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WRITING: Poetry: Whispers

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11 March 2009, 04:25 PM    #1
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as i originally conceived this poem the italicized lines are supposed to be whispered (if
reading the poem out loud) for full effect .....


Whisperer let me come to you
In the darkness
Let me love you in your ear
Across the distance
Which shrinks and disappears
In a moment                  
And let me hold you close
As we touch
Let me caress your face
As we kiss
Let me breathe you in
As my lover
Who though I cannot see
Is with me
As near as your voice
Speaking softly
Across the cotton pillow
Exciting me
With every breath and purr
You make
When I touch your sweetness
Fingers drifting
Tracing across your stomach
Each breast
Waiting for the rendezvous
Scratching nail
Trailing around the outside
Searching inward
For a peak in the darkness
Trembling nipple
Rising with each brush
Wanting more
A soft touch of my tongue
Or of my lips
Tugging gently over and over
Blowing softly
Cooling over warm wetness
Running down
Again my hand goes searching
Turning head
Tells me I've found the place
You smile
And laugh and kiss me deeply
I stroke
And stoke the fire within
Burning heat
In the moistness that is you
Some mystery
How I bring you to the brink
And then over
Getting into your mind and body
Into your heart
Though we lay miles apart
Yet touching now
In the moonlight come to me
Let me whisper
In the still of the night
Reassuring you
Everything will be alright
Loving you
This way makes me wonder
What deeper passions
Will be
When we're together

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