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A teenagers Silence (my book)

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20 August 2008, 08:20 PM   #1
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Chapter one

After being in this crazy place for three dasy, I'm ready to go home.
 Literally, a crazy place.
 Crazy children. Happy, normal childre.
 Too happy people who breathe down your necks and make you have 'nap time' at 14!
 And a crazy, cute boy who scares you, but annoys you the same.
 This is my 'new' life.
 Where everyone is 'normal'.
 Sorry, I have my 'mental outburst' every now and then.
 Notice all the little quotation marks.
 Yeah, sarcasm is used with those.
 Ugh, it's disgusting!
 Very, disgusting.
 "Shadow, can you please come in now? We're lining up." Markie said to me.
 My 'teacher.'
 LEt me make a full paragraph here.
 Markie is a total faker. Long bleach blonde hair, fake cheery voice, and think's we're
stuid. by we're I mean me and the other children. Well, at least I'm normal. There is
nothing at all wrong with me. I'm just differnet! What the heck is being worng with
differnt? That was and still is a rhetorical question.
 Then there are the outfits. The girls have to wear long brown ugly dresses that stop to
your ankles. The boys wear brown shirts and blue jeans! I've already cut my dresses to
above my knees. They keep telling me, "If you cut this dress, you'll have to wear it like
that." Yeah, whatever lady.
 And I'm the crazy one?
 I sigh loudly and walk over to the line. I'm what they would call a 'silent'. In other
words, I don't talk. Never did. That's probably why people think I'm crazy. Oh, sure I
know how to talk. I can talk perfectly. Sing, too. But, I choose not to. I haven't found
anything worth talking about. Try goign fourteen years without talking.
  I scream, cry, sigh and make other sounds. Just never say or scream any words. I can get
my way a lot of times by doing that. I know I am a sham to the other people who really
can't talk.
 Like I think, whatever.
 "Shadow, why don't you talk?" Corie, a small shy girl asks during painting.
 I turn to her and shrug. Which, is what I normally do.
 "Do you even know how?" She presses.
 I nod. She turns back around.
 I keep painting the picture of my little 'family'.
 I paint great.
 "That's good, Shadow. Remember your manners." Markie said.
 I nod. Thanks, I think, but remain silent.
 Always trying to get me to talk, but always till I find something to talk about will I
 "Okay, wonderful students, let's clean up! Today's day to pick up supplies is Shadow!"
Markie says in what is suppose to be a cheerfrul suprise voice.
 I get up and collect paintbrushes and pain. I save Soren (the cute boy), for last. As I
walk by his desk (at the back), he trips me. "Sorry." He smirks.
 I glare at him, but remain silent. 
 I pick up the pain and paintbrushes from the floor. I never write what's on my mind
either. During 'journal', I always keep my book closed and my thoughts private. But today,
I have something to write about.
  One thing about me, I will never do something unless there is a reason. Which, I never
find reasons enough. "Soren! That's not nice!"
  "Well, at least I can apologize. She won't talk! We're all normal so why can't we go
home?" He sighed bored.
  I need to talk.
  But there's no reason yet.
 Not a reason.
 No reason.
 Leaving the room to go to my next 'expeiremental mental functions class' I passed by
Soren. "Hey Silent Shadow. Shut up, i can't hear myself think!" He pushed me.
  Sorne was the mean, sensitive type. He was really sensitive. They said it wasn't normal.
THey said he was Bipolar. I don't care really. 
  In journal class, I write for the first time. But what I have to say cannot be put it
into words. Instead, I draw pictures. I draw pictures of what I'm feeling. My journal
teacher is just happy to see me pick up a pencil and use it.
  At recess, Soren bothers me yet again. "Shadow?"
  I turned around on my side, laying down on the hill. "Pay attention please." He says.
  I close my eyes as he crosses over my body to look me in the face. "Please, Shadow." He
  I open my eyes. He's crying. I sit up. He looks at me, still crying. I look at him with
fake intrest. "Sorry." he says and runs away.
  I frown and shake my head.
 I lay back down, but instead of layign down flat I roll down the hill like the silent
Klutz that I am.

20 August 2008, 08:37 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I like it
It sounds really interesting
But, like, how old is Soren?

20 August 2008, 08:38 PM   #3
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He is sixteen. And super cute.

20 August 2008, 08:40 PM   #4
Guest Poster
I see
I like the 'super cute' part xD

20 August 2008, 09:02 PM   #5
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Thanks you. I'm in a moood to write. So here goes.......

Chapter Two--

"Shadow! Shadow are you okay?" Corie asked.
  I nodded. Behind me, Soren laughed loudly. I turned to him and glared. Words bubbled on
ym lips, but did not come out. I opened my mouth to speak, but closed it again. "Oh, look,
it's gonna talk!" He laughed.
  I brushed myself off. I frowned and started sobbing.
  Another one of my great talents.
  Crying when I feel like it.
  Soren stopped laughing. "I was just playing. Shadow, don't cry." He whimpered.
  "Is she hurt? Why is she crying? Is it a delayed reaction?" Markie said pushing her way
to me.
  I stopped crying. 
  No reason to pretend. 
  I got what I wanted.
 Markie rounded us up. Making me stay by her she said, "Your gonna talk sometimes. You
have to." She said cheerfully.
  Why was I not happy, then?
  Soren being so super cute and sensitive is such a jerk. Okay, I know your wondering what
he looks like by now. Well, I feel like telling you, no matter if your wondering or not. 
  Soren is tan with unshaggy spikey black hair. It's cut to the nape of his neck. His
bangs fall into his eyes and are swept back from him throwing his head to keep the hair
out of his eyes. His eyes are big and blue. He has freckles. Only a little surrounding his
nose. He has a wide smile.
  Yeah, super cute. He has muscles, I think. From the glimpse I got, it looked like it. He
stands 6'3 and about 125 pounds. A size 11 in mens shoes. Yep, I know it all. Amazing what
people say in front of you because you don't talk.
   Later that night, I walked by Soren's room. He was crying. I stopped. Why was the door
wide open? I knocked quietly on the wall and peeped my head in. He looked at me. My eyes
asked the questions I didn't speak aloud. He motioned for me to come further in. Wiping
his eyes and sitting up, I walked into the blue room. I pointed to the tears at his face
and then to mine. "Why am I crying?" He asked.  I nodded. "Why am I crying?" he asked more
  Looking back at me, he frowned. "I"m crying because I'm fed up with this! We're normal
people. Well, at least I am." I let that go. "Your normal too, I bet. If you'd talk
everyone would know. You could probably leave. But me, they'll never let me go. Just
because I'm not in control of my emotions."
  I sat on his bed. He handed me paper. I stared at it. "Write." I shook my head. "If you
don't talk, then why don;t you writ?" I shrugged again.
  He shook hsi head. "Can you tell em your story?" I stared at him blankly. "Your story.
How you got here?"
  I motioend to the picture of him and his family. I pointed to the baby. "You were a
baby..." I nodded and held up four fingers and pointed to my mouth. "You were four and
just learning to talk." I nodded encouragely. "You decided not to talk anymore,
because......" I pointed to my mouth and shrugged. "You didn't find anything to talk
about?" I smiled and nodded. 
  He smiled with me. "Time to go to bed. Good night."
  I walked out.
 My story.
  My first real communication AND it was with Soren.
 What was I thinking?
  That's like sayign my name Ann. 
 And it's not.
  I walk to my room and for the first time in fourteen years, I heard my voice in my

21 August 2008, 06:03 PM   #6
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Chapter Threee

  Can't be.
  They're here?
  My family.
  My twin sister, Light. My brother Devin. My mom. My dad.
  Oh, no.
  "Hey, stupid. Can you talk stupid. Hey, cutie." My sister said to me, then turned to
  My face was shocked. "Hello." Soren said quietly, blushing.
  I frowned. Devin pushed me. "Still don't talk, stupid?"
  "She's too stupid to know what your talking about, Dev." She said. "What about you
cutie? Your too cute to be in this mental class. Are you stupid, too?"
  Stupid sister. Words bubbled to my voice.
  "Lye, he's not stupid. Unlike her, she's stupid." Devin pushed me again.
  "Yeah, no one's as stupid as her." She smield wickedly and punched me on the shoulder.
  I reacher back and punched her in the face. "THe retard punched me!" She said.
  I kicked Devin. When he bent down, I pucnhed him in the face. Markie, Mom, and Dad
watched me. "She punched me!" Devin aid.
  I stuck my tounge out and sneered. I leaned my head back and let out a rare laugh. It
sounded evil. Actuyally, I've never laughed before.
  I picked my head up and sneered again. "For the records, sweeties, I'm not stupid." With
that I stomped out, loving the sound of my husky voice with a hint of saprano.
  ***** ****** ****** ****** ****** *****
That night I lay on the ground after ten hours of not talking. I felt someone sit next to
me. Soren. He smield and laid next to me. "Hey."
  I nodded a hey. 
 "Are you ever gonna talk again? I like your voice." 
  I shrugged. I shivered.
  He scooted closer. "Can I show you something?"
  I close my eyes and nodded.
  "This is something I've never shown anyone else." He unzipped hsi jacket, he's always
wearing. "Look."
  I opened my eyes and sat up. I gasped. 
  His arms were covered in scars and scratches. 
  I ran my pinkie finger lightly over his scratches. He winced, but smiled sadly at me. "I
know. Don't ask. I've did it though. Every night." His voice sounded wistful.
  I kissed the tip of pinkie and pressed again lightly to one of his scars. My eyes looked
for some kind of pattern. I found one. Whether he was sure of it or not, the pattern
spelled my name. Or maybe he was trying to say Shadow as in death's Shadow.
 He looked at my face. "Tell me what your thinking, please. "
 I shook my head.
 "Is there any hope? Am I alwasy gonna be stupid?" He asked.
 I pointed to my heart. 
  I shook my head. I pointed to my head and then to my heart.
 "You love my head?"
  I shook my head. I grabbed a stick and in the ground I wrote,
  Have faith.

2 September 2008, 09:12 AM   #7
Guest Poster

4 September 2008, 06:54 AM   #8
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Wow this is great!

20 September 2008, 12:27 PM   #9
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20 September 2008, 04:46 PM   #10
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That's really great! Seriously, I love it! I liek the description of her voice. A kinda,
HUsky sound, with a bit of high to it at the same time. *smiles* Pretty awsome.

21 September 2008, 09:57 PM   #11
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Thanks, I was baysitting two three year olds when i tried to fwrite another chapter.

Babysititng is a hard job.

Defently with two only chold three year olds that don't share.

21 September 2008, 10:26 PM   #12
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Why? Oh, why? I'm gonna kill him. Why is he leaving me?
  If ever a time to talk, it is now.
  "Why are you leaving me?" I ask Soren quietly.
  He stares at me in shock. "I'm tired of this place. I get to leave and I'm going.."
  I start crying, no fake tears, and run out.
  I hear him calling my name, but i keep running. I run outside and then stop. I slide
down the hill. Someone grabs my hands before i fall down itno the barbed wires. "Wait,
stop running? What's wrong?" Soren asked.
  "Leave already!" I shouted. I chuckled balckly. "God, I'm a mess. Really a mess." I
shook my head, still laughing.  
   He put his hands around me. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "I have to go."
   "Then, go. No problem. LEave."
   He went inside and grabbed his bags, i guess. He came back outside with them. Everyone
followed him. he motioned for me to come.  I did. I went up to him. His older brother
honked the horn impatiently.
    "I love you." He said in my ear before kissing me.
    Tears streamed down ym face and he left. Upon his exit, i cried.


3 October 2008, 03:11 PM   #13
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rightt  morre

3 October 2008, 05:45 PM   #14
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Chapter Four

Four years later....

I was happy to be in the real world. Back with, well not with my family, but with, well
not again with anybody. Wait, just let me explain.
  I am eighteen now, henceforth if you would have looked at the words in italics and added
my age in previous chapters, then you would have realized this. Anyway, to tell ya the
truth, i am the same. Well, in thoughts. I look more sexier. 
   I have curly blond eringlets, with pale skin. My eyes are big and blue with three
freckles underneath my right eye. My hair stops to my shoulders, and my bang falls into my
eyes, curly. My ears are smallish and wiggle when I get nervous. My  nose is small and
iwhen i scrunch it up, it makes me look younger. MY grin is wide, though, i don't use it
  N-T-way, i live in NEw Jersy, as far away as possible with from my family. As far away
as I can get. Which, it only takes them one hour to get here. Yuckish. 
  I work typing, and I do a job that doesn't require much talking. Lord in Heaven knows, i
haven't talked since the last time I talked which was that day Soren left.
  He made me the woman that I am today. I have graduated, I'm single (It's hard to pick up
guys when you don't talk. Kinda turns'em off!) and well, I'm cool.
  At least, i think so.
  I hug my hoodie closer to me, as i slip it on. I smile at the person passing by. The
person stops and grabs me. I glare at them icily. "Come on, you're still mad at me?" The
person says.
  I raise an eyebrow. Who is this? Coming up to me, like they know me or something. "Come
on, Shadow, you can't be mad at me for leaving...."
  I pause.
  "Soren?" I say horsely.
  "Hey, Shadow." He whispers. Wow, he has changed. His eyes, once a sky blue, has now
changed to a deep blue. Midnight blue. His freckles have disappeared. He looks more older.
Well, I guess he is twenty now. Yeah, well, his hair must have been dyed because now it's
a brown. A pretty brown...His grin is wide, and you could see the features in his face.
"Wow...you look...amazing."
   "Thanks." I said. "You dyed your hair?"
   "Yeah, i had died it black, but now it's brown."
    I nod, not talking.
    He grabs my hand, "Come on." He says pulling me through the crowd.
   I frown and allow myself to be pulled with him. He brings me to a big white house. It's
beautiful. Something like you see in a magazine. He stops to unlock the door. He pulls me
in. Again, the inside is something you would see in a magazine. "This is my house. Paid
for it. Love it. It's mine. All mine." He sounds like a little baby. I smile at him
smallly. "Yeah, I know. You missed me." He says modestly. "I can control my emotions now.
Honestly. I can."
  I nod. "Cool."
  He grins and hugs me. "I've been thinking, since the last day I saw you...." He bent
down to kiss me.
  My hands landed on his chest. I had meant to push him back, but once my hands touched
his chest, I stopped. Its a freaking twelve pack! His arm muscles, biceps on triceps on
quinteplets! Makes me wanna go to church Sunday morning and say, Praise Him!
  Soren pulled away from me. "Hey, Girly." He says. "Wow, you look...."
  "Been through this already." I said, trying to kiss him again.
  He laughed and bent his face into mine. My lips touched his and...I forgot everything
I yanwed and stretched, unaware of my surroundings.  
  "Hay, Girly." Soren says. "You up?" He's not smiling, but he's not frowning either. He
sounds angry.
  I nod. My body's....not covered.
  "Oh, Lord!" I say as memories from yesterday flood back to me.
  "Um, here, I got some cloths of mine for you right here. I'll give you your privacy..."
  "Sure." I say.
  I pick up the shorts. They're way to big. I put on my undercloths from yesterday and my
hoodie. I feel wird. I slip on his big pants, though. I walk out, holding my pants up.
Soren sits at the kitchen table and looks hard. He doesn't look up to my chair squeaks
against the floor. "Hey, you ready to go home?"
  I nod. he chuckles. "What?" I ask.
  "Those pants on you..."
  "Yeah, I know."
  We walk to the car. The ride to my house is silent. We prk in front of my car. "So....If
you need anything call me." He put his number in my phone.
  "Okay. Thanks, Soren. Bye." I said getting out.
  He leans over and kisses me. "Bye, Shadow."

16 November 2008, 11:42 AM    #15
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Hi love it  

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