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Room #114 Listen Glacea

24 November 2011, 01:57 PM   #1
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anime girls
Pictures, Images and Photos
 Ignore the random girls in the room, it's hard to find a good room picture
also matches your charecter -_-  

Lissas' room is adorned with many keepsakes from her room that the school
managed to somehow smuggle in before they kidnapped her.
They try to keep her happy and content here because they fear she'll find her way out.
Since she can read minds after all.
But the truth is, Lissa hasn't even thought about rebelling, and finding an escape.
As far as she knows, her parents know she's safe and sound in a school where she doesn't
The truth... is far from it.

29 November 2011, 07:58 PM    #2
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Sitting at her desk, Lissa began to start on her essay.
She bit her lip in frustraion.
She always had problems with starting anything..

Concentrating hard she began to write..
"The reason for conning. your way..." She erased that, and grunted in irritation.
"For centuries the human race has lied and schemed.."
"NO!" She yelled in anger.
She grabbed the paper, and smashed it into a tight ball, sending it soaring across the

Sitting on her chair once more, she let her head fall to her deak in defeat.

Already she'd been in this place for a whole year, and she still couldnt keep up with the
other genious students!

Fighting the urge to punch something, she dragged herself to her bed and fell onto it,

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