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"Pay closer attention to road. Try not to look at the woods on either side of you. Try not to stare into the endless vacuum. You know what happens if you stare into those chasms. They envelope you. They become you, and you become a part of them. You become a part of nothing.” - Connor de Bruler.[img=600,400]map here eventually DeWitt Falls, Alaska DeWitt Falls is a magical city located in southeastern Alaska. It’s a town full of lush forests and babbling creeks, as well as the occasional man-eating life-form and flying witch. Hey, no one ever said DeWitt Falls wasn’t unique in its inhabitants. A town polluted with the damned, DeWitt Falls is a place that many tend to take in with their eyes half closed. Faeries, Wendigos, and mer-men, among many more eccentricities ghost across the mud-ridden town, and many of which leave their scars before they leave their footprints. City Hall As most would expect, City Hall is full of those who haven’t a clue about what they’re doing. There's a rumor that the Mayor sweeps out the ones without sense and replace them with brittle bones, ones with nice symmetrical teethmarks. Chomp chomp. Some of the skulls still have the trademark coif of hair that lawyers are so accustomed to. Now, it’s not to say that everybody who walks in and out of City Hall is completely clueless, but truth be told, the citizens of DeWitt Falls don’t like keeping our lawmakers around for too long. That would get boring, would it not? And we would hate to join the numerous mundane cities out in the world. Now, the exception is that of those who have magic thrumming in their veins. And well, the exceptional flying witch. City Hall is located in the middle of town, its arches high and its flag often found beaten to shreds from what the wind or hurricanes had to offer. Pageturner Ah, the local bookstore, Pageturner, owned by the loveliest escapist on the street, Alistair Knight. The bookstore has been in his family for generations, and it’s one of DeWitt Fall's favorite local businesses, as well as the most frequented seeing as you can find a book on just about anything in the world. He also has a generous supply of records and Faerie fossils. I wouldn’t miss out on this, Listeners. Don’t forget that he holds Poetry Readings every Friday at 8pm, be there or be irrelevant. J's Diner J's Diner is where you’ll find your caffeine fix. It’s also where you’ll find the most exotic of tastes in DeWitt Falls. J's Diner ships in some of the weirdest dishes and seasonings, they work along with the Mayor and the rest of the supernatural beings in DeWitt Falls to create the best cuisine around. You may find yourself dining next to the Seelie King or maybe even Cotton Eye Joe, he enjoys a mean human leg in the mornings with his Earl Grey. Hoodoo Voodoo The local Magick shop, Hoodoo Voodoo, is where you’ll find the mysterious and illustrious McClain Twins, the owners of said shop. They’ll help you find whatever you need, whether it be chicken legs or the head of a mermaid—2 for $40 on Tuesdays—wow what a deal! The shop may or may not let you go when you want to leave, it’s been known to grow attachments, so beware and try not to lead it on… Deadwood Hollow Deadwood Hollow isn’t full of small talking creatures that teach children lessons of morality and have incredible adventures, it is a dark and terrifying place made home to all the various scratchy and bitey creatures of the night. Only the brave and reckless humans venture inside, as they are faced with Nymphs right away, at least most are. The Nymphs keep out the creatures and beings who want to harm the woods or the creatures that reside inside, but hunters have found a secret way in that these ladies do not know of as it is human made. In these woods, all creatures and humans alike roam around and find places to reside or hide. It’s a confusing and quixotic place as there are no signs to help you if you are lost and the trees and various shrubbery change shapes, places, and colors every hour. Do not step inside the woods unless you have a quick mind or a camera, as you will got lost quick immediately and lose yourself and your life soon after. Sinking Rock Sinking Rock is located just outside of town, and yes, with a name like sinking, one would expect for it to be…messy. The area is covered in a cozy and threatening blanket of trees and a nice body of water. Just don’t try and take a dip, because you may find yourself without legs.
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