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27 May 2007, 01:51 PM    #1
The Writing Goddess
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Welcome to The Writers Squad. I am so glad you chose us as a club! We hope you enjoy your
time here but you need to follow some rules in order for everyone to be as safe as
possible here and on Kupika.

Do not message members bad things
Do not message members of The Writers Squad or any other member of Kupika  any bad things
like meeting up in person or cybering. It is wrong and its inappropiate for this website
and this club. Members, if you are being stalked by a player from this club asking you to
cyber, meet up in person, givving you his or her phone number or more, please talk to me,
a staff member on the club, or Hina if this happens to you.

Don't use nasty words
Do not use nasty words in this club or else we will ban you because it is very
inappropiate to use nasty words on a kids website!

Be nice
Don't be mean to anyone in The Writers Squad because we all are going to be friends doing
what we love to do so don't fight.

No spamming
When I mean spamming, it means when you either repeat the same thing over and over again
or if you say something totally off topic. Please do not spam because it gets SO

Have fun talking to other writers
This is the most important rule..have fun! I mean, you joined this club to have fun with
other members so why not do it?

Okay, thats it I guess for now. And please don't copy this and paste it on another club
because this is ©opyrighted!

Here is the staff list currently:
Alyson_96  founder

Have fun!


©Alyson_96 2007 of The Writers Squad

I am the Writing Goddess...hear me roar!!

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