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TITLE: None (Help I Need Ideas!!)

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31 January 2010, 09:15 PM   #1
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This is just a little story that I just typed up. I have no clue where I am going with
this story. 


         It’s only for three months, I told myself. Just three months away from home
with people who are complete strangers. Besides I can blame all of it on my parents. The
parents who think I need an attitude change. Well, I’ll show them. I will change my
attitude, but not what they are asking for. Plus, I wouldn’t be in this mess if it
wasn’t for Blair. Blair just needs to shut up about her. All she does is talk about her.
Who cares if she is the daughter of Kevin Smith the famous actor? She still needs to ask
how other people are doing. Plus, she didn’t have to get in a whole big fight with me.
Oh, who am I kidding? I am just a girl whose daddy isn’t famous. He is just an agent
with a big ego. Yet, my mom is the worst. She does makeup on all the sets for my dad’s
clients. Okay, so you might have heard of them before. My dad is Chase Gomez. My mom is
Chloe Gomez. Yep, the all famous Gomez family, and yet you never hear about their poor
only child Natalie Gomez. You see my parents thought it would be better if the press and
no one knew about their daughter. They never told anyone. I have never told anyone.

4 February 2010, 07:27 PM   #2
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I wrote more, even though no one commented on it.

You see I live in Beverly Hills in a big mansion. Sure there are schools around, but
again my parents’ thing it’s too dangerous. You see I have a tutor. We met five days a
week and six hours per day. It’s a wonderful thing really. Yet, I wish to just go to a
normal school. Anyways, I don’t have to worry about school for a while at least since
its summer. Summer in California nothing better than spending time with your friends on
the beach. Not for this blond straight a little pass your shoulder hair and blue eyes that
sparkle really tan skin girl. I am getting sent to a little place called Portland, Maine.
I mean who ever heard of that city? 
	Now, I am sitting on the plane going to Maine. I am supposed to stay with this family for
three months. My parents don’t know them and neither do I. Supposedly, my parents got
into this group of Hollywood parents. Yeah, and they said they never told anyone about me.
I don’t believe them. Anyways, the point is the leader got an idea to send away all the
children. The leader picked these families that she met. We don’t even know if she did.
My parents trust a person they met a few months ago. And thanks to them I have to spend
three months in Maine without practicing to become a model. This is the worst summer. 
After about three hours sitting on an plane chair the plane landed. I quickly grabbed my
backpack and ran off the plane. I looked around. I was supposed to look for Natalie Gomez.
How original. Yet, I saw no sign that said my name. I sighed. This is just so great. I
went over to the baggage claim. I waited ten minutes to my hot pink suitcases. Hey, I only
brought two. I grabbed them off the turn around. I walked over to a seat, so I could wait
for the strangers. I sat down on the chair. I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing jean
short shorts and a daygo with a white cami underneath it. The daygo was my favorite. It
was a light pink with orange flowers at the bottom and climbing up, but halfway there were
no more flowers. Brr…airports are colder than you think. I opened my backpack. At that
time I noticed a boy. He was about mg age walking towards me. This was totally not weird,
because I get boys talking to me all the time. Most of the time they come up to me and
flirt, and only on the hot guys I flirt back. Sure, it’s kind of funny to see the nerds
try to flirt, but if you flirt back and someone sees you well you are in big trouble. I
looked at him. He had dark dark brown hair…almost black hanging right above his eyes.
His eyes were hazel. He was wearing a button down shirt, but it was opened and under it he
was wearing a normal white t-shirt. He was wearing blue jeans, and Nike black shoes. He
was on the hot side. He was still walking toward me. I grabbed my white hoodie. I didn’t
put it on. He stopped a couple of inches before me.
	“You must be Natalie Gomez,” the boy said.
	“What? How did you know my name?” I asked in a nasty voice. I mean sure he was hot,
but a little on the stalkerish side. 
	“Let me guess you didn’t get the packet,” said the boy.
	“What packet?” I asked still in my nasty voice.
	“Figures and my parents thought you would notice me right away. Wait, until they hear
this story.”
	“Excuse me?” I asked. 

4 February 2010, 09:13 PM   #3
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that was awsomeness!!!!
write more woman!!!!

5 February 2010, 12:33 PM   #4
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Thanks...yeah I am kind of like stuck already.

Stupid brain doesn't want to think today.


7 February 2010, 12:25 PM   #5
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I wrote some more. I have no idea where I am going with this story like I said.
Um...enjoy! :D

         “God, I have to start from the beginning don’t I? Or I could just kidnap
you, and make my mom tell you the whole story…”
	“Wait; are you the family that I am supposes to go with for the summer?”
	“Yeah, my mom sent me to find you.”
	“But you don’t have the sign that says my name,” I said in my snotty voice again.
He reached into his pocket. At first I thought he was going to pull out a gun. I got a
little scared, but didn’t show it. Or at least I tired not to show it, but he kind of
gave me a perplex look. Finally, he pulled out a piece of paper folded up. He unfolded the
piece of paper. It ready Natalie Gomez, in a black Sharpie. The writing was very neat, and
I noticed the I was dotted with a heart. “Okay, maybe you do,” I said in a nicer
voice, but not much. He smiled down at me. All of a sudden another boy came up next to the
	“Hey, James, I didn’t know you would be here,” said the boy that came up to us.
“My name is Colin Johnson.” He extended his hand. 
	“Hi, my name is Natalie Gomez,” I said in my sweetest voice, smiled, and shook his
hand. He was hotter than ‘James’. He had blond buzz hair cut. He was tan. He also had
green eyes. Did I ever mention I love green eyes?
	“Natalie Gomez? Say, your parents aren’t Chase or Chloe Gomez?” he said.
	“Colin I didn’t know you here either!” said James.
	“James please, I am talking to the lady,” said Colin. He was still looking at me.
Well, I could either say yes or surprise him or I could say no and he would disappoint.
	“Well…” I started, but got cut off.
	“Colin, really can we talk?” asked James.
	“Oh, I know. Since you saw her first you get the girl. I get it,” said Colin. What? I
don’t want James. James is trying to kidnap me. 
	“Colin, this is Natalie,” James said, and he said Natalie like you should know who he
was talking about.
	“Natalie, the girl that you are watching over for the summer and going to try to change
her attitude?” asked Colin. James just nodded. “Well, in that case I don’t think she
needs to change her attitude.” I smiled. Finally, someone understood me.
	“Colin really, you should have just saw her before you showed up,” said James.
	“Look, are we leaving? It would just kill me to sit here any longer,” I said.
Opps…now Colin might hate me for saying that. I mean I just said that, because I don’t
want to see a fight, but I want to talk to Colin some more. “I mean I am just REALLY
tired and I would love some sleep,” I said saving myself. Colin smiled. Yes! He still
interested in me.
	“I could drive you home,” said Colin.
	“No, Colin. She doesn’t even know you,” said James.
	“She doesn’t know you either,” said Colin. Ugh…another fight. 
	“Look, James, I will be completely fine with Colin. You can take my bags,” I said,
and smiled.
	“Fine, but if you aren’t home within ten minutes of me getting home I am calling the
police,” said James. Jeez, he didn’t have to be so hard on Colin. I mean they are
friends right? I handed my stuff to James. I started to walk with Colin. I turned back.
James waved, and I waved back just to show him I was going to be alright, and I was. Colin
wouldn’t hurt a soul.
	“So are your parents Chase or Chloe Gomez?” asked Colin. 
	“Sadly…no,” I said. 
	“Really? The press was saying something about those two having at least a child.”
	“Oh, this is news to you?” We walked out of the airport. “My car is right here.”
Colin turned to the right, and sitting there was a blue jeep. Colin hopped in the driver
seat, and I sat down on the passenger seat.
	“Yes, that is news to me.”
	“Well, the news was also saying that they sent their child to boot camp, because she
needed attitude change.” I couldn’t believe this. My mom and dad were giving my
identity away, when I so didn’t want it to happen. I quickly made a mental note to send
them a letter starting with WFT. Colin started the car, and turned right at the
intersection. We were on the highway. We were going above the speed limit, but I didn’t
	“What’s it like here?” I asked to break the silence.
	“Not one person is rich,” said Colin. I laughed. He turned on an exit. Then he went
left at the stoplight.
	“That’s not true; at least one person is rich. I bet its you,” I said.

I am going to add what everything looks like. I just kind of hurried writing this, and now
I realized that its not as good as I thought it was.

7 February 2010, 10:37 PM   #6
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that was sweet!i liked it a whole bunch like mc donalds....wait that was just
ok yea but i still liked it!♥

8 February 2010, 05:55 PM   #7
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I think its horrible, but whatever. 

I have to go back and change it. 


Its going to take longer than I thought it was.

8 February 2010, 08:59 PM   #8
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you dont have to change it
I think its perfectly fine right now

13 February 2010, 08:38 PM   #9
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Last edited by ‹∞ Directioner ∞›, 13 February 2010
I wrote some more. I STILL have no idea where I am going, but I got somewhere. You will
see what I mean after you finish reading.

        “No, really NO ONE is rich…not even me,” said Colin. He turned into a
park. He parked the car, and turned off the engine. “Let’s take a walk.” I jumped
out of the Jeep, and started walking with him.
	“So…what do you know about James, and his family” I asked. I am so curious I am
about to kill myself.
	“Well, let’s start off with James’ father. James’ father was, Michael Watts. As
you may know he died ten years ago.” Michael Watts…I heard that name before. Where did
I hear that name? I looked up to Colin with my confused look. He started down the path,
and I followed. “Michael Watts, the all famous actor. He was in any action or mystery
movie that anyone could think of, and with the wife of, Rachel Watts, and with two kids,
James and Adam. Adam is James’ older brother.” Oh, my god.
	“Michael Watts, the famous actor, who put his family first, not his acting career.
Michael Watts, but he sent his children to boarding school!” By now we were at the end
of the path or right back where we started.
	“Yeah, but he said it was because he didn’t want to spoil them or pressure them.”
Colin turned to me. “Please, don’t tell James that I told you.”
	“But why are they where, and how did Michael Watts die?” I asked. According to the
press, Michael Watts’ death was never really said. That and they never said what the
family did after that.
	“I can’t believe I am telling you this.”
	“He died, because he got shot. According to James, who does know what happened, he said
that he was shot by his agent.”
	“But why his agent?”
	“Look, that’s all I know, and I have to get you home or else the cops will be after
	“You guys are pretty good friends.”
	“You and James. Duh!” We both got into the Jeep, and drove all the way to a little
small house in silence. 

Do you get what I mean now?

13 February 2010, 09:38 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Looks good. Only a few things: You over-use quotations and leave out a setting paragraph
and you should include some more descriptive words in here.

Anyways, may I suggest, try using better titles for your stories since they are a bit
stereotypical. "Name's Diary", "The Worst _____"

14 February 2010, 07:09 PM   #11
Joined: 29 Apr 2009
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lol i still think its awsome
maybe you should have somewhere in there were like a close relative actually killed the
and then the person is after everyone else
or does that sound to much of a horror story?
lol i dont know i just thought up of that

25 April 2010, 02:25 PM   #12
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Wrote some more. Tell me what you think!

	I am used to seeing BIG houses. Well, more like mansions, so it was natural to say
that James’ house was small. It was the smallest house I have EVER seen. Plus, it was
the worst color, and it looked like it was even falling apart. It doesn’t surprise me
though, because all the houses around were small. The house was the color of a blue green
that looked like throw up. The door was BRIGHT yellow. The windows didn’t even have
curtains. The roof wasn’t even brown either. It was like a rusty red. Then I noticed the
lawn. The lawn was even cut. The grass was very long, and it was yellow. It looked drier
than ever.
	“Is this really the house? It has no garage! It doesn’t even have a second floor!
Where the hell am I supposed to sleep?” I yelled. Colin looked at me funny.
	“They were right. You do need an attitude change,” said Colin.
	“Oh, so now you’re with the club! I guess I should have expected that, because he’s
your friend! But I never guess you, because you flirted with me!” I yelled. I was
pissed. I had to live in a house, that wasn’t even really a house for three months.
Colin just shook his head. He got out of the car, and walked through the door without
waiting for me. Fine, I didn’t even really need a friend to get through these months.
Actually, I did. I mean I have no friends at home, because my parents never let me leave
my house. Yet, I did have my tutor to talk to. I mean she wasn’t the best, but at least
she would listen to me. I got out of the car. I took a deep breath. This is the worst
summer ever. I started down the path which was just stones. Each of them was cracked. Some
of them were cracked more than the others. I got to the last stone, and noticed that this
stone had a hand print on it. It was a little baby’s handprint. I smiled, and then
noticed to name. James’ Watts. I frowned. I would have to live with a semi famous
person. Just like Blair. I took a deep breath to try to claim myself down, which never
worked for me. I walked in the house with my don’t-talk-to-me face. Colin, James, and
some other boy I didn’t know where in the kitchen talking. I saw them right away,
because of this stupid small house.
	“Well, she is hot,” said the unknown boy. I walked toward them. They were eating
standing up, pigs.
	“Where am I supposed to sleep?” I asked.
	“In the living room,” said the unknown boy.
	“Ha! If you think I am going to sleep in that room you have another thing coming,” I

1 May 2010, 04:25 PM   #13
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I typed some more. I was totally bored with this story, so I threw something in. Which
you will see after you read it!

	“And if you think that you can be all so snotty, you have another thing coming,”
said the unknown boy. Ouch.
	“Where’s the cook?” I asked changing the subject. I knew there wasn’t going to be
a cook, because they are poor.
	“Make yourself something,” said the still unknown boy. 
	“What is there to make?” I asked.
	“Shouldn’t the question be can I make anything?” Ouch. He was nasty. Probably some
high school boy that thinks he knows everything. “Oh, and I do know everything, and yes
I am a high school boy.” I stopped dead in my track. I was on the way to the kitchen and
about to open the fridge. He smiled.
	“Adam can read minds,” said James. Well, now I know the unknown boy.
	“James you are freaking her out,” said Adam. “Look at her she’s getting paler.”
I also had my mouth opened at that time.
	“What else did you read?” I asked.
	“Oh, something about this girl named Blair. How you hate her and somehow we are just
like her,” said Adam. I sighed. How am I supposed to go through summer now? “Here,
have a hot dog.” Adam pushed the plate toward me.
	“I don’t eat meat,” I said which I don’t most of the time.
	“Have fun with her. Unlike you guys I actually have something to do,” said Colin, and
walked right out the door. I wanted to scream after him to take me away. He was the only
guy that was nice to me. James walked into the living room and turned on the TV. It was
just me and Adam.
	“Oh, please the only reason he was nice to you is because he wants to bang you,” said
Adam. “Plus, you are older than him which would make him cooler.” Okay, this has to
	“Stop reading my mind. It’s freaking me out. Not only that, but it’s MY mind. You
shouldn’t be in it!” I yelled. I heard James laugh. God, he is a loser for not
sticking up for me. Then I stopped. I stopped talking I stopped think and just stood
there. I repeated what Adam had said in my mind of course. I wanted to throw up like
really bad. “Did you just say he is younger than me?”
	“Well, according to that little file we got you were age 16. Is that true?” asked
Adam. I just nodded. “Then yes. He’s only 14 and so is James.” I wanted to throw up
even more. Then I repeated what he said about Colin wanted to bang me. “Are you okay?
You are getting paler even paler than you found out that I could read minds.” I looked
up at Adam. His eyes weren’t the same as when I first got here. When I first entered the
room his eyes were like telling me to go away, and shouting lasers at me, but now they
looked like he was worried about me. I swallowed. I felt dizzy. I felt like I was
seriously going to throw up. My mouth went dry. I slowly shook my head no. Then I felt
myself land on the ground hard. Blackness.

1 May 2010, 05:48 PM   #14
Guest Poster
That a great story! i love it!

1 May 2010, 07:57 PM    #15
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I am kind of having trouble writing the next part, but its going to be fun.

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