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creative writting picture #3

13 March 2007, 07:09 PM   #1
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13 March 2007, 07:10 PM   #2
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oooooooo which one which one! I have 3 pictures to write on!! I'll start with #1 and work
my way to this one

13 March 2007, 07:10 PM   #3
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lol XDD you dont have to do everyone if you dont want to lol XDDDD
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13 March 2007, 08:37 PM   #4
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omg, this reminds me of that little girl (i think her name was risa?) in fruits basket.

13 March 2007, 09:01 PM   #5
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A Furry Feline Friendship 
                                                      by Eve Katana 
                   Kisa was a little girl who loved to play in the dandelion meadow.Her
favorite animal is the tiger.One day, as she merrily skipped along the field, she was
shocked to find a tiger."AHH!!!!!TIGER!"Kisa yelled.Even though she loved tigers, she was
terrified to even get close to one.And now, there is a fully grown tiger right before her
                   The tiger moaned in pain.Kisa examined the tiger.It had a wound on its
left front leg!"Good thing I always carry a first aid" and Kisa just spread some ointment,
placed the bandages, and the whole time, the tiger wasn't growling. "must be
brother called. 
                   Kisa told the tiger,"I am going home, ok?I will give you leftovers
after."And she left the tiger. A few hours later, she came back to the tiger."here you go,
it's fresh raw steak." and she gave him the steak. As the tiger ate, she rubbed his fur as
if he was a cat. 
                   The next few days, she had been spending time with the tiger.Even
though the tiger's wound was healed in 1 day, she always came to check up. Her brother
began to grew suspicious.One day, he had discovered the tiger."OMFG!A TiGER AHHHH!!!" and
he hit the tiger with a stick,ran home and told his parents. When Kisa came back to the
tiger, she saw a tiger poacher, her brother, and her parents. "NO!!DON'T SHOOT HIM!!!!"she
yelled and put her in front of the tiger, hugging him."If you want to shoot him, you'll
have to kill me first!" 
                   Her mother said," it's for the our own will have more times on
our hands and you'll be happy as always."Kisa retorted," MY own good?you just want him
gone!I aways was happy with him and to tell you the truth, I LOVE HIM!" 
                  They were so shocked that moment, the poacher shot himself. A girl in
love with an animal?How odd!But at that moment, they knew Kisa was right and, the tiger
became one of the family.

14 March 2007, 08:06 AM    #6
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arigato, you guys.

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