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3 January 2014, 12:52 PM    #1
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1. You may create as many characters as you wish as long as you can control each and
every one of them and not get confused.
2. I will create the starter characters but if theres a character I make and you like
them, just message me and I'll give you control over the character.
3. No perfect characters. It gets boring if your character is perfect
4. Want literate writers that try to write at least a paragraph(4-8 sentences is a
5. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Remember, I'm getting ideas from your writing and
if theres a scene I like, I'll add it to my story.
6. Don't randomly stop replying to the role play. If you don't reply for a day, I will
check if you've been on in that period of time and if you have been, I'll message you.
Don't leave people hanging. Write a message in the out of character section to let people
know if you'll be gone for a couple of days.
7. Have fun!

PS. The Abyss, the story I'm working on, is based on Alice in Wonderland. In the story,
Amaranth died right after creating The Abyss because it drained all of her power. Evander
was so furious that he couldn't kill her but continued to try to destroy The Abyss. When
he found out that Amaranth can reincarnate because she's an angel, he is very intrigued.
He plans on killing them but the reincarnations always die before he can. Current day, A
girl named Amelia with a dysfunctional life is forced to move to England because of her
parent's careers. She meets a boy named Aidan who is very mysterious and the two
constantly bicker. He has a temper and gives her a concussion during one of their fights.
The reason for their fight was because Amelia's dad was yelling at her and beating her. He
tried to kill her but Aidan killed him first. He was only protecting her but she was so
upset that she ended up fighting with him. Anyways, when Amelia falls unconscious she
wakes up and is surrounded by demons grabbing at her. Then she appears in a field and
see's a normal looking rabbit. She chases it since its the most normal thing she's seen.
She chases the rabbit until she falls into a hole. Instead of landing in some kind of
wonderland however, demons start grabbing her pulling her further and further into the
hole and she feels her life being sucked away. She's about to give up when Aidan forces
her to wake up. Making it like Alice in Wonderland was my original idea but after shifting
from first to third person, it changed. This is the third change this story has gone
through. Haven't gotten far though. Kinda stuck. This is where you guys come in. I am
leaving out the whole Amelia thing and its going to take place probably only in The Abyss
while so far, Amelia is just in the human realm right now. Amarnath won't be created
though. I've decided against her. Her two children will though. I'll be creating a lot of
characters to begin with so... you guys, PLEASE adopt one or two of them. I don't like
starting with so many characters but in this case I have to.

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