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7 June 2009, 07:25 PM   #1
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mite get this published, but its not quite finished yet. what do you think?


	It was dark. Crystal sat up and listened- silence- her parents were still out- and her
sister was sleeping- so she could get on with her plan. She slid out of bed and pulled her
jacket on, grabbing her bag and a packet of crisps as she did so. She decided that she
better take her credit card and her birthday money too if she were going to get out of
this alive, so she grabbed them and a bottle of water and headed out. She ran up the
garden path and down the road towards the train station- to catch the last train out of
this dump.
	The next morning Crystal awoke in a cold damp heap on a train station in what seemed to
be the middle of nowhere. She stretched out and checked her watch for the time- 10.20am-
just enough time to pop to the loo and get changed before her train was due. 10 minutes
later she was feeling refreshed and dry, and her train pulled into the station. 'Perfect
timing' - she thought. Sitting down on the train, She thought about why she had decided to
do this. She didn't know for sure exactly, but now that she thought about it, she realised
what a terrible mistake she had made. She couldn't go back now though, could she? And her
friends would just think she was on holiday, like she was supposed to be. But she just
couldn't stand another rubbish holiday in the caravan by the cold welsh coast- it'd
probably rain the whole time they were there anyway- just like last time. She sighed and
looked out of the window at the countryside and for the first time since she had left the
house the previous night, a tear slid down her rosy cheek.
	An hour or so later, the train stopped at her station, close to where her grandparents
lived, so she would have to be careful that they didn't spot her, when she should be in
school. It was a 20 minute wait until the next train to Liverpool was due, so she sat down
on the bench and thought about what she would do when she got there. Just then, her phone
started ringing and she jumped, startled by the sudden loud noise that seemed to fill the
empty waiting room. She turned her phone off, so she wouldn't have to explain herself. Not
yet. She got up and wandered around, she put her bag down and stood on the edge of the
platform. The train was due any minute now, and she looked down the track to see if she
could spot it. She could see a light in the distance now, slowly creeping closer. Just
then, she felt someone breathing down her neck, their hands resting on her shoulders. She
daren't turn round. Whoever was behind her pushed her, and she fell onto the track. She
twisted her ankle as she fell, and struggled to stand back up. The light was now getting
closer, and closer, until it was quite clear and she could almost make out the driver's
face. The edge of the platform was wet and slippery, and just that much too high for her
to climb back up. The train crept ever closer, and closer...
	The train was almost here, when a hand reached down from above, locked around Crystal's
wrist and pulled her up out of harms way. When she looked up and saw her hero's face, she
gasped in shock. The boy's skin was lightly tanned and moist from the rain, his shirt
soaked, yet he looked completely amazing. She hugged him and thanked him, and soon they
were sitting on the train talking to each other. "I should be dead right now." Crystal
thought. "Thank you so much!" she thanked the stranger. He picked her bag up, slung it
over his shoulder and wrapped his arm around her. They sat down on the train on either
side on a table and the boy reached into his shopping bag, drawing out a bottle of pop. He
offered some to Crystal, but although she was thirsty, she turned it down, as she didn't
want to seem rude. When they arrived in Liverpool, they walked down to the docks and sat
together on a bench watching as the boats sailed past them. "How rude of me!" Crystal
suddenly exclaimed, "I haven't introduced myself! I'm Crystal by the way."
"Declan." He replied. He gave Crystal a quick squeeze and got up, leading her to his
apartment. When they got there, he asked her whether she wanted to stay there with him
until she had a place of her own. "If you insist!" She giggled. He led her into a medium
sized room to the side of his kitchen. "Is this room ok?" he asked? "Of course!" She
replied, giddy with all the sudden attention. She had settled in by dinner and then Declan
had to head out to catch a ferry to Ireland for the weekend. "There's plenty in the
fridge, I’m just seeing family- I’ll be back before you know it!" He said. Of course
he didn't know what was going to happen next.
	Crystal sat on her bed and unpacked her bag, shoving her clothes into the chest of
drawers next to her bed. Just then, she heard a bang coming from the living room.
"Declan!" she yelled, "I thought you'd gone to catch your ferry!" Suddenly, a gloved
figure leapt out from under her bed and grabbed her. "Just my day." She thought to
herself. The figure kept his gloved hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear, "You
keep quiet, you stupid girl." He loosened his grip a little before tying her up with a
rope, sticking a smelly sock from the washing into her mouth, and pushing her into the
Crystal had been locked in the wardrobe for over a day now, at least, and the smell and
taste of the sock was getting unbearable. If only she had stayed at home. If only she had
forgiven her parents for all they had done. If only she hadn't runaway! She could now hear
footsteps on the wooden floor of the living room. She heard the door handle creak as
whoever was there pushed down on it to enter the room. She could see the faint shadow of
someone outside through the gap in the bottom of the wardrobe. "Crystal!" The person
shouted. It was just Declan. She used all of her strength to rock towards the door and
tumbled out of where she had been kept hostage. Declan rushed towards her and helped her
out, pulling the smelly sock from her mouth and gently but quickly untying the rope. "Are
you ok?" She tried to reply but her throat was dry having not had a drink for over a day.
She nodded and tried to get up, but as soon as she stood upright, she collapsed onto her
bed. She was exhausted and could hardly move, but she finally managed to sit upright and
hold that position while Declan fetched her a glass of water from the kitchen. It was icy
cold but very refreshing, and at least it took away the taste of that mangy sock. Declan
stood by uncomfortably watching her slowly sip the drink, until she patted the bed next to
her inviting him to sit down. He sat down next to her but stared at the carpet and
fidgeted with his hands. Crystal placed the glass onto her bedside table and looked into
Declan’s eyes. His skin was soft and tanned, and she just wanted to give him a huge hug,
after all, this was the second time he’d saved her- this weekend. She somehow managed to
restrain herself and thanked him, telling him that for the second time that weekend, if it
wasn’t for him, she’d be dead. A tear trickled down her cheek as she thought to
herself that if she had never run away she wouldn’t be in this mess, but she mopped it
up before Declan saw. However he did see this, and leaned over, planted a quick kiss on
her cheek. “You’re beautiful Crystal, and may I add, that is such a gorgeous name?”
Crystal giggled at this remark and rested her head on his shoulder. She couldn’t help
but smile as Declan gave her a hug before asking her if she wanted anything to eat.
“Just toast please, and another drink of water if it’s not too much hassle?” He left
the room and she lay back on her bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking. She could stay
here; start a new life with Declan. She quite fancied him really, but she knew that she
was 2 years older than him and her parents wouldn’t approve. Wait, she’d run away from
her parents, right? So why was she so bothered about what her parents thought? Her
parents… she could always go back to them, she thought. No, that would be foolish. She
should at least get in touch, so they knew she was safe, knew she was ok. She’d write
them a letter in the morning, not put a return address on it, but just ask them to text
her if they had any worries. Yeah, that’s what she’d do. But for now, she just wanted
to rest. At that point Declan walked in with her supper and sat on her bed while he
watched her eat every bite. He left her to it and went into the living room. He sat on the
leather sofa and grabbed the remote control. He flicked the TV on, and was about to change
the channel, when he realised just what it was that was on the news. ‘MISSING GIRL’S
PARENTS PLEA FOR CRYSTAL’S RETURN’ Declan gasped. Crystal, a runaway? Suddenly he
heard a coughing and spluttering sound from Crystal’s room, then a scream. He leapt up
and burst in on Crystal, being smothered by a boy, no older than himself, wearing all

He pushed the boy off her and knocked him out as his head hit the solid wooden floor.
Declan stood up, grabbed Crystal and carried her to the living room, placing her down on
the warm, black leather sofa. He sat down beside her and asked her, “Have you run away
from home?”
“I don’t really want to talk about it.” She replied, looking away. Declan grabbed
her head and turned it back to face him. “Have you run away?” He replied, much fiercer
this time.  Crystal nodded and sunk into the sofa, curling up into a ball and facing the
other way. Declan pulled her to him and hugged her while she quietly sobbed. Several
minutes later, when she had calmed down, he asked, “But why? I’m sure you have a very
loving family who care about you. They’re probably worried sick, panicking, wondering
where on earth you are, and what has happened to you. It looks like someone’s out to get
you, you have to go home.”
“You don’t understand. You probably don’t know what it’s like to be abused by your
own parents, the people you’ve trusted since the day you were born.”
“Yes I do.” Declan replied, facing away from her, tears in his eyes.
“I’m sorry Declan, I didn’t know.” She cried. That night they were both sat on the
sofa, watching television, when the phone rang. Crystal moved to get it, but Declan held
her closer. “Let it ring.” He whispered. He moved in closer to her, and kissed her
gently on the lips. This went on for several minutes before Crystal got up and walked to
her room. “Goodnight.” She whispered.
“Wait, promise me you’ll get in tough with your parents tomorrow, let them know
you’re ok.”
“Ok then. Goodnight.”

	The next morning, Crystal awoke to the heavenly sound of birds singing outside her
window, and the yummy smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. She pulled on her
dressing gown and floated through to the living room. She leant on the kitchen counter and
stared lovingly at Declan. “Good morning!” He chirped when he saw her. “It was going
to be a bacon butty for breccy this morning… but I kinda burnt it…” He tilted the
pan in her direction so she could see. Crystal giggled, and sat down at the kitchen table,
legs swinging slowly back and forth. Declan fetched some bowls, milk and cereal and sat
down opposite her. “This’ll have to do I’m afraid.” He said, shrugging his
shoulders. Crystal giggled again. “Oh it’s fine. Maybe I ought to phone my parents
soon…” She remarked, looking at the clock.
“Yeah, they’re probably worried sick!” Declan flicked the television on again and
took his bowl over to the sofa. Crystal joined him, and started munching on her
cornflakes. A few minutes later, she put down her empty bowl and walked to her room again.
She grabbed her phone and dialled her mum’s number. As it was ringing, she sat on her
bed, kicked her slippers off and tucked her feet under her duvet. The phone was still
ringing. No one answered. “Maybe I should try again later…” She thought. Declan came
to her door and asked if everything was ok. “No answer.” She sighed. “I don’t
suppose you have a computer? Perhaps I could email them.”

Crystal sat down on the hard wooden chair in Declan’s study, and flicked on the
computer. Declan popped his head through the door. “Just going to the shop- we’re out
of milk. Want anything while I’m there?”
“Just a pack of crisps- Quavers if they’ve got.”
“See you in a minute then.”
“Byee” Crystal cried after him. She logged into her email account and clicked on the
first unread email in her inbox. Then the second. Then the third. They were all the same.
‘Crystal, wherever you are, come home, please.’ She clicked the reply button.
“Don’t worry Mum, I’m safe. I’m living with this really nice boy. I can’t tell
you where however, because someone is already out to get me. If it’s ok with you, I’m
going to stay here for a bit. I promise I’ll write everyday. Love you loads, Crystal.

She heard the front door slam shut, and heavy footsteps coming up the hallway. “Not
again!” she thought. She heard someone pause outside the door, and saw the door knob
twist around slowly… Diving under the desk, she held her breath. The door swung open and
someone walked over to the table. Whoever was there sat down and started going through her
emails. She slowly breathed out, and shifted into a slightly more comfortable position,
trying to make as little noise as possible. At last, the person who was sat there got up
and left. Crystal climbed out from her hiding place and went back to her emails. There was
a new mail in her inbox. From someone called ‘Skull’. She didn’t think and clicked
it open, thinking that perhaps this could help her find out why, and who, was trying to
get her.

‘I almost got her- but her “boyfriend” stopped me.’ It read. Whoever had sent this
must know her- I mean, they had her email address. And someone had been hacking it, using
it to send emails to this person- Skull. She changed her password, to something more
secure than just ‘password’. She thought how stupid she had been to use that in the
first place. She had the feeling that she was being watched, felt the hairs on the back of
her neck stand up. She turned around, but, as she suspected all along, there was no one
there. She could hear the phone ringing from the other room. She ran to it- but, hovered
over it for a few minutes, wondering whether she should answer, or whether she should
leave it. It could be anyone- the person who was after her, her parents, Declan. 

It stopped ringing. She dialled ‘1471’- Caller ID withheld. She went back to the study
and logged out of her email. She was sure she saw someone lurking in the shadows as she
shut the door behind her. She didn’t dare to turn back and check- so she pulled on her
coat and ran down to the shop. She started hunting for Declan- she gathered he had come
here. There was no sign of him so she dug her purse out of her pocket and bought a bottle
of pop. She wandered down to the docks and leaned on the fence, staring out across the
Mersey. Sighing, she turned around and headed back to the flat. She stopped dead in her
tracks when she saw a police car outside, and a policeman standing there, talking to
Declan. Declan saw her and pointed in the opposite direction to where she was. The
policeman jumped into his car and sped up the road, to where Declan ‘had seen
Crystal’. Declan ran down the road towards her and told her that the police were out
looking for her. The school had phoned her parents, who knew she’d run away. She had
done so a few times lately anyway. She had never been away from home for this long though.
Crystal started to panic and ran upstairs, sobbing heavily. Declan tried to comfort her,
get her to calm down, but she just pushed him away. Declan sat in a crumpled heap on the
plush cream carpet. Declan sat on a chair and awkwardly watched Crystal as she lay on the
sofa crying.

	That night, when Crystal had finally calmed down, Declan sat beside her on the sofa. He
reached towards her and held her face with both hands. Her tear-stained eyes looked into
his. His pale blue eyes glinted as the moon slipped behind some dark clouds. He slowly
moved in closer, and slowly, gently, kissed her lips. This seemed to cheer her up, take
her mind off things. The first kiss was simply one of friendship- but this, this was

	The next morning, Declan awoke on the sofa to find an empty seat beside him. He checked
Crystal’s room, but she wasn’t there. He checked the kitchen, his room, the study.
Everywhere, well, except the bathroom. Declan put his ear against the door, and when he
could hear nothing, opened it. Not to his surprise, the bathroom was empty. He sighed and
headed back into the living room. He leant against the wall, then slid down and collapsed
in a heap on the floor. Now it was his turn to cry. He truly loved Crystal. From the
second he first saved her life till now. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her. He had
to find her.

	Crystal ran faster, faster than she had ever ran in her life. She hurtled over bushes and
fences, desperate to get away. Her head ached, she felt ill, but she kept on going. She
was going home. By now it was midday; she was tired, thirsty, and hungry. She slumped down
onto a bench, exhausted. She closed her eyes and thought. Why had she run away from
Declan? Why had she run away from home in the first place? She pulled her mobile from her
bag and pressed down the power button. She needed to know what had been going on at home.
She had 30 unread texts, and 30 voicemails. She took a deep breath and dialled the first
one. It was off her mum. She was crying, begging Crystal to come home. This made Crystal
upset. She had tried to be brave, she really had, but she just couldn’t. Not anymore.

	Declan fished in his pocket for his phone and sent a text to Crystal. “Look,” it
read, “I know you’re upset, and I know you probably hate me, but please, just come
back. Call me, text me, something. I love you Crystal.” He put it back into his pocket
and carried on running to the train station. He knew that if Crystal was trying to get
home, that’s where she’d be.

	Crystal reached into her bag and grabbed the bottle of water she’d shoved in there this
morning. It was still cool and amazingly refreshing as she gulped it down. She was almost
at the train station, where she could get a train home. There was no turning back now. No
way. She peeked through the bushes. The station was empty, but if she remembered
correctly, there was a train due in 10 minutes time. She leapt up and ran across the
tracks, throwing her heavy rucksack onto the platform as she did so. She jumped up and sat
on the station, swinging her legs over the side. Thankfully, whoever was out to get her
didn’t seem to be around.

	Declan raced across the bridge. There was a train due any minute now. He saw a figure
sitting on the edge of the platform. It was Crystal. He also saw a figure in the waiting
room, but this was the figure that was out to get Crystal. The figure was slowly and
sneakily making its way towards Crystal. The train would almost be here, the figure was
getting closer. Declan tried to shout Crystal, but it wouldn’t work, she was too far
away. He started to sprint across the bridge and down the steps as if his life depended on
it, when in fact, it was Crystal’s.

	Crystal didn’t see what was coming, nor could she have guessed. The figure that Declan
had seen was right behind her, waiting for the train to come closer. Declan raced towards
them, shouting for Crystal to get up. At last she heard him, but not before it was too
late. The sky had darkened and it was starting to rain. The figure rested his gloved h

8 June 2009, 06:39 PM   #2
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i kinda lost half of it. check my diary page for the rest LOL

9 June 2009, 12:58 AM   #3
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that was good!i love it!can you write more storys?plz!there so good even tho this is the
first i read from you lolz!i think its the first...

11 June 2009, 07:19 PM   #4
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probably. it taken me weeks to write that D: inbetween hmk n e way. ty :D all the praise
i seem to get is really inspiring.

12 June 2009, 02:43 AM    #5
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lolz but your super good at it!and i can see why it took weeks to make!its aswome!

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