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Raise Your Voice

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Raise Your Voice

Chapter 1
  I, Leslie St. Clair, was lost in the music. Love is incredible...It rises above
everyone... I couldn't help, but singing the song I had just wrote. I knew that my
dream to be a singer was coming alive. However I also knew that I needed a band. Luckily,
my mom and dad got me a mini recording studio in my room, so even without a band I could
rock out.

  My best friend, Kira aka Kiwi, almost mastered the electric guitar. They were so hoping
to get a scholarship to the MAC or the Music Academy of California. But, since we didn't
have a band, I could not enter for one. R-r-ring!!! "Hello?" I answered my Samsung
cellphone by Verizon. "Hey. OMG! I mastered the electric guitar, so I am coming over to
rock out tonight. Can I sleepover?" Kiwi said. "Yeah, because my mom will be out late and
Dad is home and he'll say yes." I replied. "Okay, Bye!" Kiwi said. And I hung up. "Dad!" I
screamed, "Can Kiwi sleepover tonight?" "Sure, sweetie!" my dad said.

  When Kiwi got over, we were rocking out all night long. But what we didn't know is that
my older brother, Seth, who Kiwi thought was hott, video-taped us and sent it to
MAC. We were singing songs that didn't even make sense, but rhymed. And, we made up a song
called Party All Night Long. It was an awesome night.

Chapter 2
  When we woke up in the morning, I said, "I was sleep-singing and you were sleep-rockin"
For breakfast, we had mini-sandwiches. Then, we went to the park and rocked out by writing
a song while swinging on the swings. Soulja Boy...Up in it "Hello?" I said, while
answering my phone. "Hello. I am John Williams from the MAC. Is this Miss Leslie St
Clair?" a man on the other side of the phone said. "Umm...yes. Why?" I didn't know why she
was getting this call. "Well, I just recieved your video tape of you and your friend,
Kira, and I am offering you 2 a scholarship here. Are you interested?" the man said.
"Umm...yes. But can I talk it over with my mom first?" I asked. "Why of course. And tell
Kira she is in too." the man said. "Thank you. bye!" I said quick and hung up.

  "Who was that?" Kiwi asked. "A man from the MAC called and offered both of us a free
scholarship." I said. "AHH!!!" Kiwi screamed. We both ran to my house where my dad and
Kiwi's parents where there. "We got a scholarship to the MAC!!!" Kiwi screamed as she ran
in the door. "Oh. Great." my dad said. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Well," my father started,
"your mother was rushed to the hospital on account of she was pregnant. She had the babies
early and died." "WHAT?!" I screamed. Then, she started to cry. "Well, I have to go to the
hospital and check on the babies. There are 2 girls and 1 boy." "Well, we are going to be
on our way. Good-bye." Kiwi's parents said and then they all left. Jenny and Seth came
downstairs. "So. You heard?" I asked them. They both nodded. Knock. Knock. Jenny
answered the door. It was a policeman. "Uh. Yes?" Jenny said, stumbling her words. "You
might want to sit down." the man said. Seth, Jenny and I sat down. 

Chapter 3
  "Yes?" Seth said. "Your father was in a car accident. A drunk driver hit into him. And
well...You 3 are old enough to not be put into an orphanage or foster care. So,
each one of you, after the babies are stable, will receive one of them. You will name them
and care for them. Also, I will be checking in on all of you twice a month. Understood?"
"Y-y-y-yes!" I said and started to cry more. So did Seth and Jenny. "Well," he said,
"good-bye." I ran upstairs and cried her heart out.

  The next day, Kiwi came over and knocked in the door. She was expecting my dad to answer
the door, but no. "Why are you crying?" Kiwi asked. "My dad died too. And now I have to
take care of a baby." I said. "....But you're only 14," Kiwi said. "Well yeah, but it's
okay," I said, "And also, the man said that I could take Jenny, Seth, and the babies with
me and we would all have one big dorm. He also said you could stay in it, if you wanted."
"Sure." Kiwi said. 

Chapter 4
  Ugh! I was so annoyed. I had to pack up for leaving to go to MAC. It would be a 3 hour
trip and Jenny was taking all of us up, including Kiwi. But we couldn't leave until
tomorrow because my little brother and sisters would need names. Also, my mom and dad got
buried yesturday. We were going to do that at 12:30. But first, we are going to go to Shop
& Stop to buy baby milk and baby bottles. Since, Mom & Dad bought infant clothes and
stuff, we didn't need a lot. So, after we bought all of this stuff. We packed it into the
car and went to the hospital. It was the same hospital that Seth, Jenny and I were born
at. We went inside the hospital. Jenny signed us in and we went into the room where the
doctor was. Dr. Kesly took us into a room. It was a room where 3 babies laying in little
baskets were.

  "Here are the babies each one of you will choose and name and, of course, take care of."
Dr. Kesly said. I picked out the baby boy with blond hair. "Aww..." I said. "Do you want
to pick him out?" she asked me. "Yes," I said. "Here is a form for the baby. Fill it out."
Dr. Kesly said. It said a lot of stuff. But, I name him Tommy. Then, Jenny picked out 1 of
the girls and named her Lynn and Seth picked out the other girl and named her Samantha or
Sammy, after my mom.

  I loved Tommy and he loved me. Since my sister, Jenny owned a durango, we all got our
own seats without getting squished. Jenny and Seth sat in the 2 front seats. Samantha and
Lynn sat in the second row. And then, when Kiwi comes, Kiwi, Tommy and I would all sit in
the 3rd row. When we got home, Tommy and I sat in my room. Jen took a picture of us and
printed it out on the computer. She framed it and gave it to me.

Chapter 5
  Finally! It was time to leave my house and go to the MAC with all of my sisters and
brothers and, of course, Kiwi. But, first we had to get her. We went to her house to pick
her up and Kiwi was on the front porch. So, she ran straight into the car. We were so
excited to go. Tommy was giggling too, but fell asleep. Sammy was fine and fell asleep a
little bit after Tommy, but Lynn was thr problem the whole ride. She was screaming and
refusing to put her pacifier in her mouth. But went to sleep when Kiwi and I played & sang
a lullaby.

 When we got there, Kiwi and I ran to the dorm number booth. We got our dorm numbers and
head to them. I gave my brothers and sisters their numbers too. Kiwi and I had a dorm in
the Rock Building. We had a roommate named Zizzy who was an awesome drum player. We asked
her if she wanted to be in our band. She said yes. So, now, we had a full band.

Chapter 6
 So, Zizzy, Kiwi and I went to the cafe to get something to eat. And, un-guarded, I was
hit by Cupid's bow and arrow. A boy named Sean took my heart and a boy named Jamie stole
Kiwi's. "Uhh. Hey." said Jamie to Kiwi. "Hey." she said back. "WANNA GO OUT?!" he
screamed. It was random. "Sure," she said and then they went out of the cafe. So much, for
walking by, this time all they had to do was be in the same room. =] Sean also quickly
asked me out. But, instead of answering, I kissed him. For the first moment, he
wanted to back away, but didn't. He really liked me. Plus, I knew him in kindergartion.
And that is why he asked me out right away.

  "Uh, hey?" he said uneasily at first. "Hey. Um..remember me from kindergarten?" I asked
him. "Yeahh, we almost made out in kindergarten." he said to me. "LOL." I said back

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kwel! (cool)

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Very Nice Story Memeber 33!
Me Writing Books and Reading for Grammar Errors
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21 January 2008, 05:42 PM   #4
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niice  ...........

21 January 2008, 05:46 PM   #5
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thnx all of you!!!

23 January 2008, 03:21 PM   #6
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omg i really like it!

23 January 2008, 08:38 PM   #7
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its really cool : P

28 January 2008, 10:35 AM   #8
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it's a sad story but has meaning, every grey cloud has a silver lining, losing her
parents was the grey cloud, looking after her brother and going to MAC was the silver
lining. It's a good story, hope you can write more or is it over?
You Can't Fight Destiny! :P   

28 January 2008, 06:46 PM   #9
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That's so sad D:
But very good.

11 February 2008, 03:51 PM   #10
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its coming...mores coming

---the author

13 February 2008, 09:53 AM   #11
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oh yay! I can't wait to read it.
You Can't Fight Destiny! :P   

16 February 2008, 03:47 AM    #12
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Hey! Your story was great. I can't even write like that. How do you do it? What's the
topic of your next one?

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