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TITLE: The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Edit Version)

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Well, for now I stopped writing about the story.

Yet, I edited the prologue and chapter one.

I still want chapter one to be longer, but for now, its much better than what it used to

Comment and enjoy!

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	Some people say life is hard. Some people say life is not fair. Some people say life is
horrible. I, myself, Chloe Hixson, say life is like a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie to
be exact. You see my life used to be perfect, now its just crumbling like a cookie.
Perfect by being a perfect circle, just the right amount of chocolate chips, and tasted
just wonderful. Then something happens and the cookie isn’t so perfect anymore. Someone
will take a bite out of the cookie and another and another, until you get down to the last
bite. Before that last bit is gone you think that life is going to get better, but it
won’t. The last bite is eaten and the cookie is never more.

Chapter One
	A perfect day ending with my dad driving my family home. Ah, I have nothing to worry
about. Life was good, wonderful to be exact. I closed my eyes for a few minutes to take in
my perfect life, if only I knew those few minutes would be my last, I would have never
opened my eyes. Yet, I did, right when I heard a car horn and a huge crash at the same
time. Right then I thought everything was going to be fine. After all it was just a little
car accident. I pulled my head up and looked around. My dad and mom was down for the count
and the other cars looked pretty bad, too. Right then I noticed this wasn’t an average
day little car crash, it was serious. I looked for my purse on the ground. I also noted
that my arm was bleeding just a little bit, and probably from the windows. I finally found
my phone and quickly dialed 911 right before my hands started shaking. Reality finally
settled inside of me. What if my parents never wake up? What if I become an orphan? What
about the other people in the other cars? I started crying and then I heard a lady’s
voice. She tried asking me questions, but I couldn’t hear her over my crying. Finally,
the lady tried the next thing, trying to calm me down. All of a sudden my hands started
shaking even more. I dropped the phone. I left the phone there on the ground of the car,
because I heard the ambulance.
	I really don’t remember what happened next. I was still suffering from shock and give
me some credit with writing that full paragraph with only a few tears. Oh, right back to
the story. The ambulance people got me out and I sat on one of their tucks. I was the only
one awake at that moment, so it was just me, and everyone else was at the hospital. The
police tried asking me questions, but gave up once I told them I didn’t want to talk
about it.
	So fast forward three hours, and I was at the hospital staring at my dad and he wad died.
You got that right. My only dad in the whole wide world died. My mom was standing right
next to me and she was crying more than me, but finally she dragged me away, to go back
	That day was the first bite out of the cookie.

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Oh, yes I am in an editing mood, even though I have better stuff to do.

Oh, well, at least I have something to do.

I still want chapter two to be longer...but its way much better now.

Also, tell me if you think something isn't right with it.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Two
	A few days later, I am sitting down and staring at a white wall. I refused to talk to the
policemen. I don’t even want to think about that car crash. Would you? Would you want to
talk about the day that your dad died, the last day you saw your dad? No, I don’t think
so. The policemen just quietly sat there. I could tell they were getting impatient, just
like when they called the house yesterday. So I will be completely honest with you. I have
cried myself to sleep everyday. I haven’t showered until this morning, and I haven’t
even thought of touching my makeup. My clothes, ugh, I don’t even want to talk about
them. I just put a shirt on and jeans, but then I started crying, because I remembered
that shirt was a shirt my dad got for me, so I threw it off, and put on a new one. I kept
doing that until I finally found a shirt that wasn’t from my dad. 
	Yet, I shouldn’t be complaining, because well my mom was worse off than me. The last
time she showered was the day of the car crash. The last time she came out of her room was
the day of the car crash. The last day we actually had a real talk was the day of the car
crash. I could go on forever. Yet, yesterday I answered the phone, because who wouldn’t
with it say Police on it? They talked to me for a little bit, and I tried to tell them
that my mom wasn’t in a mood for talking, but they asked for me to put her on the phone.
So I did. Naturally, she took the phone and talked to them. So here we are looking like
people who look like they live on the street.
	“Miss Hixson,” said one of the policemen, “please do tell about that day.” I took
a deep breath. I couldn’t talk about it. Yet, I had to. If anything went wrong people
had the right to know. So I opened my mouth and told the story of that day.
	“That morning I was getting ready to go to my aunt’s house. She was having a party,
because she got a really good job. Her house was five hours away,” I said. The policemen
looked at me. They were just staring at me. I told them the story of the party. How I
mostly was just in the basement playing with the other kids. Then we went to the park to
play some baseball. Then I told him I was sitting there trying to get some sleep, because
it was late when all of a sudden I heard a giant crash!
	I had tears in my eyes when I was done. They handed me a tissue and mumbled a thank you.
I was free to go, so I sat outside on the chair. Heck, this chair was a lot comfortable
than the hard wooden chair that I was just seating in. I looked in the room my mom was in.
She all of a sudden looked very angry. I saw her get up and she walked out of the room,
while yelling.
	“My husband wasn’t drinking at the party! Your test must be a mistake!” yelled my
mom. The policemen tried to calm her down, but she ran out of the building before they
could. I slowly got up and followed her. She was already in the new car waiting for me.
The car wasn’t turned one. This isn’t good at all. I opened the car door carefully and
sat on the leather seats. My mom turned to look at me.
	“Chloe, we need to move,” said my mom. I let my mouth drop in a big O. We couldn’t
move! My whole life is here. “Let me explain,” said my mom, “I hated it here since I
moved here, but I stayed and didn’t complain, because of your father, now that he is
gone I need to get out of here. Cheer up, we’ll move to Ohio. I know you’ll love it
there!” My mom smiled really big at me. Yeah, I’ll totally love it on Ohio, not.
	“Can’t I just stay here?” I asked. My mom looked hurt.
	“No, and its final, we are going to move. Once we get home you need to start
packing,” said my mom. I was about to start yelling at her, but she wouldn’t listen to
me. I knew of this, because she turned on the car and turned up the music really loud.
Well, lucky me I was moving all the way to Ohio, five states away.
	Two weeks later, I was saying good bye to my friends. They all had tears in their eyes
and I did too. I hugged them all goodbye. The last person I hugged was my boyfriend. We
decided that we weren’t even going to try long distance, which was okay with me and him,
because well we haven’t been going out that long. I finally, got in the car, and waved
goodbye to my friends until I couldn’t see them anymore. I sat back in my seat and
closed my eyes. I just realized then, that I was leaving behind a lot more than I thought.
I was leaving behind my straight A’s private school and my mom already said I had to go
to a public school. I was leaving behind my softball team, and it actually had a chance to
go far this year! I was leaving behind my friends. I was leaving behind my first
boyfriend. But most of all, I was leaving behind the house that I lived in since I was a
baby and the house my dad grew up in. I was going to spend the rest of the summer, or
about two months, by myself. 
	This was the second bite of the cookie.

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Wow, it's a lot better!!! :D

Btw, could you read my recent posts of Stuck In KL? Thanks!
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Aw...thanks. I'm trying to take it a lot slower, which is a lot harder, but flows

I can totally do that for you! Sorry, but I have been totally busy and I kind of forgot
about it...sorry.

15 November 2010, 04:16 PM   #5
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I still want chapter three to be long, but its so much better than it was.

Ha. I think I have said that on every single one.


Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Three
	All I wanted to do, on the car ride to Ohio, was just turn up the music and let me
daydream. Yet, my mom had other plans. She told me right away that she had to tell me
something. I was not looking forward to it. Maybe, it was because I didn’t have my dad
there to help protect me from whatever my mom was going to say to me. Or maybe I just
didn’t want to hear whatever she wanted to say. Whatever it was I knew it wasn’t going
to be good, and I was right.
	“Now Chloe don’t get upset when I tell you this,” said my mom.
	“Mom, just tell me already, or I’m going to turn on the radio and blare it so I
can’t hear you,” I said. Okay, so I was getting a little impatient. Shoot me.
	“Chloe, your dad and I always had our differences. Well, the night before the big
party, I tried to bring up the subject of moving away. It didn’t turn out pretty. Your
dad started yelling at me and I yelled back at him. I was really upset at him,” said my
	“Mom I don’t need to know that you guys had a fight. I know you guys would have
settled it out in the end. Can we turn the radio back on?” I asked. My mom just shook
her head.
	“The next day he and I kept our distance at the party. At first I noticed that your dad
was starting to drink, but I thought he would be smart enough to only drink one. That’s
when I started cheating on him. I went off with one of my sister’s friends and
well…yeah. I didn’t realize he was drunk until he drove past the red light, but before
I could say anything of course the car crashed,” said my mom. I thought my parent’s
marriage was perfect, but I guess not.
	“What. The. Fuck. Mom. You ruined my life!” I screamed at her. She shook her head and
turned the music on. Of course she would, because she knows that’s the only thing that
clams me down when I am like this. Eventually, I calmed down, but yet I was still highly
pissed at her.
	You can say that conversation with my mom was the third bite out of the cookie. You are
probably wondering how big the cookie is or how many bites it has before it’s completely
gone. Well, the answer is coming up and trust me, this is not one of those stories where
everything falls into place again, no. This story is Chloe Hixson’s imperfect life.

16 November 2010, 08:00 PM   #6
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Eh, this chapter (number four) doesn't have too many changes. Just a few here and there.

The reason I am going through every chapter and editing it is because well I hated the
story on how it came to be.

I loved the plot and how everything was working out, but I hated the beginning.

Every time I read it I felt something was missing.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Four
	I had just finished unpacking all my clothes and bedding stuff. I don’t even want to
touch any of the other stuff I own. I was lying on my bed starring at the plain white
ceiling. Oh, yes this room had just plain white walls. Yuck. My mom said I could change
the color, but she had to make some money first. All of a sudden I heard my name being
called from downstairs. I could tell you who is calling me, but I’m pretty sure you
already know, because well it’s just me and my mom.
	I walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. My mom was sitting around the
circle kitchen table. She looked at me and smiled. Either this was good news or mad news.
I was still trying to decide when she spoke.
	“I found the perfect job for me!” she said. Oh, I am so happy for you. Not. I was
actually secretly wishing that she couldn’t find a job, and thus making us move back to
our old house, which we were going to rent out. “Oh, and Chloe, honey, I talked around
with some people in the neighborhood -”
	“So does this neighborhood have a softball team?” I asked, cutting my mom off. She
looked disappointed in me, because I spoke before she was done, but she ignored it.
	“No,” my mom said. 
	“What?” I shout out. My mom just shook her head, saying that she couldn’t explain
it herself. “Softball is my life! How am I supposed to live without softball? Oh,
that’s right; I’m not going to live here! I hate it here!” Okay, so I might have
over reacted a little bit, but I was a girl going through a circus, give me some credit.
And with that I ran upstairs to my yucky room and slammed the door. I jumped on my bed and
	You see I wasn’t lying about softball being my life. It is. My dad taught me to play
when I was five. Ever since I was five I tried a lot of things, but not one thing stuck
with me, except softball. It was familiar and I loved that feeling. I was also awesome at
the game, and I even joined the state team back at my old house. Of course my mom was not
happy with the money cost, but my dad talked her into it. After we moved I asked her about
it and she said I could join the district team, and I was excited. Yet, it crushed my
dreams. I bet this stupid town as a baseball team, because every town has to have a
baseball team.
	That is when I realized the fourth and final bite out of my cookie was no softball team
for me to play on.

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Well, this is one of my favorite chapters in the book.

Originally, it was where you actually learned her name.

Then I thought, eh, that's so stupid you should know her name at the beginning.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Five
	I was on my bed for a while. I wouldn’t go downstairs to have dinner, but finally my
mom yelled at me to walk the dog. Oh, yes, we have a dog. Her name was Chocolate, because
she was a chocolate lab. My dad got it for me when I turned ten, so she is six years old
in human years. I got off the bed and walked downstairs. I hooked the leash on my dog and
grabbed a plastic bag to pick up the poo with. I opened the door and my dog ran out.
Typical. She was in a new place, thus having new smells to smell. I had to either go left
or right. I deiced to go left, because well my legs told me to. I could tell that the
neighborhood cared a lot about the earth, because it had a tree every foot. Not joking
either. Since Chocolate was in a new place she stopped at every tree for at least a
minute. I groaned. This is going to be the longest walk ever. I decided to drag her.
Finally, I came up to a park. My mom was telling me a little about the park. Just how that
it was suppose to be great and where all the kids hanged out. Yeah, whatever mom, but I
decided to check it out since I was suppose to live here until I move away. Right away I
saw a baseball diamond. I noticed that a baseball team was practicing and the guys on the
team looked about my age. I shrugged it off and told myself not to stare at them. I kept
walking and I heard the coach to field the grounder and then throw it to first. I
couldn’t stop my softball brain, and I thought that was the most basic drill that every
team starts practice off with. Besides playing catch that is.
	I was right by first base, behind the fence of course, when the coach yelled heads-up. I
turned around and saw the baseball go over the fence. I thought the baseball would hit me,
and of course it would, because it was coming right at me, but I decided to put my hands
out. Okay, so my softball body was taking over me. I get it. I caught it and it wasn’t
actually thrown that hard, because it didn’t hurt my bare hands. Maybe it was because my
body was craving to do something related to softball or maybe it really wasn’t thrown
that hard. Yet when I looked down to see that I have truly caught the ball, I noticed that
I caught it one handed. Hm…I you can’t catch a softball with one hand. I could feel
everyone’s eyes on me. I did what I was supposing to though. I put the ball in my right
hand and threw it back over the fence. The first baseman caught it, and I noticed that it
wasn’t too bad of a throw. I could have done better though. I turned around to keep
walking but the coach spoke up.
	“Say you aren’t sixteen are you?” asked the coach. I turned back around.
	“Yes, I am,” I said while swallowing and hoping he didn’t want to kidnap me. He
didn’t look like the kind of guy anyways. He was bald on the top, but had brown thin
hair on the sides of his head. I couldn’t tell his eye color at the distance I was at,
but I could tell they were dark. At this he got off the diamond and walked to me. He
stopped a few feet away from me.
	“Hm…a girl on the team might not be the best, but she’s good I can tell,” said
coach. I gave a perplexed look back at him.
	“Excuse me?” I asked.
	“Baylor please explain to…What’s your name?” asked the coach.
	“Chloe,” I said.
	“Please explain to Chloe why we need another player,” said coach. Baylor who I
noticed was the first baseman started to talk.
	“Our old third baseman dropped out. He said something about him taking summer school,
even though we all know he joined the other baseball team,” said Baylor. Hm…a third
baseman? This could totally work, since I used to be a third baseman for softball.
	“Well…” I said.
	“Call me Coach Ryan,” said the coach.
	“I guess I could…” I started while dragging off.
	“Dad you can’t be serious? Just look at her shirt, she plays softball, probably going
to join Lauren’s team,” said Baylor. The coach looked disappointed at that. Wait. They
had a state team here? Well, I can’t join that, since it costs too much.
	“Not anymore I’m not,” I said. “Coach Ryan I’ll join the team.” I couldn’t
believe I just said that. I mean I knew a lot about the sport, but yet I was probably
going to be horrible at it. The coach smiled.
	“Be here tomorrow at one. We’ll practice until four. Better bring a mitt, a bat, and
a helmet,” he said. All of that was done. I nodded. “We look forward to seeing you.”
Then they are turned and went back to practice. I finally, finished walking the dog. My
mom was surprised I took that long of a walk. I just shrugged. I dug in the fridge for
some dinner and finally settled in for a peanut better sandwich. Then I went upstairs and
went to bed, thinking that maybe a little bit of my cookie was back.

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This is part of chapter six. I haven't finished it yet.

I do know the length isn't going to be a problem with me on this chapter, so yes its kind
of long.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Six
	The next day I woke up to my alarm clock blaring in my ear. I right away thought that I
should move the alarm clock to a different spot. Yet, I pushed that out of my mind, for
now at least. I got up from my bed and went to my bathroom. I loved my bathroom; don’t
get me wrong it was the best part of the house. It was actually attached to my room, which
I loved. Plus, it was actually painted sky blue, which I loved. All I needed to do was
decorate just a little bit in the bathroom and it would be perfect. Ah, perfect.
	I quickly jumped in the shower and turned it on hot water. I hated cold showers, even
during the summer. I took a ten minute shower and dried myself off. Then I warped the
towel around me and walked into my room. Ugh, this room just sets a bad vibe. I quickly
put on a graphic tee and excise shorts. Then I went back to the bathroom and brushed my
teeth. My hair was another story. Since I have blond straight hair, that just reaches my
boobs, doesn’t mean that it was easy to do my hair. I decided to just put in up in a
high bun, thinking that my friends would have laughed at me. They never fully understood
about my high bun or even the ballerina’s bun as they liked to call in the magazines.
	I walked out of the bathroom and went under my bed. Then I laughed. At my old house that
is where I kept my softball bag, but here I didn’t even brother to take it out. Why
would I waste all that time when I already knew that I couldn’t use it? Oh, I was very
wrong. I quickly found the box that said Fun and found the bag right away. I grabbed it.
Then I looked at the time. It was 12:30 pm, and I needed to be at the field at one. I
still needed to talk to my mom about this and get something. I found some softball socks
and threw them on, they just reached my knees. I smiled I just can’t wait until I play
again. I quickly ran down the stairs, and stopped.
	At the end of the stairs was a little table. My mom put that table there for the keys to
go there, so she wouldn’t lose them and sometimes for the mail. Yet, she did some
decorating and put something else there. That something else caught my attention, because
well I thought most people got rid of that stuff. It was a picture of the family. I was in
the middle while my mom and dad was standing behind me. I was looking up at them and they
smiled down at me. At first you would think that this was all staged, but it actually
wasn’t. It just happened, and someone clicked the picture and created the perfect
picture of my family.
	When I saw the picture, I wasn’t thinking of that stuff though. I was thinking of my
dad. My dad was the one who wanted me to play baseball. He said he was easier than
softball, but I didn’t want to play with a bunch of stinky boys, that’s when he signed
me up for softball. My dad would be so happy if he saw that I was actually going to play
baseball. I smiled at that.
	My mom came into the hallway at that moment and saw me looking at the picture. She smiled
at me.
	“Isn’t that picture perfect?” she asked. All I did was nod. Then she took in what I
was wearing. “Hon, what are you wearing?”
	“Mom, I meant to explain this yesterday, but I didn’t know how,” I started and then
I finished with the whole story. My mom smiled.
	“Chloe, I thought you would never play baseball. I remember your father was
disappointed, because he wanted you to walk in his footsteps. He would be so proud of you
now,” she said. 
	“I know,” I said. My mom then turned on her heel and went back to the kitchen. She
sat down at the table clicking away on her laptop. I went into the fridge and grabbed an
apple and took a bite out of it. I chewed. Then I opened up the cabinet and grabbed a
cereal bar. Finally, I went into the garage to grab a water bottle.
	I went back inside and told my mom that I had to leave. She smiled at me, and with that I
walked out of the door with a small smile on my face. 
	I walked down the sidewalk while eating both my apple and cereal bar. I quickly checked
the time on my cell phone and noticed I had ten minutes to walk to the diamond. I had
plenty of time. 
	Five minutes later I was at the diamond and team was playing catch while coach was
putting out the bases. Coach Ryan noticed me right away and walked over to me.
	“Stretch for five minutes, then you’ll meet the team,” said Coach Ryan and walked
away. Right away I noticed that he was the kind of guy who didn’t talk too much. Just
gave short quick directions. I liked that and I thought he was going to be a good coach
too. I sat down on the ground and did a couple of stretches. Then everyone came to where I
was under a tree using the shade.
	“Boys, line up in a straight line,” said Coach Ryan. The guys did what was told,
which is kind of surprising, and I am guessing that Coach Ryan can get angry and start
yelling. Hm…I wonder if he has a temper. 
	“Now Chloe,” said Coach Ryan, “there are exactly nine people on the team, including
you. Yes, that means everyone has to play. We have four pitchers. They also play outfield
when not pitching, because as you should know they have the strong arms. Mike step
	Mike stepped forward. Right away I noticed that he had brown buzz cut hair. He also had a
piercing in his one ear. I thought he wouldn’t be the type of guy who played baseball,
but I was new here. I didn’t know anything about the people here. Yet, he did look like
he had strong arm muscles.
	After Mike, Adam stepped forward. He was perfect. He had blond hair in a buzz cut, but
looked really good with it. Even from the distance we were at I could tell he had blue
eyes, if they were like the color of the ocean that would have been even better. He looked
like he was strong, but not as strong as Mike. Really, he was the American dream boy.
	Then the next guy stepped up. This guy had red hair and red freckles. Aw…I feel bad for
him, because he probably was called a ginger. That’s just too bad. I noticed that his
arms looked strong, but yet weak too. I noticed that his eyes were a hazel color which was
	The very last pitcher and outfielder was Jonathon. He stepped forward. He had black hair
and I noticed his skin was tan. He was probably a Hispanic or European, which would make
his skin easily tan. I envied him right away for that. I couldn’t tell the eye color,
but I could tell it was dark. Just like Mike, Jonathon had a piercing in his one ear, and
he had very strong arms, stronger than Mike.
	“Now for the infield,” said Coach, “really the infield just plays their position
and doesn’t change.”
	First, was the shortstop (some times referred to short or SS) which was Lucas. He was
hot. He had dirty blond straight hair that just reached his eyes, and I could tell he was
always shaking his hair out of the eyes. I could tell he had icy blue eyes. Also, he had
tan skin, but not as tan as Jonathon.
	Next, was second base (most of the time referred to second) and that was played by Matt.
Matt I could tell was very quiet. He didn’t seem like any of the other guys at all. He
just stood there. Of course he had blond hair which wasn’t very long and light brown
eyes. I wonder if he liked poetry, not stereotyping of course.
	Then it was the catcher. Okay, so the catcher’s job was very hard. They had to always
be their for the pitcher, and most of the time the pitcher had their favorite catcher and
would work well together. When I first saw the catcher I thought it was a mistake. His
name was Brian. He wasn’t bad looking at all. He had light brown hair and dark brown
eyes, with small lips and a small nose. It was just his height. Most of the catchers are
taller. They have to jump up and catch the ball, if it ever went that high. Yet, he was
shorter than me. Well, that’s actually pretty easy to be, since I was always a tall one.
Let’s just say this: take the shortest person you know that is around sixteen and that
is how tall he is. I had to take a double look.
	The last person was Baylor. He was the coach’s son. He played first base (first) and
well he had brown hair. I could tell right away that he would be a trouble maker or one
that made people mad at him for no reason.
	The team over all was very interesting. At first people would be like its impossible all
these people aren’t a team, I mean just look at them they didn’t even look like a
team. Yet, I saw them on the field already, and they weren’t half bad. I was just
thinking this when the Coach made me snap out of my day dream.
	“Guys, this is Chloe, as you should already know,” said Coach Ryan. All the guys
nodded, but were probably just taking over my looks. “Chloe tell us a little bit about
you.” Shit. I was not prepared for this at all.
	“Well, I just moved here from five states away,” I said. “I used to play softball,
and I’ve played since I was five, until now. And yeah…” Coach nodded, and I could
tell nobody was really listening to me. I guess that is a good thing after all.
	“Baylor and Chloe stay here while the rest of you go play catch,” said Coach Ryan.
Everyone ran off besides me and Baylor. Coach turned to me. “Baseball and softball are
alike, but yet not really. We play with a smaller ball, thus making you having no idea how
to throw the ball. The ball you threw yesterday, was okay, but let’s face it: you can do
better. Baylor will teach you how. I want you to practice your throw for almost the whole
	Wait…did he just say practice my throw for the whole practice? Well, almost the whole
practice? He did! Oh, god, I am going to die. I hate playing catch. I really do. Coach
Ryan set us off in the outfield better far back. We jogged there and then we stopped where
we were supposed to be. Baylor turned towards me.
	“Stop here. After that I will take five steps and I’ll turn around. I want you to
throw it, just like yesterday, but follow through your throw. Got it?” asked Baylor. I
nodded. He handed me the ball and took five steps. He turned around, and held open his
	I held the ball in my right hand and my mitt was on my left. You might think that
throwing the ball is as easy as pie, and its not. There are a lot of ways on how you could
throw it. I first took a side step to the right, so I would turn to the side (like you
were suppose to), and then I took a step with my left all while having the ball behind my
hand and brought my arm forward and let go. The ball went soaring through the air. Baylor
caught it just off to his side. He looked at me and then at the ball and where his mitt
was. He couldn’t believe I threw that good.
	“Follow through this time,” said Baylor. 
	I nodded and Baylor threw the ball to me. I caught and started to throw the ball. This
time I brought my body forward and followed through to make the perfect throw. The ball
went right into Baylor’s mitt. His mouth was opened wide, too.
	“Where did you learn how to throw?” he asked. I shrugged. Why does that even matter?
It’s not like I’m a perfect thrower.
	“My dad,” I said. “Why?” Baylor sighed.
	“You may not be good at hitting the ball or fielding but you can throw, because most
girls would never turn to the side. They would just step and throw,” Baylor said.
“I’m going to take it back now.” 
	What he meant to say was that he was going to take a couple of steps back. I of course
nodded and he took more than a couple steps back. In fact I think he took thirty steps
back. How was I supposed to throw it that far? Baylor threw the ball back to me. I caught
it with ease, noting that it was a perfect throw. I threw it back, but this time it was
short. No surprise there. Baylor shook his head and told me to throw it harder.

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I am not going to be on my laptop a lot of times.

The reason?

Because I am repainting my room and I have a limited amount of time.

But yeah I thought I should just update while I have the time.

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Sorry, that I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy, but I had some time today, so I
decided to write some more.

Chapter six is still not done. Sorry!

Con. of Chapter Six
	I had the ball again and I threw it harder. It got there that time. We went like this for
forty minutes and my arm was killing me. It didn’t help that Baylor kept taking a step
back when I made the throw a good one. 
	Finally, Baylor saw that my arm was getting tried or maybe he noticed that I wasn’t
throwing as hard anymore. Either way he walked back over to me.
	“Totally typical for a girl,” said Baylor.
	“But I thought I threw better than most girls,” I said. Okay, so I had to defend
myself. I always do. I never just take it like a lot of people do.
	“You’re not strong. You have to be strong enough to play baseball. That’s why girls
never play baseball,” said Baylor and smirked. “But enough about throwing, we have to
practice on sliding.” He looked onto the field. I noticed that everyone was sitting on
the bench taking a quick break. How did he know we were going to practice sliding next?
That’s right he’s the coach’s son, he knows everything. He started to jog to the
dugout and I slowly jogged too. I sat down the bench on the end, next to Baylor. It was
the last seat opened. I opened my bag and moved my hand around until I felt my water
bottle. I pulled it out and took a drink. I really wasn’t thirsty; it was jus that my
arm killed me. I really just wished that practice would be over already.
	“Okay, now we are going to work on sliding. Remember feet first and then we will move
onto headfirst,” said the coach. Ugh. I put my water bottle back into the bag and zipped
it back up. I got up and followed the rest of the team to first base. I have never
practiced sliding before. Heck I didn’t even know how to slide.
	I was last in line, behind Baylor. Why was I always right by him? I took mental notes as
I watched everyone slide. Finally, it was my turn and I stood on first base. I took a deep
breath as the coach told me to go. I ran toward second. One thing about baseball vs.
softball: the base lines are longer in baseball than softball. I was so used to running
the bases for softball that I felt like I was running forever. Finally, I got close enough
to the base to make a slide. I did a little jump and put out my right foot, while I tucked
in my left foot, and fell on my butt. I just barely touched the base with my right foot. I
got up and the coach started rambling on how to slide to me.
	“Chloe, just wait until you get a little bit closer to the bag and don’t be afraid to
get dirty!” said Coach Ryan. I nodded and walked back to the line behind first base. We
were still doing feet first slide. Finally, I got behind Baylor again and brushed myself
off. Baylor turned around and smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile. It was an evil smile.
	I can just picture in my mind what he was thinking about me. I smiled sweetly back to him
and he turned around. There that took care of that. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder
and turned around. There standing behind me was Lucas. He was hotter when you looked at
him closer.
	“Don’t pay any attention to Baylor. He’s just jealous of the girls who play
softball. Apparently they don’t have to work as hard as us. He says they never have to
slide and they never have to throw very far. I don’t believe him though. Yet, I have
always wondered if he was right, so what do you think?” said Lucas. Why did Baylor know
all this stuff about softball? He was right and I didn’t want to admit he was. I lied.
On my second day here I lied. No one would know…hopefully.
	“No, he isn’t right. I sled all the time,” I said and smiled. Lucas smiled back at
	“That’s what I thought. Did you hear that Baylor?” asked Lucas. Baylor turned
	 “We’ll see about that, Chloe and Lucas. Lauren has a game in a few days. Maybe we
should invite the whole team to watch her game and see how it goes,” said Baylor. Lucas
	“That would be a great idea,” said Lucas and Baylor turned around. I knew they would
continue the fight, but right now it was Baylor’s turn to slide and then it would be my

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I shouldn't post the rest of chapter six right now, but I don't know when I'll have

Yes, chapter six is now complete.

I love the length of this chapter.

Comment and enjoy!

Cont of Chapter Six
	Five slides later and well I was getting used to feet first. Yet, the coach thought it
would be a good idea to start practicing head first. I wasn’t ready and I could tell
that Baylor knew I wasn’t ready. I was really starting to hate that kid. What as his
problem anyways? It was my turn and I was watching all the other guys slide. They did each
slide flawlessly, but me? I could barely do feet first. The coach told me to go and I
pushed off the base, and ran. When I was supposed to jump forward and land on my stomach,
I didn’t. I didn’t jump, and I ran right to the base, just like you are supposed to
do. I turned around and everyone stared at me with a blank face expression.
	The coach called me over to him and I walked slowly to him. He talked in a very low quiet
voice, but I would tell that the boys were still trying to listen in.
	“Have you ever sledded before?” asked Coach Ryan. I didn’t want any one else to
know. Hell I didn’t even want him to know. I just shrugged. He sighed. “Just get back
in line.”
	I did what I was told, with my eyes just looking at the ground. After sliding the coach
called us in and we practiced a little batting. When I was up I only hit three of them,
and they were foul, and he pitched me thirty. I was counting, and for the other guys he
only did fifteen. I defiantly felt bad then.
	The team was sitting on the bench in the dugout. I looked down the bench. They were a
team, I could tell. Everyone was talking and they were all whispering. I wondered what
they were talking about. Wait. I knew what they were talking about. Me. Of course. Coach
Ryan walked into the dugout and called everyone’s attention.
	“Now, I know you guys are all ready for the first game,” started Coach Ryan, “and
it’s this Saturday.” Wait. What? Saturday was two days away. “There will be no
practice for the next two days. Enjoy those days and have fun.” 
	I’m not ready coach or did you already forget that? Oh, we are totally going to lose
the first game. Starch that. We were going to lose every single game, and that’s all
because of me. Everyone cheered and got up, but not before they whispered a few words to
reach other and got into their cars. Coach called me over and I slowly walked over to
	“Chloe I didn’t say you were off practice. For the next two days you need to come
over to my house. Baylor and the boys already have a plan for you, so I won’t be there.
Can you handle that?” asked Coach Ryan.
	“Of course,” I said smiling. Okay, that was totally weird that they already had a
plan for me. I guess the boys were good for one thing. Coach Ryan gave me his address. I
was about to turn around and walk back to my house, but he stopped me.
	“You need to fill out this sheet,” said Coach while handing me a sheet asking me
personal information. I took and filled it out. I handed it back to coach, just as they
were about to go.
	“Hey, Chloe,” said Coach Ryan.
	“Yeah?” I turned back around. I already started walking home.
	“Welcome to the team,” said Coach. And that was all. That’s all he said. He turned
back on his heel and jumped into his car. Baylor and Coach Ryan drove off. I blinked. I
was on the team. Yet, everyone hated me, except maybe the coach, but he didn’t count.
	I turned away from the diamond and slowly walked back home.

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It isn't much. I haven't been in the mood to write.

This is sadly only part of chapter seven, and I'll post the rest when I edit it more.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Seven
	I got home, and my mom wasn’t home. I sighed. I wished my life was the same. My mom
never had to work over the summer, so she was always home if I didn’t have plans that
day. My arm still hurt, so I decided to ice it. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some
ice and then I wrapped it around a towel. Finally, I took that towel and wrapped it around
my arm, so I wouldn’t have to hold it all the time.
	I went upstairs and sat on my bed. I took out my cell phone and noticed that I had three
missed calls and three new voice mails. I looked through my list of miss calls, and
noticed that Amanda, Stacy, and Kat called me. Well, I did promise them I would call them
today. I decided to call Amanda first, because she was the one who called me first. Amanda
was a girl who was on my old softball team. She was the star pitcher and me and she was
always good friends. She had dark red hair and hazel eyes. I dialed her number, since I
knew it by heart. She picked up on the third ring.
	“Chloe! You didn’t answer your phone what the hell was that about anyways?” said
	“Jeez, I’m sorry I didn’t call, I was busy…with stuff,” I said. I knew I
shouldn’t have added the stuff part, because it always made people curious. I can only
imagine Amanda in her room, with her eyes wide and huge at what I just said.
	“What kind of stuff? OMG! Did you meet a guy? Was he hot? Does he like you? Do you like
him?” asked Amanda, while firing a million more questions at me. Then finally she
stopped. “What was it?” I shrugged and realized that she couldn’t see me.
	“Actually, I met eight guys,” I said while smiling. I have no idea why I just said
that. I just did. I heard a gasp on the other end of the line.
	“How the hell did you met eight guys on the first day you moved in?” shot Amanda. I
laughed. Should I tell her or should I not tell her? What the hell I mind as well tell
	“I kind of joined a baseball team over here,” I said. Silence. This was very unlike
Amanda. Then finally she spoke.
	“What. The. Fuck,” said Amanda. “You can’t play baseball! Baseball is a game for
guys who think they are all that! Plus, they actually have to get down and dirty and
that’s just disgusting!” Oh, no. Amanda just went on one of her famous rants, about
baseball vs. softball. 
	“Amanda! Stop! Really, it doesn’t matter! I already joined the team and you can do
nothing about it!” I yelled in the phone. When is she just going to get over this? She
has been talking about it ever since she joined softball. Girls can play baseball. I
didn’t want to her response, so I hung up.
	I could just picture her looking at the phone and cursing out loudly. I quickly turned
off my phone, so that she would have to leave a message. I laid down on my bed just
looking up at the ceiling. I just then realized that I still had two other friends that I
should call back. Nah, I’ll just call them tomorrow and make up some lame excuse that
always passes. 

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I told you I was going to post the rest of chapter seven when I finished editing it.

Well, I did!


Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Seven
	I sat up and checked the time on my alarm clock. It said it was five o’clock and I was
starving after all. I slowly went downstairs. I went into the kitchen and opened the
fridge. I looked around and nothing looked that good. Oh, another day without a very tasty
dinner. I have been having a lot of those, since well since my world fell. I decided to
open a cabinet and behold I found a package of chocolate chip cookies. Yum. I grabbed the
package and ripped it opened. I grabbed one cookie and was about to eat it. Then stopped.
	It was crazy of me thinking that can be even possible. Thinking that if I took a bite of
the cookie then another girl’s life would be ruined, of course this couldn’t happen. I
knew that, but yet I just couldn’t eat the cookie. I put the cookie back in the package
and close it. Then I quickly made a sandwich for myself and went upstairs.
	I ate the sandwich, and then got ready to go to bed. Over the summer most of the time I
would stay up late and text my friends. However I didn’t feel like texting them and I
didn’t make any new friends here. Besides I had a very busy day tomorrow and I have to
wake up early or else I’ll miss my practice. I got into my bed thinking that a new day
was coming towards me, and this made me fall asleep deeply.

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I have been editing it a lot lately.

I have not been posting it.



But in the mean time I have been TRYING to post it on inkpop.

The reason I say TRYING is because its keeping giving me the error crap.


So, I have one more chapter to edit before it will become public.

On inkpop it will be the edit version and not the crappy version I wrote a loooong time

Alright, so I will post the edit versions tomorrow.

I don't feel like posting them today.

And I would LOVE LOVE if I do get comments.

Over and out!

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I promised that I was going to post the edits I haven't posted yet.

I edited chapter eight and I am in the process of editing chapter nine.

On word this story is about twenty pages.

Yet, the chapters are REALLY short.

I'm talking about like just a page for a few chapters.

And I don't want that, so expect me editing this story again, before I finish it.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Eight
	To my surprise I got up without my alarm going off. I was slightly confused, but when I
looked up at the time, I shot out of the bed. Then I cursed. I totally forgot about my
arm. It was tight, and I could barely move it. Well, I have a half hour to get ready, so I
have to suck it up. Remember Coach wanted me to be at his house at one, and it was already
	I quickly took a shower. Ten minutes to be exact. Then I threw on the first shirt I saw.
I smiled at it when I realized the shirt I grabbed. It was a grey graphic tee with a cow
on it. There was a little bubble coming out of the cow’s mouth. It read the famous
saying, “Got Milk?”. My friend, Stacy, got it for my on my sixteenth birthday. A long
time ago Stacy and I used to love milk and cows. We were watching TV one day and we heard
the commercial with that saying and then we loved it from there on. Of course we got tired
of the saying back in second grade. The only reason why she got me the shirt was because
she thought it was funny and would make a great joke. When I opened the present I laughed
my ass off. Actually, my mom snapped a picture of me laughing. She still had that picture
	Then I felt the pang. I knew it was going to come any minutes. I got tears in my eyes but
I blinked them back. Those were the days when my life, was…well perfect. I have no other
words to describe it. Yet, I had a new life now, and I had to make it perfect. Or at least
close to perfect.
	I quickly grabbed some exercise shorts and softball socks. I went back into the bathroom
and bushed my hair and put it up into a ballerina’s bun. I had fifteen minutes left, if
I wanted to arrive on time. I haven’t even told my mom about it yet. This might turn out
	I ran down the stairs and passed that painful picture at the bottom of the stairs. I
turned the corner and reached the kitchen. Sitting at the table was my mom. She was so
absorbed in the newspaper that she didn’t even yell at me for running in the house. I
cleared my throat, but she still didn’t look up. Ugh.
	“Mom,” I said. My mom looked up, and now her brown eyes were on me. “I need a ride
to this place.” I quickly handed her the sheet that Coach gave me with his address on. I
watched my mom very carefully. She took the sheet from me and looked at the writing. Her
eyes got big after she read it.
	“Chloe, this isn’t a place. This is a person’s house,” said my mom. Damn, I was
busted. You see my mom has these strict rules. I couldn’t go over to anybody’s house
unless I knew them for a year or my mom was there with me. The reason for that was because
I fell into a pool at a person’s house before. Well, more like I was dared to by my
friend at the time, but enough about my past for now. I was hoping that she would let go
of this rule when I turned sixteen, but so far she hadn’t.
	“Mom, my first game is in two days. I’m the only one not ready for it. The Coach
asked me to come to his house for some extra practice, since he wants the team to
relax,” I said in a very firm calm voice. I knew if I would start yelling at her instead
that she would say no. Either way, she was probably going to say no. Yet, it was for a
team and maybe she’ll understand. Then again, she never did do any sports. She didn’t
do too well in team work. Hm…maybe that’s why she didn’t do any sports when she was
my age. I heard my mom sighed and knew this was a good sign. She was defiantly thinking
about it. Most of the time, she would just say too bad, but I guess she understands.
	“Chloe, I know, but I haven’t even met any of them. I have no clue, and I’m not
even too sure I want you to play with a bunch of boys. I’m sorry, honey, but I can’t
let you go,” said my mom. I cursed in my head. I knew it.
	“But dad would let me go if he was here!” I yelled at her. She didn’t know how much
this team meant to me, even if I didn’t know anything. I saw a pang in her eyes and I
knew right away I shouldn’t have said that.
	“If your dad was here, we wouldn’t be in any of this. This being said, I am still
saying no. Call your Coach and tell him that you can’t go. And if you ever want to go to
his house, tell him he has to met me first,” said my mom in a very firm voice. I
swallowed. I went across the line.
	I looked down at the floor and I had no idea what to say. My mom got up and put her empty
coffee mug in the sink. My team was going to hate me if I didn’t go.
	“Mom,” I said, “I know you don’t want me to go. But you don’t understand.
It’s for the team. It’s not for me. It’s not for the coach. It’s for the team. I
want to be good enough for the team, so I’m not just standing there making mistake after
mistake. I need to do this for the team. It’s just like you need to go to work for your
	I looked down at the floor again after I stated my reasons. My mom took a sharp in
breath. Then she said something that I thought I would never hear out of her mouth.
	“Grab a cereal bar, and met me in the car. If you are not there in two minutes I am
leaving anyways,” said my mom.
	I did the happy dance in my head. Then I ran over to the cabinet and grabbed a couple of
cereal bars and then ran upstairs. I quickly grabbed my softball bag, and then ran back
downstairs. I went out and got into the car.
	My mom started up the car, and then she slowly backed out of the driveway. I relaxed in
the car, but then it hit me. What the hell did I get myself into? I had to train with not
only Coach, but Baylor as well! And if that didn’t help it had to be for more than an
hour. I have no clue why I begged my mom.
	It was too quiet in the car, so I turned on the radio. Kesha’s “Your Love is My
Drug” came blasting through the radio. I was happy for the radio to finally broad cast
good music. I turned my head to the window and watched the trees pass by. Soon I was
moving my head up and down to the beat of the song. I could only hope that today was going
to go perfectly fine.

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