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My story the silent night saga- the three children : NR(not roleply)

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So many years ago in a land far away, Queen Eliannah had given birth to three childen,
all of which are girl. all of them were born with common abilities except one, She named
Yakira. Yakira was born with a gift of the forth-sight, along with a calming aura
surrounding her.

As the lord of chaos heard of this child he made plans to invade there peaceful city and
kill the
three children  and anyone who stood in his way. The queen heard and had her children
separated and taken to the world of humans,
and every day she prayed to the god's that her children will stay safe from the evils of
their world
until the time came where they would fight for their people's freedom. . . But that time 
came to late for her.
She was captured by the lord of chaos and tortured until one day she was taken peacefully
by the god's. And in the winters of the human world she cried ice tears, hopeing still for
children's safety. 
And her prayer were answered until one day, on the girl's 15th birthday, that the lord of
proclaimed: "We will search every world, and capture every child until those children are

And as he said this, their world turned into a land of fire, feared by all.
And then she saw one eye that was black with sparcks flying from them.

will be continued in chapter one.


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That was a very good story...Please put the image of your character that you created in
your signature though!
Angelina <3

Carmen <3

Casper <3 

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