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Animal Adventures

14 December 2007, 12:02 PM   #1
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Animal Adventures
By: Joanna&Nikki
Nikki: Nikki & JJ were camping in the woods on a Friday,
Joanna: when my mom came out with big juicy hotdogs! "Yum.." I said as I gulped mine
Nikki: “Whoa, slow down girl we can’t get sick before our hike!”
Joanna: "I know but they are sooooooooooo good" I grabbed another and smothered it in
Nikki: "I like them 2 but its time 2 go” I put some hotdogs in my backpack and some
water bottles
And 2 cameras and notebooks and sweaters and dog food
Joanna: "Alright" In my backpack I packed 10 water bottles, snacks, dog food, I grabbed my
From you and packed 5 memory cards lots of notebooks and grabbed Sages leash "Sagey go
For walk go for a walk Sagey??"
Nikki: "ok i just need to grab Emma and Gracie” I grab my dog Emma’s leash and put my
puppy grace
in my back pack "ok girls lets go!" we give our moms a kiss and head out after i grab our
Cell phones
Joanna: Mine is blue with Peridots on them. "Ok let’s go, which trail are we taking? I
say we
Take the one labeled Wildlife Pass what do you think" As I pondered this question
Nikki answered...
Nikki: mine is purple with emeralds and garnets "Umm wildlife pass we need moose and deer
Pictures for science and it will be fun!"
Joanna: "Yeah and I figured out my b-stone is actually Peridot..." As Nikki and I wander
down the
Bumpy dirt road I stop to look at some droppings. "Moose droppings lets take notes oh I
Just thought of something, will we get any phone reception?"
Nikki: "ya I got the extra long distance pack’ look a baby tortoise!" runs to the
Joanna: "Aww...., he looks sad here have some turtle food, I packed some for no reason"
Woof, Woof
Bark "SAGEY NO!!!"
Nikki: arf, arf little Gracie barks "no Babes no barks." "The little turtle is cut!" we
need to
Help her she can’t walk!"" Emma go find wild cotton" Emma’s a wiener dog
Joanna: "Sage go help" Arf "I think he is to stupid LOL" I went and helped Emma get cotton
Nikki: I was getting the Goss tape out of my pack and cleaned the cut with water” did
Emma find
Some Jj?"
Joanna: "Yes here" As Nikki fixed the wound I wrote this down in my note book and took a
"I'm thirsty..." I grabbed a spring water bottle and chugged it down
Nikki: "well we can’t leave her here ill put her in my pack and we'll take her with
us.” if we
Take her to the animal hospital on Monday and show them the pictures we could get an
Award" I said as I put the turtle in the pack and grab Emma’s leash "what will we name
Joanna: "No how about Nia?" As Nikki packed the turtle I grabbed sage. "Want a
Treat" ARF "dance" Arf "Good boy" I threw sage the treat. Nikki and I started walking
The path when...
Nikki: JJ and I found a hill to steep for Emma 2 climb “hmm jj can u put Emma in the
pack with grace
And Nia?"
Joanna: "Sure" I put the heavy dog in the pack. "There" Nikki and I had to use like 5
Each as we scraped our knees against the jagged rocks. "Ow, ow, ow, ow" I said as we
The cuts
Nikki: "hold still I have to clean your cuts JJ.”It’s going to sting hold on." we look
up and see a
Lake at the bottom of the hill "Hey lets go for a swim and let Nia and the dogs run
Around the beach for awhile JJ! It will be refreshing!"
Joanna:  "Yeah can you Finnish with my cuts first oh and well we brought bathing
suites..." When
we were done we changed by the cover of the trees and swam, Nia was very happy to see
Water. Arf "Oh ya sage is scared of water, he'll play on the beach!"
Nikki: "Nia’s heading strait for the water"
Joanna: "Good Nia" Sage was too scared to go in the water. "Poor Sage I am going to the
With sage"

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"ok go ahead im going to find a sea shell

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