat? Lowell was super curious.

17 November 2007, 10:31 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Nettle knew it was probably a better idea to just leave these two mates be, but she did
need shelter and it appeared that Lowell was welcoming her in. She looked at Marrok. He
was sitting in the corner of the cave waiting for some responce from Nettle. Lowell was,
too. Oh, well my name is Nettle and I'm an autumn Elpamian which is just way of saying
I'm a faerie that controls air, Nettle explained. Lowell looked at her, looking a bit
baffled. Nettle didn't quite know how to explain it so she said, And I eat berries,
nuts...; natural things that grow in the forest. Nettle came closer in the cave when
suddenly a high cry echoed through the air. Nettle froze and looked up outside the cave.
Something dark with blood dripping from it's teeth was prowling around the cave. What was
it? A bear? A bear!

18 November 2007, 10:24 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Lowell and Marrok both started growling, and advanced on it. NETTLE, GET BACK!!!!
Lowell said. Nettle refused. Lowell slashed her paw in the bear's face and drew 4 red
lines. The bear roared in pain. Marrok bit his ear, and the bear started thrashing about
trying to get him off. Marrok would not let go, and eitehr Marrok or the bear's ear would
have to give in sooner or later. It was the ear. It tore down the middle, and Marrok was
flung back, but landed on his feet only to charge the bear once again. The bear was
bleeding in about 8 different spots, and fled. Lowell sighed. That was a close
one... she thought of how different she had been that morning... Was it only that
morning??? I'm going back to bed, announced Marrok. Lowell nodded. Nettle?
The pair both looked expectadly at her.

19 November 2007, 04:47 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Nettle starred out into the night outside the cave. Lowell and Marrok were calling her to
come inside the cave, but Nettle needed a moment to think. That bear...it was familiar to
her. She didn't know how though. It was the longing look in its eyes. Nettle knew it
hadn't come for Lowell or Marrok. It had come for her. Nettle turned around and laid her
eyes of the wolf couple. They starred back at her with expressions that said, "Are you
coming in or not?" Nettle sighed. She wished she could just tell them, but she couldn't
tell them anything. She needed a place to spend that night and if she breathed even one
words about what was really going on with that bear they would probably attack her! Nettle
entered the cave and sat down on a slender rock. Are you alright Nettle? asked
Lowell. Oh, I'm fine...just tired is all, she lied. Alright them get some
sleep, said Marrok. Nettle laid down and closed her eyes. Tomorrow she would find that
bear and make things right again, but for now sleep was esiential.

24 November 2007, 09:06 AM   #10
Guest Poster
Lowell dreamed. The bear was in that dream. And so was Nettle. 

She was in a forest of some sort, hiding in the underbrush.
The bear was ... talking?
Slowly, she crept forward.
Nettle was ... talking? to the bear?
Now, being closer, Lowell could make some of their words, but they made no sense to her.
Guya Kiesha Mourn, said the bear.
And... Nettle responded?
Nettle nodded.
Then disappeared.
Lowell was behind the bear.
Suddenly, it turned around.
She could see the gash on its face.
But then, something strange happened.
She felt it cut across her face. 
A mirror.
That's what she was.
She ran for her life, and that's when she awoke.

Nettle had lied. She knew something about that bear! Lowell walked over to Nettle.
What's wrong? she wispered into the faerie's ear.
Nettle woke up, startled.

24 November 2007, 03:16 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Lowell looked mad, and not the kind of "you ate the last cookie" mad, but MAD mad. Nettle
rose and her wings flicked open as swiftly as a fan. The look in Lowell's eyes was feirce
and almost frightening. What was wrong with her? Are you okay Lowell you look kind
of-- Oh I'm just fine! Lowell interupted, an angry sound in her voice. I had
a dream and in it your were talking to that bear! You know something I don't! How can I
even trust you? Lowell shrieked. In the forest dreams were everything. They told tales
of important comings and goings. However, even knowing that, Nettle would need to think of
something. What was she going to tell her? Oh I just stole a magic mirror and accidently
turned a fellow faerie into a bear? No, she wasn't going to tell her that. You're freaking
out because of a dream? Well, if you ask me that's just stupid. I should go now anyway,
if you don't trust me, said Nettle. She began to leave...

29 November 2007, 04:18 PM   #12
Guest Poster
NO! Lowell yelled after her. You can't leave-- Why not? Nettle broke
in, still walking. Because! She obviously thought that was a pathetic reason. But,
for no reason except she was still tired, she turned around. And she sighed. Look, I
wasn't trying to be... too... harsh. She was fumbling for words, a sign of discomfort.
Nettle sighed again. Ok, I just don't like it when a friend- and yes I consider you a
friend- keeps secrets. It's something wolves pretty much never do... and what my parents
did to me... This all came out in a rush. It struck Nettle that she knew pretty much
nothing about this wolf, or what her life had been before this week. What's going
on? came a groggy voice from the front of the cave. He had been awake the whole time,
but he wasn't about to admit that. We're talking. Lowell answered bravely. She
wondered if he had been listening? And what if Nettle did ask about her past life? Was she
going to tell her the story? No... But wouldn't that be keeping a secret, something she
said wolves rarely did, and what her parents had done to her. And it had scarred her for
life after she found out what that secret was. She thought back to that dreadful day... 

And suddenly she was back out on the ledge. She kept crying out, and stayed there for 3
days, and 3 nights. Her mother had suddenly arrived and told her the secret. Again she
heard those words being whispered, and they were a poison to Lowell. It was eating her up.
Then she had woken up safe. She never knew how either. The secret...

Then her own voice jerked her back to the present. She was groaning. It was bright out.
And Marrok was laying next to her, with a worried expression on his face, panting. What
had happened? She vaguely remembered Nettle... Where's Nettle? she sat up abruptly.
Where was the faerie?

29 November 2007, 05:36 PM   #13
Guest Poster
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Nettle found herself perched on top of a tree branch scanning the area of the forest.
There was no sign of that bear. What if it was dead? How awful would that be? Then she
would have no hope of turning her fellow faerie back to normal, but first things first.
She pulled a small square out of her pocket and blew on to it gently picturing smooth
glyphs in her mind. The square grew and morphed until a beautiful mirror was in her hands.
This was the magic mirror. Now if she could find the bear she could turn her faerie friend
back to normal.

She twirled around the branches feeling a gentle breeze tickle her skin and for once was
calm and almost forgot about what she was supposed to be doing. Suddenly she caught sight
of Lowell and Marrok wandering around below her. Nettle froze in the air. What were they
doing outside the cave; looking for her? Ugh! Well, by now they probably thought she was
some sort of evil devil. Then a huge gust of wind knocked her out of concentration and she
tumbled to the ground landing hard on a pile of rocks. Her vision was a blur. She fumbled
about trying to get things in focus. had the wolves seen her? She thought she could make
out a large brown blur, but she couldn't be sure. She saw two grey blurs suddenly dash at
the brown blur and her vision slowly came back. It was Lowell and Marrok and...the bear!
They were attacking it again!

"STOP!" she screamed and the wolves turned to face her.

29 November 2007, 05:44 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Everyone was frozen. Lowell wondered why Nettle didn't want her to attack. But she
stopped. Nettle... she began dangerously. Nettle was shaking. Like she was...
scared? Why did you keep your secret from me, Nettle? Now she sounded
heartbroken... but she didn't stop. She continued. All you had to do was utter a few
words, but you didn't. You, instead, kept a secret. Venom was dripping from those
words, and Nettle felt horrible.


crap I have to go... continue from there please!!!

29 November 2007, 05:59 PM    #15
Guest Poster
I-I...I just...you see

Nettle was trying to put together a reasuring sentence quickly, but she wasn't having much
luck. She had to tell them about what she did, but it was so awful! Lowell and Marrok
would think she was an awful faerie and not want to be her friends anymore if she told
them. They might even want to kill her because they might think she was dangerous! Nette
wasn't dangerous. She stole the mirror, but she was so curious, of course that isn't an
excuse to steal. And she turned her faerie friend in to a baer with the mirror. That
wasn't entirley her fault, She wasn't to familiar with the magic. It wasn't like she was
going to turn everyone into bears! Nettle breathed in and out and pondered these important
pionts. Perhaps she was over reacting. Anyway, if they did want to hurt her for the awful
thing she did she could just fly away. The sky was her territory. She told them...


So you were under the impression we would kill you? questioned Marrok. Nettle
nodded. Lowell growled.
Stealing the magic of another, especially one you have no idea how to use. That was
foolish and dangerous Nettle. I didn't think you could be so childish, said Lowell.
Nettle didn't know what to say after that. they were both angry with her, but it didn't
appear they were going to kill her. If you please said Nettle, taking out the
mirror. They nodded and turned away from her. Nettle placed the mirror in front of the
wounded bear. It was nearing death, sorrow and pain showing in its eyes. She began to
murmur words under her breathe Guya Kiesha Mourn... Without warning there was a
flash of light and where there once was a bear laying there bleeding and bruised stood a
female faerie clutching her arm where she was bleeding.

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