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2 September 2007, 05:08 PM   #1
Joined: 16 Aug 2007
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im sooo bumed that school's comming back already boooo school

9 October 2007, 08:21 PM   #2
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 2
RANDOMNESS! me likeish pie

10 October 2007, 01:20 PM   #3
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 39
i like cheesecake =]

10 October 2007, 04:59 PM   #4
Joined: 14 Apr 2007
Posts: 69
cheesecake ish gewd
never eat killeded potatoes.........they might killeded u back

10 October 2007, 06:44 PM   #5
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 39
yes yes it is!!

10 October 2007, 07:06 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Public School is Fun :D

I've been going to the same school ever since Kindergarten.


I skipped Preschool :]

10 October 2007, 10:13 PM   #7
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 39
i likkkkeeeeeeeeeeeee school.. wow that was weird i said i like school. but i actually

10 October 2007, 10:15 PM   #8
Guest Poster
band is Fun >_< 

Zomg did i say that? O.O


I play Zee Flute :3

10 October 2007, 11:33 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Last edited by AMYxNiCOLE, 12 November 2007
i skipped preschool too! :]
except i haven't been at the same school since kindergarten.
i went to elementary [k-5]
middle [6-8]
and now high school [9-12]

..and i'm not in band. i ALMOST was, i was going to play the clarinet.
except then i decided to be in art.
i really don't know why, it was a total waste of time.

ewwww i don't like this song 
*goes to change song in itunes*
alright that's better.

school can be okay, it just depends on what class it is.

A day
1st period: drill team [fun-ish]
2nd period: american sign language [supeerrrr boring]
3rd period: technology [...ish]
4th period: algebra 2 pap [death on a stick]

B day
5th period: drill team [again, fun-ish]
6th period: g/t english [easyyy and fun]
7th period: g/t history [see above]
8th period: chemistry pap [my favoritee]

and yeah..=]
there's my schedule.
apparently i have too much time. because this is a really long post.
actually i should be balancing chemical equations right now. but i'm not.

slkaghoslzjbzkjirdghuirygiodjhlk4ejyhijituhiojllkjeowqijgblknzlv. there.
now i'm done.

10 October 2007, 11:39 PM   #10
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 39
i skipped prek and kindergarten 

heres my schedule

1st period: US history (super fun b/c the teacher is hilarious)
2nd period:Algebra (easy 4 me but not fun at ALL)
3rd period: science (teacher is cool and class is easy, fun-ish)
4th period: p.e (sometimes fun but our coach tortures us sometimes)
tutorials: super easy (we dont do anything lol)
5th period: health (ok class)
6th periodnglish (death class but im good at it)
7th period: spanish (favorite class)

10 October 2007, 11:40 PM   #11
Joined: 8 Oct 2007
Posts: 39
whoops it turned my : e in english to a 

11 October 2007, 06:21 PM   #12
Joined: 5 Apr 2007
Posts: 42
heeheehee my secdual changes everyda so I have no idea but yhea
Dont you just love school?
heehee that was sarcastic really why do I need Math 8?
I learnt all that needed in kindergartin XD

11 October 2007, 08:09 PM   #13
Guest Poster
that's fun. last year we watched pirates of the caribbean. =]

14 October 2007, 04:43 PM   #14
Joined: 5 Apr 2007
Posts: 42
well I get to watch retards all day

12 November 2007, 04:07 AM    #15
Guest Poster
hey iu am a new member

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