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Questions about SUBSCRIPTIONS for Hina

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2 June 2010, 03:27 PM    #1
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Q1. Is it redundant to subscribe to someone that we have put on our Friends List?
since their publications show up in the Friends Update box of our homepage and it seems
like those persons we have subscribed to also show up there.

there is a difference from what is listed in the Friends recent activity box and the
subscriptions page - but mostly i just refer to the Friends Updates box when im on Kupika
clicking my home page and it seems to me that BOTH subscriptions and friends activities
get posted there?

Q2. What is the rationale for the rather small number of subscriptions that we can
have? If there isn't a good reason for it would you consider lifting the maximum
subscriptions we can have either entirely or to at least a much larger number like say max

Q3. Many people have expressed a wish to be able to see who has subscribed to them?
Would you consider adding that feature please?

Also: This person's profile doesn't seem to have a "subscriptions" box. I tried viewing
unstylized and it still doesn't show. It seems like a glitch of some sort and I was
somehow subscribed a long time ago and now I can't manage to unsubscribe.

(spare me the ribbing and jokes folks)

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