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The room is very big with one south-facing window. The walls are magnolia with purple
curtains, a purple rug and purple bedspreads. There are three beds, three bedside tables
and once wardrobe. There is a purple lamp on each on the bedside tables and an over head
light with a purple light shade. Personal touches may be added.

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20 March 2008, 09:28 AM    #2
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Sherii stumbled over the tons of pink suitcases that she was rolling into her new room.
She had a lot of suitcases. Well, she had a lot of clothes, too, didn't she? What else was
she supposed to do with them? Leave them at home?
Sherii sighed and put her hand on her hip upon entering the room. Purple, purple
She sighed again, then dragged all her bags over to one of the beds and groaned. I hate
About one sweat-filled hour later, Sherii had transitioned all her clothes from the
suitcases to the wardrobe, and all her other belongings were stowed away neatly in the
bedside table.
Sherii wiped her brow. The bumpy edges of her scars on her wrist scratched at her
otherwise smooth skin on her forehead. I think I'll take a shower... she thought,
picking up all her toiletries and bringing them to the bathroom. Their was a toilet, a
sink, two empty cabinets, and a delightfully large shower-bathtub. Sherii smirked and
began to take all her things out. She blushed nervously as she removed all the little pill
packages that she had managed to hide away and smuggle in with her. She nervously hid them
away behind things such as toothpaste and such before turning on the water for the shower,
stripping down, and stepping in.

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