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WRITING: Dreamland: I'm Hungry, Let Me In (Nightmare)

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25 June 2009, 07:30 AM   #1
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My attempt at making my dream a bit like fiction.
I had a nightmare, I don't remember too much of it so I decided to add some bits in it. 


I'm hungry.

It's terribly dark and I know the instance my surroundings fade into an unfamiliar yard
that it is the dead of night. There's a small playground set on the large yard, and I can
hear eery childrens' laughter coming from them and when I look a second time, I find a
small bunch of children playing on it. It doesn't occur to me why such young kids would be
outside so late, but only one child catches my eye.

She's swinging on a lone swing, apart from the other children and she's singing, "London
Bridge." I watch her for a while when she stops kicking her legs and feels my eyes on her.
She looks at me and almost at once, the squeaks of the equipment and the childrens'
chatter stops. There's a solemn silence now, and I didn't notice the other kids and the
playground disappear until it was only the girl standing and me in that dark yard. 

She points to the only house with its' light still on, and I nod, understanding. I leave
with only sentence in mind. I'm hungry. The girl behind me disappears and the other
houses become blurry until the house with the light is the only one I can see clearly.

When I go up to the door, I knock loudly, and the door opens to reveal a dark-skinned man.
He looks confused at me for a moment and I can smell delicious warmth behind him inside
that house. Suddenly his kind face twists into one of disgust and he glares harshly at me,
attempting to slam the door back in my face. I put my foot out before it can happen and
pull on the knob.

"Hey," I whine at him. "Let me in!"

"Go away go away!" the man hisses, using all of his strength to close that door and
ignoring my foot that was in the way. I was stronger than him though. 

I stare unblinkingly at him. "What's wrong with you? It's rude to turn away guests you
know." I grin, showing teeth. "Especially since I'm only a young girl. Who knows what can
happen to me this late at night."

He continues trying to close the door though he makes an effort to glare his hardest at
me. If looks could kill, I would probably be dead. "You're no girl," he says raspily,
tiring from his efforts. "Monster."

For a moment, there's a sharp pain in my heart but it quickly fades away when I show a
sadistic smirk. "Monster you say? I say you're the monster here. Especially since you're
not letting me in."

Behind him, a woman's voice calls out, "Dear? Is something the matter?" The man turns
stark white as my eyes brighten up from delight.

"Oh? You have a wife?" I lick my lips slowly, turning my head a bit to sniff the air. "A
child too." I laugh loudly, and a pretty woman emerges from the hallway.

"Who's that?"

"NO!" the man screams, and with renewed strength, he actually started squishing my foot a
bit. "Don't you dare! Don't you dare!"

The woman takes one glance at me through the crack in the door and immediately her eyes
widen and she flees up the stairs where I can hear her pick up her baby and attempt to
find a hiding place. I smile widely.

"It's no use you know," I whisper to the frantic man. "Useless mice will never be able to
stay out of my sight for so long." My eyes glow brightly and the man trembles. "Because
after all, I'm the cat in this game."

The man only spat out hoarsely, "Don't touch them."

I give out mad laughter. "Too late! I'm too hungry! Can't you hear my stomach growling?" I
put my foot back outside and the door closes and locks shut. It's too late to hide. Once I
got whiff of their presence, there was no way I was going to let them go.

I prowl around to a window where their presence are the most strongest. There's a tree
under it and I climb the branches and break the window. I hear a whimper somewhere in the
hallway. I smile.

"It's even greater when they try to hide," I say loudly. This game was becoming fun. I'm
in a small baby's room and I go out into the hallway. The lights are off now but I peer
into the dark with uncanny perception. "Little mice, don't hide!" I sing, and I hear
movement from my right. There's nothing there though and I frown. "Come out, come out!" I
check the bedrooms but I couldn't find them.

It was okay, because I liked games.

There was only one room left. The attic. I went up there and a large, feral grin is still
in place. "I found yooou." There's a scuffle, and the man lunges suddenly, knife in hand.
I quickly dodge, laughing. "Oh, this game just became funner!" The man looks wild, hair
mussed up and he lunges again, but I kick the knife out of his hands and he stumbles, onto
his hands and knees. The woman and her baby were in a corner, barely seen through the
shaft of moonlight coming through the window. 

I grab the knife and saunter over to them, but the man gets up again and pushes me. I
stumble with an, 'oof'. I rub my head when the man speaks. "Monster! Leave my family

"But I'm so hungry," I whine again, and it is true. My stomach is empty and I wanted to
eat. Not without a game though. I glance up at him. "You can be the appetizer." Before he
could blink, I grab the knife and slit his throat. The woman watches in horror as I hold
my blood-stained hands to my mouth and lick them. I lean down over the corpse and use my
hands to rip apart his stomach and I continue to eat. When I finish, my mouth area is
smeared with blood and it is all over my clothes. 

I go over to the woman, pushed her baby out of the way, and grab her hair in my fist. I
drag her out of the corner as she screams, kicking her legs, and using her arms to try to
make me unclench my hold. I didn't waver. "I hate you! I hate you!" she cries as she looks
away from the body that couldn't be recognized anymore. "You MONSTER!"

This game wasn't fun anymore.

I throw her against the wall and she gasps as the wind is knocked out of her. I was still
hungry. Her eyes widen and she's frozen as I lean close to her, still smirking cruelly.
She's dead and I'm still hungry. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the baby. It's small,
but I wonder if it would satisfy my appetite.

I pick the baby up but instead of crying, the baby coos and laughs, reaching it's tiny
hands up. My eyes widen for a fraction of a second. This game wasn't fun. Then
suddenly it's not a baby anymore but a young girl. I recongize her immediatly. The girl
from the yard.

She smiles softly at me as she reaches up a hand to stroke my cheek. "Not a monster," she
says quietly. "Just a hungry cat."


She pats my head, strokes my furry, pointed ears and laughs, "Good kitty, good kitty. You
got rid of the pesky mice." And like the cat I was, I rubbed my head against her rewarding
hand and purred as white absorbed my world and my vision faded away.



Again, the scenery changes into that of a shopping mall. My dad is laughing and flirting
with an unknown woman, the earlier memories slipping away as I scowl. New memories wash

This woman is an enemy. This woman is dangerous. This woman is going to ruin my

2009. 6. 25

26 June 2009, 09:54 PM   #2
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that was interesting. your pretty good. good job.lol. its has a little bit of everything
excitement, scary, its was overall kewl.

27 June 2009, 05:26 AM    #3
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Last edited by ‹Syndromic_Wonderland›, 27 June 2009
Thank you, but I'm not sure if I really like it. (It's my first attempt at turning a
dream into a story. :P)

If I had a wider vocabulary, or at least remembered my vocabulary, I would have made it
more interesting. Plus, my weak points are my grammar. I'm terrible at it, and I'm sure I
made mistakes somewhere in there.

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