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27 September 2010, 07:51 PM    #1
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Aye, I joined, and this is my first story! that i've posted here
It's a fantasy, adventure, bit of romance story about 8 kids, learning that they are the
"Chosen Ones", and able to go to a place named Cebus, the Spirit World, however, the Dark
Forces wants the magic for themselves and the kids have to save them. The setting is on a
future Earth. The Dark Forces renamed Earth to Cebus, and established 5 different
neighborhoods: the Indio, Nur Run, Silkies, the Hills, and Kappa.
Chapter 1- Aurora

I'd was dreading this day for as long as I could remember. 16 years to be exact. Today
would be the day I would get my "tracking marker" or mark for short. It wasn't the marker
I was so afraid of, but what 16 symbolized. I wouldn't be getting some silly party, or
even a birthday party at all. Today, I'd begin working. Working at the "Factory", a harsh
place with little to no breaks, very little pay, and the worst part, you worked there
until you die. You produce items for the neighborhood to sell to other neighborhoods to
make money, but we'd never see the money going to promised renovations or anything. The
major of this neighborhood is a lousy-

"Aurora!" exclaimed Silo, tugging on my sleeve. "What do I have to do again?"

Silo was my "son" so to speak. I adopted him from he streets one day when I say he was
littered with bruises all over his body. I nursed him back to heath and he well...stuck
around. I didn't bother shooing him off, as he was a welcome distraction.

"Stay in the house. Don't open the door for anybody, just pretend nobody's home." I repeat
for him slowly. He's a 10 year old boy, but didn't understand the dangers of the Indio.
I'd be on my own ever since I was 8. My mother died at that age, and my father, well, he
was never around anyway.

"Bye Aurora." he calls, sorta downcast. I'd be coming home with a mark on my face, if I
came back at all.

"Goodbye." I shut the door and leave to face my fate.


"All right! Get in a line, keep quiet, and no resisting!" A police officer shouts at us.
Many 16 year olds like me were waiting in the same line. It was like a funeral procession,
everybody solemn and quiet, staring dead ahead at nothing. This building was none other
that the Tagging Office, located in downtown Indio. We were to keep quiet, don't make one
wrong move, or else.

"Aw look. She's just a little girl." One office says, reaching over to touch my hair. I
swat him away, looking at him in disgust. He had horribly rotting teeth that weren't, so
to speak, white and pearly. I roll my eyes as "the Room" comes into view. There's a simple
chair and a machine, probably the lazer, right below it.

"Aurora Mackenfield." An automated voice calls. "step inside."

So that's where the money went to.

I step inside, the door shutting and locking behind me. No door, no window, no chances of
escape. I sit down in the chair, and wait for the thing to burn me and get it over with. I
closed my eyes, bracing myself for pain.

"Malfunction. Malfunction!" The thing screams.

2 officers storm into the room, one holding a laser.

"We don't know what ya did, but ya gonna get it now."

He obviously wasn't from the Indio, probably from the Hills, where all the rich people

"Damn this thing..." he curses, throwing it down on the ground. "Grab her."

The other officer comes and picks me up from off the floor.

"Come on. We gotta a nice place for you." he whispers in my ear.

I cringe, frowning at him. 'Still no escape.' I think, sadly following them.

I'm taken to a darken hallway. On the sides of the walls were bars.

"Jail...?" I ask, as they throw me inside.

"Even better." he says as he sprays some sort of knockout spray in my face.


"Aurora." The voice echoes. I open my eyes, figuring to see the darkened wall, but I'm in
a calm, peaceful place. I'm also surrounded by roses.

" I?" My voice also echoes in the place.


"Cebus!? I can't be. This is nothing like the Cebus I know!" I shout.

"This is nothing like the Cebus you know. You are a Chosen One, one of the eight that can
access this place. This is Cebus, the Spirit World. More will be revealed...soon."


I am then blinded by white light.


"Urgh..." I groan. "Stupid dream..."

'That was no dream Aurora...' I hear in my mind. 'Now, check on Silo.'

I turn around as sees him curled up in fetal position.

"A-Aurora.." he whispers and I run over to him. I caress his face softly, and he twitches
in pain. "T-They marked me...I-I was only trying to save y-you..."

I gaze at his mark. It's a straight line from his eyebrow down to his jaw. It's a red
color, probably from the dye.

"'s alright Silo." I hug him, trying to avoid his face as best as I could.

"A-Aurora..?" He says, quieter than ever.


"I heard voices too...voices that told me to come and save you...I also saw a vision,
that...we were gonna get out..."

I suddenly free up, wondering what was wrong with him. 'He must be delirious...'

"Silo, I promise...I'll be the one to get you out."

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