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Do You Like Me Like I Like You

30 June 2009, 12:09 AM    #1
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Taken From: Here HOW DO I KNOW HE IS IN TO ME!? There is definitely not one simple answer to this, no black & white, yes or no… One guy could be all flowers, chats, kisses and promises but not give a hoot about your future. While the next could be shy and distant, run away at the site of you, talk up all the other ladies, but be completely in love with you! I like to run on intuition when it comes to these sorts of situations. If you feel less than convinced that he is in to you, down deep, you know he is not feeling it then he probably isn’t. Your gut says a lot – you should listen to it! Bad Signs 1. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. He talks game play score with you but his actions do not reflect this. 2. He only calls when he's gotten his drink on. 3. You've heard stories of him not treating his ladies right (rumors usually seed from somewhere - right?) 4. He's hooked up with more than one person in your friend circle (player alert!). 5. He never calls when he says he will. Good Signs 1. He has a genuine smile on his face when he sees you (you know, the kind where your eyes smile too...) 2. He gives off the "she's mine" vibes when in a group. 3. He answers your calls and your texts. 4. He loves chatting with you. All attention to what you have to say. 5. When you kiss it's like TOTAL FIREWORKS!

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