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12 October 2009, 03:18 PM    #1
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Ok my second attempt

I lay here in a pool of blood
Razor blade in hand
I here my mom ask "Why did you do this to yourself?"
I try to speak but nothing comes out
I think i`m slipping away
I`ll be gone before the paramedics get here
They`ll say we did all we could
I try to tell my mom
I didn't want to do it
But something made me do it
I hear more screaming and crying
I wonder where I am
Then I hear a voice say "She wont make it through the night"
I`m very sorry mommy
I wanted to make you happy
But daddy kept hitting me and telling me i`m worthless
I had to do it
I open my eyes one last time
Then i`m gone
you hear the steady *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
And i`m gone
Nothing more than a shell


I hold the razor blade in my hand thinking,knowing 
I have to break this habit 
I see the blood trailing down my wrist
I wonder who will miss me if one day 
I get to my vein and decide to just end my life
I cry out in pain my parents tell me to open the door
I scream NO! and faint right there in the middle of the bathroom
My parents bust down the door and wonder where they went wrong
They though I was such a happy good child
I  lay there awaiting the paramedics to come and fix this
I need help and I know it
I didn't want to believe it
I`m going to break this habit

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