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(FAQ) What the eff is this "Madoka" thing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

"You may ask about anything that confuses you!"


Q. What is a magical girl?
A. (Typically a normal girl around high school age who transforms into a kick-ass
alter-ego that fights monsters. This is who you will roleplay as, though in this roleplay,
magical girls are called 'Puella Magi'.)

Q. What makes Puella Magi Madoka Magica so special? Why not Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor
A. (PMMM is notable for having a dark, deconstructive setting. 

If we were doing a regular magical girl series, the heroines would fight for love,
justice, sweets, etc. They always win. We can't be having that, can we? It'd be boring as

However, in PMMM, sweet pretty girls are brutally maimed if they are careless. They get no
reward for their sacrifice, and any suffering or despair that happens on their part is
their own fault for making the choice to become a magical girl.)

Q. Can my character be killed off? Can I kill off other characters?
A. (Absolutely, to both questions.)

Q. What is the point of being a magical girl?
A. (You fight evil creatures called 'witches' that drive people to commit suicide.
'Witches' are dangerous creatures that look like grotesque, drug-induced monstrosities.
They can kill your character if you aren't careful.)

Q. Who gets to be witches? Are you going to be horribly unfair?
A. (Only mods and I may be witches. We will roleplay them with all fairness, though after
a good amount of battles, the fights might get harder so things don't get boring. All
witches are unique. Take a look at these examples:
[http://wiki.puella-magi.net/Category:Witches] )

Q. What's that thing in your signature? Also, what do you mean by "Kyubey" as your
A. (It's Kyubey! I will be roleplaying prominently as Kyubey. It is the creature you make
a contract with to become a magical girl. It will grant you a wish of absolutely anything
in return for your service. It's not at all what it seems to be. :3)


If you wanna know more about Puella Magi Madoka Magica itself, take a look at this well
written wiki!

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