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This is where you asked me who you want to be. ^-^ If you don't want to be someone oin the real and you can make someone up if you like. :D Characters Louise AKA me Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Valliçre is the main female character. She is a second year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic and a terrible mage who is often scorned by her fellow classmates. Because every spell she casts fails, she is nicknamed "Louise the Zero" after her zero success rate and zero attributes. The third daughter of the noble family La Valliçre who owns the north-eastern territory of Tristain. The fact that Louise is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who voiced Shana in JC Staff's previous work Shakugan no Shana (incidentally, itself an adaptation of a light novel series) is a source of humour for fans. Her occasional call of "Urusai!" ("Shut up!") being used three times in the first episode of the anime is largely thought to be a reference to Shana's habit of repeating it in the same way. She is named after Louise Françoise de la Valliçre, a French courtesan who was mistress to Louis XIV of France from 1661 to 1667. * Familiar: A Commoner, Saito Hiraga * Age: 16 * Height: 153 cm (5') * Three Sizes: 76/53/75 * Favourite Food: Cookberry Pie * Hobbies: Knitting (Though she is terrible at it.) * Special Skills: Horseback Riding * Hates: Frogs and Kirche * Runic Name: Louise the Zero (zero no ruizu) * Magical Affinity: Void Saito Hiraga- Saito Hiraga, the main male character, is from Earth (specifically Tokyo, Japan). At the time of the summoning, he had just picked up his laptop from getting repaired (in Akihabara, judging by the second episode). A portal of some kind opened in front of him, and, Saito's curiosity getting the better of him, he touched it and was sucked through. At first, Saito had no idea where he was, and was thoroughly disoriented. In the anime, he also could not identify or understand the language the students were speaking, but after Louise attempts to cast a silence spell on him that fails, he can understand and communicate with others as though they were speaking Japanese. (It is not clear whether he was actually gifted with full knowledge of their language, or whether the misfired spell was similar in principle to a universal translator. This was not the case in the light novel, though, where he does understand their language). The Runes inscribed into Saito's hand after he is bound to Louise read geboundolf Gandalfr (rendered as ガンダールヴ Gandāruvu in kana), which appear to grant him the power to use any weapon at will, provided that the object is actually intended to be used as such (for example, ornamental swords will not trigger his powers, as revealed in the part where he fought with the golem and where Derflinger reveals it to him). His partner, the talking sword Derflinger, was also the partner of the previous Gandalfr 6000 years before. * Age: 17 * Height: 172 cm (5'8") * Favourite Food: Teriyaki Burgers * Hobbies: The Internet * Special Skills: Good with Action Games * Hates: His P.E. Teacher * Weapon: Derflinger (デルフリンガー, a sentient sword Tabitha- Tabitha is a quiet girl who is a classmate and the best friend of Kirche and she is also Louise's classmate. Throughout the series she is almost always reading a book. The name Tabitha is an alias; she is in fact Charlotte, daughter of the King's murdered brother, and the rightful heir to the throne of Gallia. Her speciality is wind magic. * Familiar: A Wind Dragon, Sylphid * Age: 15 * Height: 142 cm (4'8") * Three Sizes: 68/49/67 * Favourite Food: Hashibami Grass Salad * Hobbies: Reading * Special Skills: Gambling with Dice * Hates: Ghosts * Runic Name: Blizzard * Magical Affinity: Wind Siesta- A maid at the academy. She has a crush on Saito, and treats him very kindly. It is revealed later that Siesta is actually descended from a World War II Japanese pilot, which explains why she has hair and eyes like Saito's. * Familiar - N/A * Age: 17 * Height: 162 cm (5'4") * Three Sizes: 83/60/85 * Favourite Food: Peach-Walnut Bread * Hobbies: Nap * Special Skills: Cooking * Hates: All creatures that have lots of legs Henrietta- The Princess of Tristain. She is loved by her nationals and is also an old friend of Louise. Later, she becomes the queen of Tristain and decides to defend Tristain from the Albion invasion after the assassination of the Albion prince. She is named after Henrietta Anne, the youngest daughter of Charles I of England and sister of Charles II of England. * Familiar - N/A * Age: 17 * Height: 158 cm (5'2") * Three Sizes: 84/59/85 * Favourite Food: Horn-sheep Soup * Hobbies: Disguising * Special Skills: Dancing, especially to the melody of "Fairy's Lunch" * Hates: Lies Osmond- The headmaster of the Tristain Academy of Magic, and an old lecher. Enjoys smoking. * Familiar - A Mouse, Motsognir Colbert- A professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic. He was responsible for producing the gasoline for the airplane. * Runic Name - Flame Snake * Magical Affinity - Fire This man was resonsible for the fire in Anies' hometown, twenty years ago. He confesses these, as he calls it, mortal sins in episode 8 and 9 of the second season. Chevreuse- A professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic. * Runic Name - Red Clay * Magical Affinity - Earth Longueville/Fouquet- ===Longueville=== Osmond's secretary, who is often the target of Osmond's lecherous behaviour. She gets mad when Osmond tries anything (for example: getting Osmond's familiar to peek up her skirt). * Magical Affinity - Earth ===Fouquet=== * A triangle mage who uses a giant golem made of earth to steal magical valuables. * Her acquaintances often refer to her as Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt. * In Episode 6, The Thief's True Identity, it is revealed that Fouquet and Longueil were one and the same. * In Episode 7, Louise's Part-Time Job, it is revealed that Fouquet is actually Matilda of Saschen-Gotha, although it is unknown what role that will play in future episodes at the moment. * In episode 11, Wardes is revealed as a traitor and an ally to Fouquet, the Crumbling Dirt. Guiche de Gramont- Guiche is Louise's classmate, despite being in love with Montmorency, is a conceited playboy who cannot decide which girl he really wants. He always carries an artificial rose with him, the stem of which is his wand. He also likes to dote upon his familiar, a giant mole named Verdante. As his familiar indicates, his speciality is earth magic. He is named after Antoine V de Gramont, Duke of Guiche, a French military figure. * Familiar: A Giant Mole, Verdante * Age: 17 * Height: 175 cm (5'9") * Favourite Food: So�ffle * Full Name: Guiche de Gramont * Runic Name: Bronze * Magical Affinity: Earth Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency- Like most Tristain nobles, she has a great deal of pride. She is Louise's classmate. She is named after the Montmorency family, one of the oldest and most distinguished families in France. * Familiar: A Frog, Robin * Age: 16 * Height: 166 cm (5'5") * Three Sizes: 80/58/79 * Full Name: Montmorency Margarita la F�re de Montmorency * Runic Name: Perfume * Magical Affinity: Water Jean-Jacques Francis de Wardes- Jean-Jacques Francis de Wardes is Captain of Tristain's Griffon Knights and Louise's fianc�. When he was younger, he often met Louise, who was feeling down after being compared to her sisters. He is a highly skilled swordsman as well as mage. * Age: 26 * Magical Affinity - Wind He is later revealed to be evil as he betrayed Louise and attempts to mind control her in marrying him. He then kills the Prince of Albion when his attempt is revealed. Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst- Louise's classmate. Fire magic is her speciality - drawn from her strong passion for money. The territory she is from has long since had a dislike for the La Valli�re family. She flirts and has dated (and heavily implied in the anime, slept with) many of the academy boys, but falls in love with Saito. Kirche means "Church" in German, and the rest of her names might be named after Sophia Augusta Frederika of Anhalt-Zerbst. * Familiar: A salamander, Flame * Age: 18 * Height: 171 cm (5'7") * Three Sizes: 94/63/95 * Favourite Food: Baked Bird of Paradise * Hobbies: Solving Jigsaw Puzzles * Special Skills: Playing the Harp * Hates: Rain and Louise * Full Name: Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst * Runic Name: Subtle Heat * Magical Affinity: Fire There are the characters of the show. ^-^ If you don't want to be any of this people and you want to make someone up please fill this form out. Name- Age- Familiar- Runic name- Hobbies- Favoirie food- Special skills- Likes- Hates- Picture(s)-

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I shall be Montmorency :3 Her name ish aweshumness.

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Oh,okay! :D

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