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Writing: Epic Poem: Warnings

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19 May 2010, 11:19 PM   #1
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Last edited by ‹Purgatorio›, 19 May 2010
Still in need of some editing, I'm sure. Feedback would be appreciated.
Warning: 'Tis a bit religiously sensitive. If you're hyper-religious and/or don't enjoy
works about God, Satan, and others, don't bother reading this.

	As he did sit upon his thrown
	Atop the great mountain known as Urehol,
	The Demon Lord did wake from his slumber 

	And brought his eyes up
	To the clouds,	
	Dark and soulless.

	He rose
	And walked along the path
	Lined by his sleeping demon warriors

	Who rested with loud snores and rustles
	Before the ring of the Bell of Battle
	Was wrung,

	And cast out to the battlefield
	To fight they would be,
	Against the humans and mongrels

	They would do battle with.
	Into the forest the 
	Demon Lord walked,

	His eyes fixated 
	On the sky that began to grow
	Even brighter.

	He stopped before a clearing
	Free of forest life
	And before a flowing stream

	And stared straight above.
	Before his eyes in the sky,
	A spectacle did begin to show,

	And the Lord crossed his arms 
	As he did,
	And waited for his display to become complete.
	The clouds dissipated,
	The sky began to open above the earth
	And out came a light brighter than any other.
	The brightness woke the earth,
	The sleeping demons in the south
	And the Army of Humanity in the north

	Rose to behold
	The light that began to speak,
	Directing all of its thunderous words as the Demon Lord alone:

		Shin Mao Satan,
	He who claims the name of my eldest offspring
	And acts as such did long ago

	When the earth was still young
	And the Fall of Man
	Was all but a reality,

	If you do wish to rebel against my word,
	That thou shalt not murder nor lie,
	Realizing that though you be demon and not man

	Yet you must still follow 
	To be alive and free in this world,
	I shall not stand aside as you

	Defy me and do my bidding
	As both savior and reaper 
	Of this world!

	You have lost my pardon 
	And you have forgotten my generosity
	For your heinous acts toward man and myself,

	You are deemed unforgiveable 
	And shall be punished 
	By my mighty blow and the Holy Hammer of Justice!

		As the light did speak,
	The Demon Lord,
	Shin Mao Satan,

	Did not fret nor show cowardice,
	But instead smiled as casually as the wind
	Running through the trees and clouds,

	He did address the light
	With scornful tone
	And words filled with malice.

		So you say,
	I shall be punished for my acts 
	With the mighty fist of divinity,

	But in what way 
	Are you permitted to do so?
	Who are you to give yourself

	Such authority,
	To go against me,
	Shin Mao Satan, on my way to victory,

	And strike me down
	Where I stand before my brethren?
	For no matter what power you possess,

	The power of the devil
	And the forces you deem malevolent
	Shall always be stronger than ye.
	So you are the divine Creator
	And as such,
	You see fit that you may
	Destroy and create 
	As you please,
	And only you may do so;

	But if one of your own
	Wishes to create or destroy,
	You see him at fault and opt to be rid of him.

	That which defies you
	Is not evil nor harmful as you think,
	Or at least, it does not have to be,

	For my plan is that which will 
Restore balance to this wasteland 
And turn this earth back to the way it was

Before the time of man
And the war that did come upon us:

	As the Demon Lord spake,
His demonic companions
Did follow him to the clearing

And did listen as he
Spoke to the divine light
With bravery and heroism aplenty,

And so they did draw strength 
And admiration to and from
Their lord,

For his words inspired them
In their heart of hearts,
Though demons they be,

That their fight shall end
With their victory
And on the waves of human blood, they shall ride.

The Lord spoke on:
	Back when the earth was young
And demon kind had found its way 

To the topside of the hellish place we were sent,
You who did not oppose this feat
And allowed us to live

For whatever reason 
Did then challenge our existence
With that of another:

You did create that dreadful
Human man who then created

His spouse from his chest
Who proceeded to feed
From the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

As you had told her otherwise,
And she gave to her spouse a fruit as well
And in disobeying your orders,

They were cast from the Garden 
Hidden now on this earth
And sent to live out in the world with us.

Was that your plan Creator,
To allow us to live nearest but not in
That garden,

So when the two did emerge
From their paradise and would gaze upon 
The newer world,

They would meet their ends
At the claws and fangs
Of my demon hordes?

	Even if so,
The two would not die
Before they together,

Unannounced to I,
Would conceive a child
Which would begin the rein of humans on our land.

So started by he who gives me his name,
Who tempted first the lady
To eat the fruit,

But of his fault
That she and her husband were cast from the garden
It is not;

For if humans wish to be easily persuadable,
And you make it so that they live as such,
Then your fault and theirs it is that they sin.

And so these sinners now,
Who not only went against you,
But invaded and stole our land,

Forcing us to bury ourselves 
In the hell we escaped,
Shall be sent to that same hell

By our mighty fist,
Not yours,
As you shall never do,

For your care for the humans over the demons
Gives them such a shield
That protects them from extinction.

And afterward,
We shall then live again
In our peaceful lonesome,

And the wars will end,
And we will forever be

	To this,
The demons did cheer
In monstrous succession. 

Shin Mao Satan’s troops
Were rallied 
And the light in the sky was left silent.

Though once the silence fell back
Over the troops,
The light did speak once more:

Those who plague the earth
With your sea of bloodshed and malice!

Now take heed, vile ones!
For if you do wish to wage war
On my land and with my more precious children,

Your punishment shall be grave
And back to Hell, the most deathly and torturous,
You shall be sent!

For none but me are allowed to take life,
	And none but me are allowed to give it!
I am he who is the author of this world 

And as such, 
All fates are decided by me
And me alone!

Those who interfere 
Wish death upon their own head,
And so shall it be given!

Now listen here:
If ye do wish to wage war
On my people,

You fallen and detestable souls,
So I shall show no mercy toward your hostility
And these two things I shall give to you:

As my eldest did rebel against me,
Manipulating one-third of my children 

And sending them against my rule,
So shall I send the remainder of them
To aid the humans in their struggle,
Nearly doubling the number 
Of their forces to yours.
And next,

As my final gift to you
And the earth I did create,
I shall be the one to end your conflict

Of cataclysmic status,
Bloodshed glorified, 
Now what say you?

	And as his word ended here,
With the world frozen in awe,
The Demon Lord did scowl.

His face filled with malice
And pupils set ablaze,
He stared at the light

With hateful tone 
And darkness-tainted words
Return to the light this:

So you say it,
O Creator,
And so it shall be.

Bring them to me!
Cast down your children,
Empty Heaven onto me,

For no powers of yours
Could possibly defeat mine
On my path to victory!

And do end our war
With your mighty fist,
But know that your fist will always be far inferior to mine!

I am the one who rules this world,
For the one who did steal it away
	From the filthy palms of humans was me!

I did take these lands
From humans hands 
Long ago,

Ripping them away
And into my palms to care for
And treat right.

But then,
Humanity returned to haunt this world
And the Great War had to begin.

The great battle that did bring about
The apocalypse
Was not a dispute over who was stronger or more powerful,

But ‘twas a territory war,
The most devastating this world had ever seen,
And so it was ended when your children

Swooped down and wiped clean 
	The combatants,
Both human and demon.

‘Twas you!
‘Twas you who brought about the apocalypse
That time many years ago!

‘Twas you who condemned all of humanity,
And other creatures and beings to our own Hell!

But this time shall be different,
As our forces are stronger
And we are absolutely ready for war!
So bring down the heavens to this place!
Shatter the earth with your Hammer of Justice!
And even though we may fall, 

We shall surely rise again
And attack again
And the earth shall be ours once more!

So say I:
Shin Mao Satan,
The Demon Lord!

	And so the light did fall back into space,
The clouds returned 
As the Demon Lord’s booming voice

Did echo across the earth.
The demons were rallied,
Roaring with cheer and filled with confidence in their leader

Who to the divine Father and Creator 
Spake with malevolent expression
And deathly threats,

Putting in jeopardy the honor,
And power of Him.

He then retreated back to Urehol,
Taking his seat as his warriors returned to their sleep
But did not rest himself.

The Lord simply sat,
Staring off into the horizon that would show sunlight in mere hours.

His eyes narrowed 
	And he called forward:

Though your numbers are great
And your power is mostly unrivaled,
You shall never win this war!

For if you choose me to be your foe,
Your own Hell awaits you!
	Here he ended,

And then he slept,
Contempt and disdain,
Grinning all the while.

31 May 2010, 12:42 AM    #2
Guest Poster
...And it came to pass that...
It's good, story flawless, but the syntax is biblical in nature, no?

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