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Drysmere (Hail's kingdom) Restricted

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1 June 2012, 04:24 AM   #1
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This is the kingdom that Hail rules. It's a powerful kingdom but humble. Not much danger
happens here. Under Hail's rule some Lights take refuge here and the Darks who already
live there allow it and so does Hail. It's the only kingdom in the world that allows Light
and Dark Beings to live together.


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(Ehh.. how should I start this???)
Naunie frowed as she looked around.
I'd never guess that thing would rule his own kingdom.
A kindgom of light and darks.... where they lived together.
How discusting.
The entire place was quiet as she walked, and she couldn't see anyone pass by.
(Sorry it's small, I don't know what to make her do since they just came in)

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Aldrade walked silently through the empty streets with Naunie behind him. Usually people
would be out but since he arrived they are all holed up in their homes. Don't I feel
welcome. Turning down more streets they came across an entire neighborhood of houses.
You could tell which ones were Light and which ones were Dark based just on their houses.
The Darks preferred more darker toned bricks while the Lights stayed on the lighter side
of the spectrum. 
Out of the corner of his eye he saw a pair of eyes peek out from behind shutters. Turning
back to Naunie he pointed to a far away hill and ontop of it stood a dark palace. "There.
That is the palace we must get to. That is Hal's palace. Although a group of powerful
witches cast a spell to protect it from unwanted visitors. Which is us." He smiled
pointing to the both of them. "So it'll take a day or two to get there. Meanwhile we can
stay at one of my servant's houses for the night." He turned back around but stopped.
"Unless it makes you uncomfotable to sleep in the same abode as I."


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Right, his Palace. She thought bitterly. She didn't like the idea of having to
avoid enchantments and obsticles, but since she'd been doing it for the past... it seemed
like a short while but really counting the days Naunie was pretty sure it'd been a year.
Of course in that time she had gotton a new wardrobe to her likeing with the aid of
Aldrade of course. (Since they've been traveling together for a year now lets assume they
know eatchothers names XD)
Though she was unshure of what she really looked like in them since she hadn't wanted to
see her reflection.
I feel different... and I'm afriad to see myself. What I've become. She always
seemed to have this tiny voice inside her begging to be heard. Not likeing what she was
She'd learned much more defensive and offensive magic during the journey since she didn't
yet have another wepon. She refused to buy one, for her old bow was hand made by her old
training instructor.
And I will make my own.
Aldrades' question surprized her. In the same abode? Granted it had been awile since she
had slept on any bed, or really gone into a house. Most of the time if they stopped to
sleep it was on the ground or in a random Inn. She frowned and put her hands to her hips.
"I have no problem with it. As long as we're both aware of personal space that is." She
smiled wryly.

Edit: So many mistakes, I bugged myself XP

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Aldrade felt a smirk pull on his lips. "Don't worry, love. You are not my type." He let
out a cold laugh and turned and started to walk toward his destination. When Hail first
conquered this kingdom he had sent his own servants to live here to keep an eye on him.
One of his most loyal ones lived just around the corner, always waiting for his return. 

Finally they came up to a dark marron bricked house with a black door. The windows were
shut but a lacy white curtain was seen on the other side. Walking up to the door Aldrade
noticed a tiny windchime hanging from a perch. It had gold chimes with dark skeleton heads
hanging. When a small breeze hit it a haunting melodic tune played. Aldrade smiled and
knocked on the door gently. Foot steps were heard from within and the door swung open. 

A woman was standing in the door way. Her dark black hair reached all the way down to her
lower back and looked as soft as silk. Her pale skin glowed and sparkled under the sun and
her dark eyes brightened at the sight Aldrade. 

"Ally!!" She cried and jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms around her waist and
nuzzled into her hair. She pulled away and then caught sight of Naunie. Her face contorted
into one of disgust. "Who's the pip-squeak?" She sneered. Aldrade clicked his tongue. "Now
now Celina. Is that any way to treat a guest? She is a friend and she will recieve your
hospitality." Celina grumbled but invited them both in.


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PIP-SQUEEK?!! Naunie clenched her teeth together and sneered at their little
One day I'll prove myself to these things. Ever since she journy she had despised
being an elf, a weakling.
No matter how much magic I learn, or how good I get with a bow, I will never begin to
compare with the angels and demons of this world. Her face hardened.
But I will grow stronger. One day.... I'll show fate its' place.
But for now I need to show my usefulness... and not make enemies. She thought
bitterly, glaring at the female who thought so little of her.
No, I'll surley be killed if I let the wrong words slip out. 
Walking inside she studied the house.
They're ll quite predictable. So far I havn't seen one Dark dressed in anything but
Black. And their houses are just as dark. 
Except this one seemed quite feminine with the lacy curtains.

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Aldrade came up beside Naunie and bent down low, whispering in her ear. "Act comfortable.
Celina is a good ally. She's an Oracle." He stood upright and gave Naunie a wink before
walking to one of the white couches and sat down. The living room was painted a soft
periwinkle and paintings adorned the walls. Two white couches sat across from eachother
and a glass table sat in between. A small black and white cat sauntered in and pranced
over to Naunie. 

"Oh Ally. Why did it take you so long to come see me?" She cooed as she set down three
glasses of peppermint tea and mints. 

"I had business to attend to, darling. You know, babysitting Hail and torturing his
pitiful family." He said casually. Celina giggled. "I love it when you act mean." Aldrade
gave her a smile which made her giggle some more. She went over and sat next to Aldrade,
cuddling up next to him. He draped his arm around her shoulders, bringing her close. She
rested her hand upon his chest. 

"As you might know, I already knew you were coming. I didn't see the elf though and I
don't know why. I see everything." She looked up at Aldrade. "I can't even see Hail
Aldrade nodded. He knew exactly why. 
"It's that stupid angel." He gave a look at Naunie. For the past year Aldrade has been
observing Naunie and her strange aura. It all made sense now. "She must have placed it on
her and that spoiled princess before she fled. Now she's with Hail and she is protecting
him too." Aldrade was impressed. 

"Pitiful creatures. So disgusting." Celina spat. She turned to Naunie and glared. "All
they're worried about is love and peace." She rolled her eyes. Aldrade
started to rub her arms. "Calm down, dear. Naunie  is a changed elf. She's working for me

Celina's smile turned to one of a genuine expression. "Oh really? A tainted elf? You know
what, girl, I think I might like you just that much more."


1 June 2012, 05:43 PM   #8
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(Sorry it took so long I had to eat)
Naunie took care in hiding her discust at the lovey display between the two.
All in the name of our mission. She told herself. This woman was needed, just as
Aldrade had said. 
She stiffened at his mention of the Traitor, and fury raged inside her as she listened to
his discovery.
That filthy, pitiful creature enchanted me?! She forced herself to stay calm, and
look hard. 
The girl spoke of her as a "Tainted" elf. She laughed a bit at that.
I suppose I am arent I? A part of her felt awkward being the center of attention
now. During her training and times in Ghidora, she rarely had any attention from anyone
outside of those she was ordered to protect. And now she was conctantly meeting new people
and creatures, having to interract with them and influence them.
Though she was slowly growing used to it, it was still very obvious that she wasn't one
for words. 
Suddenly a memory crossed her mind of Naunie and Evangeline planning to rescue Arionna.
Something had seemed off about her, though Naunie had ignored it before, thinking of her
as higher and unable to be sick, or weak.
But now.... 
"You know Aldrade, perhaps the Angel is growing weaker. I remember she had seemed a bit
off. This could prove as an advantage to us." She contemplated why the angel would be
growing weaker.
"If Hail is unaware of this, he may be caught off gaurd. We should find a way to weaken
her powers even more." She said, a plan begining to form in her mind.

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1 June 2012, 06:16 PM   #9
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Aldrade perked up at Naunie's statement and the cogs and gears in his mind started to
turn. "Good observation, love." He got up from the couch leaving Celina by herself. A pout
formed on her face but Aldrade didn't notice. Why would her powers be weakening? He
hasn't heard of really anything that could weaken an angel. He turned to Celina with a
serious expression. At the sight of his face Celina instantly switched to work mode. 
"Celina I need you to do some digging for me." She stood up and nodded at him. "Find out
all you can about Angel's. I would prefer you to find anything out about their bloodlines
but we can take whatever information we can." He turned to Naunie and motioned for her to
follow him. He started walking down a seperate hallway and opened a door on his right. He
stepped into it finding a desk with a large book sitting upon it. It sat in the middle of
the room with only a candle to illuminate it. He walked up to it and blew off the dust.


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Smileing Naunie rose and followed the Demon. The thought of actually being a match for the
angel had always seemed like a false hope, but with that memory, their victory seemed
She had been wondering where to begin with her plans. Arionna was weak, and Naunie knew
she didn't need to worry about her at all. Though she had been thinking that if she could
murder the king in secret, Arionna would be forced to take the throne early. The Kingdom
would be in a panic, for everyone knew of the girls irrisponsibility, and the Military
would suffer greatly.
That side of her revange she could tell would be simple. Though it was taking out her
revenge on Hail and Evangeline that she knew would be difficult. 
But with the help of this Demon, things will be much easier.

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1 June 2012, 07:38 PM   #11
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[OOC: I edited the very last part of my previous post. I found a fault soo... yeah.
Embaressing moment.]

Once the dust was cleared the books true colors shown. It had a blinding white cover with
blood red letters painted on top. Kitab Makhluk. "The Book of Beings." Aldrade
translated. "It's an ancient book that was handed down from the hands of angels." He said
to Naunie without looking at her. "That is until the demons had stolen it 150,000 years
ago. Now it not only contains information about Dark Beings but also Light Beings as well.
Now it is protected by the Dark Beings Oracle's who can anticipate if someone will try to
steal it." Carefully he lifted the cover and opened the book. The pages were aged and the
writing looked as if it was written in real blood. It could have. Aldrade thought.

Slowly he flipped the pages searching for something in particular. He flipped by numerous
illustrations and pages of Angels and Demons and everything in between. Finally he found
what he was looking for. He stopped at a page with no picture and only a paragraph for a


Very dark monsters of the night. Contains so much power that it could destroy kingdoms
with a snap of it's fingers. According to records only one exists in this world and is
being held, bound, to protect man kind as we know it. Whoever releases it has the power to
control it and the monster will listen to every command it says. It is a mortal and
demonic sin to release it. It's mortal enemy is the angels for they are the ones who
sealed him. If this creature was to be released, every Celestial Angel would soon cease to

He turned to Naunie and a sinister smile spread across his features. "Meet our future


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(Itls alright it happens to me all the time XDD)
Naunie listened carefully as the demon explained what he was looking at. When a sinister
smile formed on his face she approched what he was refurring to.
Her eyes flew as she read the discription, her eyes lighting up with excitment the further
she read.
Once finished she began to laugh. 
It scared her honestly, that she found this information so utterly exciteing. The laugh
made her feel insane, yet she continued to laugh, having to lean on the desk for support.
"This is incredible! She wouldn't stand a chance!" She managed to gasp once her laughter
calmed. A twisted smile still on her face she shook her head.
"It's wonderful, but do you have any idea how we'd get that thing free? If it is gaurded
by angels it would be very difficult." She said growing serious, her strange attack of
laughter before forgotten in her mind.

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Aldrade carfeully set the book down enjoying the maniacal laughter coming out of Naunie's
lips. "You're right. It's going to take time. Although there is always one day every ten
years that the Bluxenloft is at his most powerful. Although, every decade the angel's
manage to keep him down and sealed but barely. If he had help though, he would be able to
escape." He leaned against the table crossing his arms at his chest. 

"This is why we need Celina. The date is kept secret from everyone. Even some angel's.
Most likely she can find out what that day is but it will take a while." Taking a few
moments to recollect himself he walked over to Naunie and gently caressed her cheek. His
eyes grew soft and his touch gentle. "And that is where you come in, love. In order to
acess the creature we need an angel to first get into heaven. I suppose you can guess
where I am going with this, can't you?" His voice growing quieter and stern with every


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Nodding her head at this information she pondered what the plan was until she felt his
hand on her cheak. She was about to make another comment about person space when she
realized what he was getting at, his voice stern.
Wait.... WHAT?
Her eyes narrowed.
"Are you saying you want me to trick Evangeline into trusting me?" She grinded her teeth
at the thought of trying to be nice to the angel when really she'd want to slaughter her
right than and there.
She growled.
"How do you expect me to gain her trust, pray tell?" She growled.

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Aldrade smiled menacingly. He squandered the rising anger that was within him. I had
forgotten how stubborn this child could be. 

"No other angel will even step close to you now that you smell of Dark. You practically
wreak of it though you look Light. That angel of yours has been around you all your life
that she won't notice the change in you. She'll just be too happy to see you again." He
pondered for a moment then continued. "Although, you will have to be cautious of Hail. Be
careful for he isn't dumb and one wrong move and the whole plan is ruined." He removed his
hand from her face and walked back to the table with the massive book. 

"If you can trick that angel into trusting you then I will contact you. You will report to
me every night." Reaching into his pocket and pulled out a folded photograph. "If Hail
does figure you out and threatens to ruin it all, show him this and say it's from me.
That'll make him behave." He unfolded the photograph and observed it with a smile. It was
a picture of Adrien and Zachariah. Shackled and in rags. Bloodied and bruised. Near death.
He handed it over to Naunie after folding it back up. 

"I will explain more about the plan soon. For right now, we need to rest. Tomorrow we are
going to the King's Castle."


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